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The Big Takeover Issue #90

Big Takeover Exclusives

Song Premiere: "Stumbling" by Brunswick

30 September 2022

Baltimore band Brunswick brings a lush new vibe to indie folk on their new track “Stumbling”

Album Premiere: "Caution:Fragile" by boerd

29 September 2022

boerd showcases Skator’s delicate and simplistic vocals on new single ‘Oxygen’ releasing 30th September alongside new album ‘Caution: Fragile’

Video Premiere: "Resist the Machines" by Have Gun, Will Travel

29 September 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the video premiere of “Resist the Machines” by Have Gun, Will Travel.

Album Premiere: "Wrapped Around the Axle" by Jake Hunsinger and the Rock Bottom Band

29 September 2022

Wrapped Around the Axle expresses the internal conflict with the human condition, pushing and pulling between one’s best and worst self.

Viideo Premiere: "Drive All Night" by Lily Frost

28 September 2022

Toronto singer/songwriter Lily Frost embraces Americana on new album Decompression and latest single “Drive All Night”

Song Premiere: "Hotel Swimming Pool" by Blonde Bones

26 September 2022

It’s another big splash from the Nashville indie rock band and their upcoming ‘Swimming Pool EP’. Hear the exclusive premiere today — only at The Big Takeover.

Video Premiere: "Empty Shell" by Omni of Halos

23 September 2022

Dark Alt. rock drenched in obscure guitars – Omni of Halos premiere ”Empty Shell” video.

Video Premiere: "Lost In A Daydream" by Lannie Flowers

21 September 2022

New video “Lost In A Daydream” finds Texas guitar-pop guru Lannie Flowers in a psychedelic mood as the album “Flavor Of The Month” heads to vinyl.

EP Premiere: "Someday My Thoughts Will Be Like A Range Of Mountains" by Alexis Castrogiovanni

20 September 2022

Today Alexis Castrogiovanni is premiering her ambitious & emotionally charged debut EP exclusively with The Big Takeover.

Song Premiere: "40 Degrees of Separation" by Thee Windows

19 September 2022

It’s the lead single from the Baltimore indie rockers’ upcoming debut album, ‘Margin of Error’. Listen to the exclusive premiere today — only at The Big Takeover.

Video Premiere: "As real as in a dream" by Stellan Wahlström Drift Band

17 September 2022

The Big Takeover premieres the video of the epic folk-rock song As real as in a dream, the title track of Stellan Wahlström Drift Band’s new album.

Video Premiere: “Major Tom” by Laura Lizcano

16 September 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Major Tom” by Laura Lizcano.

Video Premiere: "Bounty Hunter" by ELSKA

16 September 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Bounty Hunter” by ELSKA.

Song Premiere: "Like a Bottle" by Kim Ware and the Good Graces

15 September 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Like a Bottle” by Kim Ware and the Good Graces.

Song Premiere: "This is the Story" by Quarry

14 September 2022

Italy’s Quarry Leads Us Away from the Darkness on Lead Single

Video Premiere: "All I Needed" by HAPPIE

13 September 2022

HAPPIE offers a first taste of her brilliant debut with the sultry video for “All I Needed”

Different Jane

Different Jane: Shaking up the sameness of Rock 'n' Roll

9 September 2022

Different Jane is a no-frills, tell it like it is rock ‘n’ roll band from Norman Oklahoma and their dynamic and catchy debut LP unleashes September 15th.

Song Premiere: "World Pain" by Varlots

9 September 2022

Varlots is a 5 piece shoegaze band reminiscent of Hum, Deftones, and Smashing Pumpkins from PA/NJ/NY with their first full length release titled ‘Extraordinary Null’ coming out on Ulro Records on Nov 4th, 2022.

EP Premiere: "Tender Is the Nightshift: Part 1" by My Favorite

8 September 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of Tender Is the Nightshift: Part 1 by My Favorite.

Album Premiere: "Our Own Light" by Berried Alive

7 September 2022

Charles and Kaylie Caswell – the pun-filled pear behind Berried Alive – have partnered with The Big Takeover to premiere their sixth studio album, Our Own Light.

Video Premiere: “The Neverland of Spoken Things” by the black watch

6 September 2022

A new video from LA dreampopers, the black watch for the title track from their new EP, “The Neverland of Spoken Things”.

Daphne Parker Powell

Daphne Parker Powell: A Soulful and Storytelling multi-media artist

2 September 2022

Singer Daphne Parker Powell bares her soul on an upcoming album that encompasses song, narrative writing, and visual accompaniment.

Song Premiere: "You Are And You've Always Been" by Tom Barrett

2 September 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “You Are And You’ve Always Been” by Tom Barrett.

Album Premiere: "Dreaming Kind" by The Orchids

1 September 2022

The Orchids new album ‘Dreaming Kind’ sees the band recapture the melodic power of their releases on Sarah Records, with a whole new level of sophistication.

Video Premiere: "Katamaran" by Kennedy

31 August 2022

“Kennedy’s Katamaran is proof of the existence of God.” – St. Thomas Aquinus

Video Premiere: "MeLt" by Pale Dian

30 August 2022

Shoegaze veterans Pale Dian are back and dreamier than ever with their new single/video.

Video Premiere: "Compression" by Monica LaPlante

26 August 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of the new video for “Compression” by Monica LaPlante

Album Premiere: “Bloom & Recede” by Lotus

25 August 2022

Electronic Artist LOTUS continues to blossom with their latest effort.

Song Premiere: "Mirror" by Mike Pope

25 August 2022

Folk apparition Mike Pope releases “Mirror”, a track off this two album set due out Oct 7.

Song Premiere: "Check the Calendar" by Dentist

24 August 2022

Dentist’s new single “Check The Calendar” offers up a slice of pop-punk ear candy that describes the whirlwind of a summer fling that happens in the dead of winter.

Video Premiere: "Everything's Fine" by Fabulous

24 August 2022

Pre-Britpop punks Fabulous debut “Everything’s Fine” the first single and video from their previously unreleased album, Get Fucked By Fabulous, out now.

Kimberley Morgan York

Kimberly Morgan York: Revealing the highs and lows of life

24 August 2022

Country/folk singer-songwriter Kimberly Morgan York unveils two engaging new albums, one of which was recorded in 2016.

Song Premiere: "Elevation" by Yawn Mower

19 August 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Elevation” by Yawn Mower.

Video Premiere: "Living in Milk" by Slum Summer

18 August 2022

Santa Rosa is the second single from the new Slum Summer album, Living in Milk, which was released August 6th on Jigsaw Records.

Song Premiere: "Control" by CrashMonkeys

17 August 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Control” by CrashMonkeys.

Elijah Johnston

Elijah Johnston: Sweet indie pop with thought-provoking lyrics

17 August 2022

Elijah Johnston is a singer/songwriter from Athens, GA who’s known for his collaborative and solo work and his energetic live shows.

Song Premiere: "Vials" by Diver Through

16 August 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Vials” by Diver Through.

Video Premiere: "You Must Destroy What Will Destroy You" by Saint Small

15 August 2022

A mantra for living and overcoming obstacles with Saint Small’s “You Must Destroy What Will Destroy You” from their new THANK YOU FRIENDS EP.

Song Premiere: "Runaway" by Jen Ayers

13 August 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Runaway” by Seattle based songwriter Jen Ayers.

Album Premiere: "Ulysses Trash" by Dez Dare

12 August 2022

A fuzz beast clawing out of a pit of noise, riffs and existential joy.

Motorcycle Display Team

Motorcycle Display Team: Revving up with a politically charged anthem

11 August 2022

The UK indie/alt-rock band unload a fervently confrontational single with accompanying video from their upcoming full length.

Album Premiere: "Youth Vaping" by The Empty Pockets

9 August 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Youth Vaping” by Chicago-based indie outfit The Empty Pockets.

Song Premiere: "Oh Yeah" by The Living Pins

8 August 2022

Austin band The Living Pins (featuring Carrie Clark of shoegaze heroes Sixteen Deluxe) premiere the buzzing grooves of the hook-heavy, should-be summer hit “Oh Yeah” via Big Takeover. It’s like teleporting to your teenage summer dance party.

Bailey Flores

Bailey Flores: A colorful artist with a stylistically varied palette

5 August 2022

Bailey Flores has an exciting music career ahead of her and she’ll be dropping a new EP in the fall.

Video Premiere: "Acid Reflux" by Simon Grab

5 August 2022

A hallucinatory collage of plundered archival footage and dialogue mirroring the defective rhythms of Simon Grab as remixed by Mike Hamerski.

Video Premiere: "Stars Will Die Tonight” by Kramer

4 August 2022

In the ten compositions that comprise Kramer’s new LP, mournful at times yet mysteriously life-affirming and generous in their scope, Kramer sees films where there are none, and composes his accompanying ambient soundtracks in a state of interrupted grace.

Video Premiere: "Gliding" by Maple Mars

3 August 2022

LA’s Maple Mars return the video for “Gliding”, the lead single from their first album in over a decade.

Song Premiere: “Chances” by Ari Lindo

2 August 2022

Chicago musician Ari Lindo might be best known for his soulful guitar playing in Late Nite Laundry, The Devonns, or Lester Rey, but he’s showing a different side of his musical talents with his solo folk music.


Smomid: Experimental audio and video transmissions

1 August 2022

L.A.-based, jazz-influenced Nick Demopolous recently dropped his latest avant-garde album.

Song Premiere: "Zancudo" by The Valery Trails

1 August 2022

Through keenly observed detail, swirling instrumentals, and a spirited melody, The Valery Trails’ new single “Zancudo” captures the mood of the sleepy little Costa Rican beach community and its people.