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The Big Takeover Issue #87

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Big Takeover #87 - Joe Pernice

Big Takeover Issue #87 (Joe Pernice of Pernice Brothers cover) About to Ship! Important! Because of Store Closures, This Issue Is Mostly Only Available By Mail! Must Subscribe/Renew/Pre-Order Now! Existing Subscribers: Update Your Address ASAP!

26 November 2020

Good news! Big Takeover Issue #87 Fall 2020 with Joe Pernice of Pernice Brothers on the cover has nearly been completed and will be out shortly! But hurry to order—this issue will mostly not be sold in stores (that are still mostly closed for now!), and pre-orders are best/crucial.

And it’s just in time for the perfect holiday, birthday, or other gift, even to yourself: Big Takeover magazine subscriptions and back issues (like the big enchilada, complete set 1980-2020)! Plus, Children’s sizes for our T-Shirts (to go with several Men’s and Women’s sizes) in three colors, as well as our Big Takeover Beer Cozies and (signed if you like) color 30th Anniversary Festival Posters, and/or our CDs!


Album Premiere: WaxFeet EP by WaxFeet

26 November 2020

Santa Cruz, CA-located chill electro-acoustic duo WaxFeet drop a copacetic debut EP that finds the sweet spot between organic and digital.

Seasurfer - 3

Video Premiere: "SOS" by Seasurfer

25 November 2020

German dream-punk outfit Seasurfer branch out into electrogaze and darkwave music on their compelling upcoming album.

Caterina J in NYC

Song Premiere: “Blazing Stars” by Caterina J

25 November 2020

New York City-based Chilean singer-songwriter Caterina J is set to release her stylistically diverse new EP in January 2021.

The Persian Leaps 4

Video Premiere: "Your Loss" by The Persian Leaps

24 November 2020

Power pop outfit and Big Takeover faves The Persian Leaps release a bittersweet music video for a catchy track off their latest EP.

Magic Wands

NEWS: Nashville/LA dreamweavers Magic Wands launch potent "Blue Cherry" bomb single

24 November 2020

Magic Wands present a sweet teaser that will appear on their upcoming album, titled ILLUMINATE, which arrives in early December.

The 1984 Draft

Song Premiere: Destination Breakdown ("Shame About Grace" and "Counting Up") by The 1984 Draft

23 November 2020

Dayton, Ohio-based rock band The 1984 Draft release a heartfelt and relevant 2-song single that deals with the effects of the pandemic on daily life.

West Coast Noise vol. I

Album Premiere: West Coast Noise vol. I by Various Artists

20 November 2020

Montreal’s post-punk/shoegaze label Velouria Recordz unveil their latest compilation,featuring The City Gates, Charlatan, Palm Haze, New Age Healers, Bizou (former members of The Smashing Pumpkins, Light FM, and Wax Idols), Black Nite Crash, The Gathering, Untrviolence, Darkswoon, Soft Science, and more.

George Thorogood

Song Premiere: “Ride on Josephine" (live) by George Thorogood and The Destroyers

20 November 2020

Craft Recordings reissue an expanded edition of George Thorogood and The Destroyers’ blistering concert album, Live In Boston, 1982.

Sleep Still

Video Premiere: "The Panoramic" by Sleep Still

19 November 2020

Cinematic dream-pop band Sleep Still unveil a hypnotic, yet expressive dance-based video (from dancer Xin Ying) for a captivating track.

honeychain 2

Video Premiere: "Pocket Full of Good Luck" by honeychain

18 November 2020

Pop punk/garage rock band honeychain (led by Hilary Burton) unleash a high-impact performance video for their high-energy single.

Charlie Nieland

Song Premiere: "Divisions" by Charlie Nieland

17 November 2020

NYC-based producer and indie music veteran Charlie Nieland (Her Vanished Grace, Lusterlit) is gearing up to release his next solo album.

Tombstones In Their Eyes 2

NEWS: Tombstones In Their Eyes to release double LP; preview ‘I Can't See The Light’

17 November 2020

LA-based indie psych-/space rock outfit Tombstones in Their Eyes unveil the atmospheric lead track from their upcoming double album.


Video Premiere: "City Of Gold" by Spacette

17 November 2020

LA-based New Wave band Spacette unveil a captivating ’80s-era Bowiesque single/video from their upcoming self-titled debut EP.

Allyson Seconds - live

Video Premiere: "Tie My Laces" by Allyson Seconds

16 November 2020

Big Stir Records reissues the engaging debut album of singer Allyson Seconds, which was written and produced by Anton Barbeau.

Slow Weather

Album Premiere: Clean Living EP by Slow Weather

13 November 2020

New acoustic/electric indie music outfit Slow Weather (Chris McCrory of Catholic Action, and Annie Booth) release a captivating EP.

The High Water Marks

Album Premiere: Ecstasy Rhymes by The High Water Marks

13 November 2020

Hilarie Sidney of storied musical collective Elephant 6. and Apples In Stereo releases her first album in 13 years with her band The High Water Marks.


Video Premiere: "Every Smiling Thing" by Prismatics

12 November 2020

New Wave/dreampop/post-punk band Prismatics unveil an atmospheric video for an engaging number from their long-distance created EP.

Black Nite Crash

Video Premiere: "Colony Drive" by Black Nite Crash

11 November 2020

Veteran Seattle-based indie rock/shoegaze band Black Nite Crash unveil a dreamy and restless video for a track off their recent EP.

Nero Kane

Album Premiere: Tales of Faith and Lunacy by Nero Kane

10 November 2020

Italian dark psych-folk songwriter Marco Mezzadri, recording as Nero Kane, releases a cinematic album that blends his European roots and American desert rock.


Video Premiere: "The Fever" by Thrillsville

10 November 2020

Dark electronic body music artist Thrillsville does just that on a mini-film music video for a high-energy single.from his recent EP.

Paul Maged

NEWS: NYC musician Paul Maged releases his bold 5th studio album

10 November 2020

The alternative rock singer-songwriter blends relevant social perceptions with dynamic and catchy rock music on his new LP.

I Could Live In Hope

Album Premiere: PSA Not OK EP by I Could Live In Hope

6 November 2020

I Could Live in Hope is the new long-distance slowcore music project of Travis Trevisan (Tape Deck Mountain) and Ronnie Lee (The Cult of Lip).

The Velvet Hands 3

NEWS: British garage rock 'n' roll band The Velvet Hands are back on track with new tune

6 November 2020

The Velvet Hands release an antic indie rocker backed by an unusual acoustic version of the track done as a Country ‘n’ Western number.

The Dirty Delusions

Video Premiere: "Life's A Con" by The Dirty Delusions

5 November 2020

Nashville-based garage rock ‘n’ roll band The Dirty Delusions offer up a storytelling/performance video for an emotively rollicking number.

Maisyn Whajne

Video Premiere "Sweet Talk" by Madisyn Whajne

3 November 2020

Madisyn Whajne is a First Nations artist from Ontario who presents a crossover blend between pop and indie rock with hooks as catchy as they come

The Roogs

NEWS: Los Angeles-based Lynchian pop duo The Roogs release eponymous LP

3 November 2020

Indie rock duo The Roogs present their self-titled debut album, a hybrid collection of ethereal/aggressive, electronic/acoustic music.


Video Premiere: "I Go Low" by Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt

3 November 2020

Alt-folk duo of Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt (nephew of renowned Linda Ronstadt) deliver a foreboding socio-political missive on Election Day.

Jameison Ledonio and Freedom Bremner

News: Jameison Ledonio and Freedom Bremner reinterpret "Stand" to motivate people to vote

2 November 2020

NJ duo Jameison Ledonio and Freedom Bremner offer their take on Sly and The Family Stone’s classic to inspire us to vote and create positive change.

Toni and John Baumgarter - Speed the Plough

Song Premiere: "Open Door" by Speed the Plough

2 November 2020

Toni and John Baumgartner of the venerable Speed the Plough are joined by the son of a former member on guitar for a contemplative number.

Johnny Goth

News: Electro/pop/rock noir artist Johnny Goth drops his moody new album

30 October 2020

Perfect for Halloween, Johnny Goth blends Tim Burton-esque pop noir, trap music, industrial, and rock genres on his new LP.

The Spits

News: Old-school punk rock 'n' roll band The Spits return with a new album

30 October 2020

Michigan-originating, Seattle-residing veteran punk rock ‘n’ roll band The Spits return with a new lo-fi, high-energy punk/rock record

Science Man

Song Premiere: "Give The Ghost To Me" by Science Man

29 October 2020

Buffalo, NY musician John Toohill, under the moniker Science Man, delivers a noise rock blast from his upcoming LP via Big Neck Records.

The Readymades

Song Premiere: "Living In the Movies" by The Readymades

29 October 2020

Record label Liberation Hall is releasing reissues from San Francisco’s acclaimed 415 Records from the start of the New Wave era.

My Dear Mycroft

Album Premiere: Heaven's Entertainment by My Dear Mycroft

28 October 2020

New York City-based dark rock band My Dear Mycroft unveil their mesmerizing debut album along with a Track-By-Track rundown.

Soft Kill

Video Premiere: "Floodgate" feat. Tamaryn by Soft Kill

28 October 2020

Acclaimed Portland-based post-punk/dreampop noir band Soft Kill unveil another captivating single from their upcoming album.

John Fryer 2

Album Premiere: These Mortal Covers by Black Needle Noise

27 October 2020

Renowned UK producer and musician John Fryer has released another compelling collaborative album as Black Need Noise with a bevy of guest vocalists.

I Am A Rocketship 3

NEWS: I Am a Rocketship's "Shooting Star" brings Atlanta indie pop to your own galaxy

27 October 2020

I Am a Rocketship’s new single seems to be a nod to the lives of those individuals lost in the struggle for a kinder and better America.

Video Premiere: "Any Way I Can Get It" by PLS PLS

27 October 2020

“Any Way I Can Get It” paves the way for Atlanta-based synth-rock sextet PLS PLS’ new album Everything That’s Left. Drummer Takashi Takemura’s hand-animated video follows a personal calamity that expands to the cosmic scale.

B. Adams

Video Premiere: "You Are My World" by B. Adams

26 October 2020

South African-born singer-songwriter B. Adams reinvents Daft Punk’s smash “Around The World” as a deeply heartfelt dance ballad.

The Luxembourg Signal

Album Premiere: The Long Now by The Luxembourg Signal

23 October 2020

Acclaimed indie/dreampop band The Luxembourg Signal releases a luminously captivating album via Shelflife and details it with an illuminating track-by-track rundown.

kacey johansing - no better time

News: Singer-Songwriter Kacey Johansing shares the title track from her upcoming album

23 October 2020

It’s another glimpse into what’s proving to be one of the year’s most promising LPs, further establishing Johansing as a compelling modern songwriter.

Summer Set

Video Premiere: "Comfortable Town" by Summer Set

22 October 2020

North Carolina-based Fort Lowell Records is set to release GROW: A Compilation in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter to help combat racism.

Citrus Clouds 2

Song Premiere: "Whoa" by Citrus Clouds

21 October 2020

Arizona-based shoegaze/dreampop band Citrus Clouds return with a reflective to dynamic new track from their upcoming 2nd album.

The Pinkerton Raid

Song Premiere: "Rebel Mama Blues" by The Pinkerton Raid

21 October 2020

Garage/psych-rock band The Pinkerton Raid deliver a politically astute number with frontman Jesse James DeConto waxing philosophical about the US political divide.

Michael Ciravolo of Beauty in Chaos 2

NEWS: Renowned producer/mixer Tim Palmer offers first taste of Beauty in Chaos Out Of Chaos Comes… LP

20 October 2020

The album will be released in time for Halloween via Los Angeles’ label 33.3 Music Collective and is previewed with a track ft. Curse Mackey.

Peter Colclasure

Album Premiere: Una Corda by Peter Colclasure

20 October 2020

An award-winning pianist and composer, Peter Colclasure’s new album presents 12 cinematic and minimalistic compositions.

Fir Cone Children

Song Premiere: "Max & Hax" by Fir Cone Children

20 October 2020

Berlin-based dream-punk/indie rock project Fir Cone Children, helmed by the prolific Alexander Leonard Donat, drops a euphorically bright tune.

Sundae Crush

Video Premiere: "Good Boy" by Sundae Crush

19 October 2020

Seattle-based indie pop/rock band Sundae Crush delivers a tasty treat with the copacetic animated video for a catchy jam from their upcoming album.