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Album Premiere: Nocturnal by Lana Blac

Lana Blac
19 October 2018

Lana Blac – Photo courtesy of Lana Blac

New York-based metal/hard rock artist Lana Blac has been attracting attention online for her potent music and gothic look. She’s now unleashing her spine-tingling creations in the form of debut album Nocturnal. The LP is one mighty sonic blast of metal and hard alternative rock that will stimulate the ears and shake listeners to the core.

The Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of Nocturnal, which crawls out of the night and into the daylight today, October 19th via Cataclysm Records. Blac is currently on tour supporting horror rap legends Twiztid through October 28th. Following this, she will be playing a hometown show in New York in November.

Blac has been a musical artist all her life and uses her status on social media to continually accrue new fans of her and her tunes. She has a solid following of over 105K friends on Facebook and Instagram and the numbers are set to grow even more with the release of her new album.

Big and bold artists like In This Moment, Marilyn Manson, Madonna, Rob Zombie, and Evanescence are all inspirations for Blac. She began writing music for Nocturnal in 2013 and worked on honing her sound in the years since to produce her unique take on the metal and hard rock genres.

For recording Nocturnal, Blac joined forces with Tim McMurtrie of TripSquad Productionz (original guitarist of NYHC band M.O.D.) and Eric Rachel of Trax East.

Blac muscles through the album with commanding and tantalizing authority. These are her songs and she’s fully in the spotlight, alternating between dark and menacing exclamations and a lighter, more seductive vocal tone. She moves through devilish and angelic moods with ease, supported by heavy and gritty slabs of guitar grind and hammering drum beats.

The balance between dark and light that plays out on each track creates an urgent tension and cathartic release. The monolithic guitar ‘n’ drums weightiness is leavened by eerie, drawn out strings and spidery guitar patterns.

Blac perceptively delves into relationships on most tracks – from the headiness of total love to the sting and heartbreak of betrayal. Full and clear production ups the ear-grabbing factor – This LP is meant to be cranked up to the max. It’s a blast!