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The Big Takeover Issue #89

Big Takeover Exclusives

Kramer 2

Video Premiere: "Falling Skies" by Kramer

2 December 2021

Legendary producer (Galaxie 500, Low, Ween) and artist (Bongwater) Kramer returns with his first solo album in two decades via his label Shimmy-Disc.

Split Moon

Video Premiere: “Drifting Through” by Split Moon

1 December 2021

L.A. shoegaze/space rock band Split Moon releases the video for their new single “Drifting Through” this Friday.

Simon Bromide

Video Premiere: "The Skehans Song" by Simon Bromide

30 November 2021

London-based singer-songwriter Simon Bromide (AKA Simon Berridge) joins up with the Easycome Choir on a relaxed and flowing tune/music video.

Modesty Blaise 3

NEWS: Modesty Blaise brings synthpop yuletide on "I’ll Be Home For Xmas"

30 November 2021

UK indie retro-pop outfit Modesty Blaise bring the good cheer on a buoyant performance music video for a holiday-themed track.

Johnny Manchild

Johnny Manchild And The Poor Bastards: They Deserve a Room, Even If They Didn’t Ask for One

30 November 2021

The multi-genre ensemble helmed by Johnny Manchild have recently released a compilation album of long-awaited demos and new compositions.

the black watch 2

Video Premiere: "Now & Then" by the black watch

30 November 2021

Veteran retro indie pop/rock band the black watch, led by John Andrew Fredrick, unveils a beguiling, nature-steeped music video for a reflective track.

The Bye Bye Blackbirds 3

Video Premiere: "We Got Lost" by The Bye Bye Blackbirds

29 November 2021

Oakland, CA-based retro-pop/rock outfit The Bye Bye Blackbirds channel vintage British vibes on a mellow to vibrant new tune and nostalgic music video.

Big Takeover #89 magazine - The Chills

NEWS: Big Takeover Issue #89 (The Chills cover) About to Ship! If You Want It By Mail Straight From the Printer, Must Subscribe/Renew/Pre-Order Now! Existing Subscribers: Update Your Address ASAP!

24 November 2021

Good news! Big Takeover Issue #89 Fall 2021 with The Chills on the cover has nearly been completed and will be out shortly! But hurry to order—this issue can be hard to find in stores in this COVID era, and pre-orders and subscriptions are best/crucial!

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Tiny Fighter 2

Video Premiere: "Rewind" by Tiny Fighter

24 November 2021

Swedish-Australian collective Tiny Fighter are back with the first taster of their upcoming album via Bay Terrace Records.

Collect Call

Video Premiere: "Chase The Light" by Collect Call

23 November 2021

Brighton, UK-located indietronic / dreampop project Collect Call (AKA multi-instrumentalist/producer Joseph Thorpe) unveils a surreal music video.

Fir Cone Children 3

Song Premiere: "Paint The Streets" by Fir Cone Children

23 November 2021

German indie rock/dreampop project Fir Cone Children (Alexander Donat of Vlimmer) unveils a dreamily melancholic tune from his upcoming LP.

Vakili Band

Video Premiere: "Dreamy Dreamer" by Vakili Band

22 November 2021

New Jersey-based rock ‘n’ roll outfit Vakili Band, led by Lily Vakili, delivers a heartfelt and hopeful rally cry for everyone who dreams of a better world.

Wrene 2

Album Premiere: Dark Matter EP by Wrené

19 November 2021

Toronto-located avant-garde artist Wrené unveils her mysterious and ethereal, noir and noisy EP that delves into mental health issues.

Painted Friends

NEWS: Two-piece indie rock band Painted Friends unveil surreal music video

19 November 2021

A lucid, proactive nostalgia radiates from Painted Friends’ music and accompanying visuals for a new single about immortal jellyfish.

Pageant Boys

Pageant Boys: Capturing the Revolt against the Status Quo

19 November 2021

Alexander Sheppard mixes clever melodies with dark soundscapes to create truly original pieces of American art on his new album.


Song Premiere: "Must Forget" by Citified

18 November 2021

Chris Jackson (Lookwell), recording as Citified, delivers a scintillating slice of indie rock nostalgia on a warm single via Fort Lowell Records.

Night Crickets

Song Premiere: "A Free Society" by Night Crickets

17 November 2021

Veteran musicians (David J of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets, Victor DeLorenzo of Violent Femmes, and multi-instrumentalist Darwin Meiners unite on new project.

Travis Duo

Video Premiere: "Hitherto" by Travis Duo (Jarvis Earnshaw & Trevor Dunn)

16 November 2021

Brooklyn-area outfit Travis Duo (core of veteran musicians Jarvis Earnshaw and Trevor Dunn) release a trippy color-contrast music video.

Cat Dowling 2

NEWS: Superb artiste Cat Dowling tops Irish offerings with impeccable Animals LP

16 November 2021

The Dublin-based tour de force’s new album was just released on CD and limited-edition cassette via Ireland’s FIFA Records.


Video Premiere: "Seminole Wind" by Thanatos

16 November 2021

Projekt Records mainstay and found of Goth/darkwave act Thanatos, Patrick Ogle releases a sincere and contemplative cover of a classic track by John Anderson.

Seablite 2

Video Premiere: "Breadcrumbs" by Seablite

15 November 2021

San Francisco-located indie dreampop/shoegaze outfit Seablite unveil a stirring and dreamy track/performance music video via Emotional Response.

The Serpenteens

The Serpenteens: Toppling genre conventions with the power of two

12 November 2021

Nashville-based, garage-punk/dark surf duo The Serpenteens offer up guitar power, infectious rhythms, and biting social commentary on their new LP.


Video Premiere: "At Apollinaire’s Grave" by Kramer (music) and Allen Ginsberg (poetry)

12 November 2021

Featuring the spoken words of legendary poet Allen Ginsberg, renowned producer/musician Kramer unveils a rambling, yet reflective track from his new LP.


Album Premiere: The Static by Hushdrops

11 November 2021

Chicagoan indie rock supergroup (members of Material Issue, Veruca Salt, more) celebrate their dearly departed drummer Joe Camarillo on their potentially last LP.

Nevaris A.C.

Song Premiere: "Technology" by Loud Apartment

9 November 2021

NYC-based funk art collective Loud Apartment drop a socially relevant single about the use and misuse of technology in our modern world.


NEWS: Cathal Coughlan and Jacknife Lee, a.k.a. Telefís, release satirical and mischievous Mister Imperator EP

9 November 2021

The acerbic and nostalgic musical pair have a debut album slated for release in February via Dimple Discs, and have released a new music video.


Album Premiere: Expectations by Shoestrings

5 November 2021

Long-standing synth-/electro-/dreampop duo Shoestrings unveil their absolutely enchanting, yet lyrically bittersweet second album via Shelflife, with Track By Track rundown.

The Acharis

Album Premiere: Blue Sky / Grey Heaven by The Acharis

5 November 2021

Oakland, California-based noise-pop/shoegaze duo The Acharis materialize with a dreamy, yet darkly ominous and noise-spiked album, with Track By Track rundown.

Body Unltd

Album Premiere: Genevieve EP by Body Unltd

5 November 2021

Seattle-based electro/synth-pop noir duo Body Unltd drop a darkly sparkling and atmospherically alluring EP of dancefloor-driven tracks.


Video Premiere: "Call Me" by Swiims

4 November 2021

Mint 400 Records band Swiims release an atmospheric cover of a Blondie classic as part of the label’s second comp of songs written for movie soundtracks.


Video Premiere: "Sure" by Trillion

3 November 2021

Sydney, Australia-located shoegaze band Trillion unveil a brightly shimmering music video for a textured and driving track from their upcoming LP.

Dmitry Wild

Song Premiere: "Don’t Need Anybody" by Dmitry Wild

2 November 2021

NYC-based (by way of California) rock ‘n’ roll musician Dmitry Wild releases an uptempo, catchy, and hopeful track from his upcoming LP.

No Captains

Song Premiere: "13th Moon" by No Captains feat. KnightressM1

2 November 2021

Bay Area alternative funk-rock/metal hybrid trio No Captains are ending 2021 on a dark and brooding musical note with an ominous new tune.

Quick Fiction 2

Quick Fiction: Truth in moving on and forward via debut album

2 November 2021

San Francisco Bay Area genre-melding outfit Quick Fiction deliver an exciting to reflective math-/prog-/post-rock/pop punk/folk hybrid album.


Video Premiere: "Into the Sun" by Ruark

2 November 2021

South Arkansas folk-rock outfit Ruark, led by Ruark Inman, release a graphics animation music video for a casual and lo-fi track.

Abby Posner

Video Premiere: "Wishing Well" (Featuring Luci) by Abby Posner

1 November 2021

Los Angeles-based veteran musician Abby Posner teams up with the band Luci for an engaging live performance music video for a heartfelt song.

The Last Mile

Album Premiere: Respect The Frequency by The Last Mile

29 October 2021

Canadian melodic punk rock band The Last Mile (made up of veteran musicians) radiate dynamic and tuneful music on their new album.

City Mouse

Album Premiere: Magnitude EP by City Mouse

29 October 2021

Seasoned musician Miski Dee Rodriguez and her bandmates unleash a rock ‘n’ roll EP driven by guitar fuzz and kinetic drumming.

New You

New You: Double the deft songwriting and textural elements on new single

28 October 2021

Washington/Massachusetts indie/alt-rock outfit New You deliver not one, but two fresh singles that drench power pop in guitar-driven fuzz.


Video Premiere: "Dream All Day" by Diamondtown

28 October 2021

Canadian super-group (members of Eric’s Trip, Husband and Knife, Moon Socket) Diamondtown unveil a dreamily copacetic and captivating psych-folk-pop single, with Q&A.

Eddie Berman

Song Premiere: "Water In The Barrel" by Eddie Berman

27 October 2021

Portland-based folk artist Eddie Berman Invokes Alan Watts and the “placid preparedness” of ancient Japanese soldiers on reflective, yet plucky new single.

Nick Hudson and Kianna Blue 2

Video Premiere: "The Florist" by Nick Hudson ft. Kianna Blue

26 October 2021

Prolific British composer/performer Nick Hudson and bandmate Kianna Blue roll out an eerie, yet humorous music video for a heartfelt synths-driven track.

Jenn Vix 3

NEWS: Fresh Jenn Vix single "PTSD" – music with a mindful mission

26 October 2021

Veteran music artist Jenn Vix unveils a personal and profound track bound to resonate with the many folks who have experienced this psychological condition.

Frieda's Roses 3

Video Premiere: "Beast" by Frieda's Roses

26 October 2021

Los Angeles-located indie rock trio Frieda’s Roses unveil a mysterious, foreboding, but ultimately freeing music video for a new single.

Smokey Brights

Song Premiere: "Honey Eye" by Smokey Brights

25 October 2021

Seattle-based Smokey Brights drop a heartfelt and vibrant love song after an acclaimed 2020 full length via Freakout Records.

Rocket Miner

Album Premiere: Songs For An October Sky (reissue) by Rocket Miner

22 October 2021

Seasoned Chicago-based instrumental post-rock outfit Rocket Miner reissue their debut LP, remixed and remastered by Matt Bayles, for its 10-year anniversary.

The Hollows

Song Premiere: "Haunted House" by The Hollows

21 October 2021

Brooklyn-based roots music outfit The Hollows unveil a reflective and heartfelt, harmony-laden folk song from their upcoming EP; with band Q&A.

Handsome Jack

Song Premiere: "Get Humble" by Handsome Jack

21 October 2021

NY-based Americana/rock band Handsome Jack release a heartfelt and socially relevant track from their upcoming album via Alive Naturalsound Records.

Vanishing Shores

Vanishing Shores: Exploring beauty and truth with transcendent songwriting

20 October 2021

Cleveland-located singer-songwriter Kevin Bianchi collaborates with a rotating cast of musicians on his heartfelt new album with real life themes.


Video Premiere: "Give In" by Mediocre

20 October 2021

Fast-rising Los Angeles-based dreampop/rock band Mediocre unveil a captivating and bittersweet single/music video via Dangerbird Records.