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The Big Takeover Issue #89

Big Takeover Exclusives

Song Premiere: "Samantha" by Lowlight

28 January 2022

The New Jersey quartet’s new song, “Samantha,” describes a thread between two disparate experiences: the joy of a first kiss and the thud of loss. The track features a delicate arrangement that pulls the listener in as it weaves through the story, ultimately climbing to a lush and powerful hook.

Album Premiere: The Horror! The Horror! EP by Brian Michael Henry

27 January 2022

Henry’s five-track collection of New Wave-inspired alt-pop tracks examines love and desire from the perspective of classic horror characters. Throughout The Horror! The Horror!, Henry examines the humanity of monsters and the monstrosity of humans atop pulsing layers of cold electronic production that call to mind both John Carpenter’s signature synth scores and modern darkwave artists like Cold Cave in equal measure.

Album Premiere: Undercover by Betty Moon

27 January 2022

The 10-song effort includes cover tracks of songs by Kate Bush, Depeche Mode and Royal Blood, along with one original, “Valentine,” which the singer wrote just in time for the upcoming holiday. While Undercover hits Spotify and Apple Music starting Friday, the Big Takeover is bringing you a preview of the stream today.

Album Premiere: Wanderers EP by Wanderers

26 January 2022

The groovy Australian pop duo’s new effort comprises five tracks of soulful and rich guitar-driven music that is a testament to the creative dynamic between bandmates Dusty Lee Stephensen, Matt Birkin and their cast of long-term collaborators and live band.

Video Premiere: "I'm a Rat" by Feeders

26 January 2022

Chicago’s the Feeders released their first LP, Kerchoo, in November on Eccentric Pop Records. Not too long after, the album made the cut on Jack Rabid’s list of best records of 2021. Today, the Feeders are proud to share the video behind the first single from the record, for “I’m a Rat.”

Song Premiere: "An/Animal 2" by Hurrah a Bolt of Light

25 January 2022

An/Animal presents its audience with four songs strung into one narrative, made complete by the eerie visuals of its accompanying short film. The music features imaginative arrangements, ethereal to explosive dynamics, primal urgency, deceptively catchy hooks, and elements from gospel, indie, rock, prog, country, ambient and, as always, an infectious pop sensibility.

Song Premiere: "Have I Gone Too Far" by Eldridge Rodriguez

25 January 2022

Having been written in May 2020, lyrically, “Have I Gone Too Far” attempts to capture the day-to day-isolation, monotony and depression that went along with quarantining during the early months of the pandemic

Song Premiere: "Bent Omelette (DADA #1)" by Vapor Vespers

24 January 2022

The music-powered spoken word offering is a preview to what’s in store on the spring release of the experimental duo’s sophomore album, Ghosts Before Breakfast.

Video Premiere: "Permanently Closed" by Another Heaven

24 January 2022

Titled “Permanently Closed,” the video finds the Minneapolis-based sludgegaze band performing tracks from their two releases in an empty bar — a fitting backdrop for the “release show” of Sorrowful Cries, which was written and recorded in quarantine. 

Album Premiere: Bridge to Neverland by Sarah Rae

21 January 2022

Hailing from Atlanta, Rae started playing in music at a mere 8 years old. She left behind that love to move on to a beauty career until the tragedy of the global pandemic struck — and, as Rae recently told the Big Takeover, everyone returned to be with what we value most.

Song Premiere: "Reasons" by Sofi Vonn

20 January 2022

The songwriter and musician uses her knowledge gained from years spent DJ’ing to create captivating beats and taps into her worldly travels — she’s lived in Germany, the U.S. and England — to write relatable lyrics. The Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of “Reasons,” the newest single from the electronic pop phenom.

Song Premiere: "Pines" by Abigail Lapell

19 January 2022

On April 22, the world will witness the latest chapter in the burgeoning Toronto artist’s career, in the form of her new album, Stolen Time. Lucky for readers whose interest is already piqued, the Big Takeover is pleased to unveil the first single from the new album, as well as its accompanying video, today.

Video Premiere: "Life Our Own Way" by David Heatley

18 January 2022

Come February 11, Heatley’s admirers will bear witness to his next foray into music — and first official solo studio record — when Dream Puppy Records releases Life Our Own Way on all streaming and digital platforms. Today, the Big Takeover unveils the time-intensive video that Heatley created for the title track.

Video Premiere: "The Luckiest Man in the World" by Speedfossil

17 January 2022

Today, The Big Takeover exclusively premieres the newest video from Boston’s power-guitar/synth-pop quartet, who started working together in late 2018. The clip was filmed just outside Boston at The Sanctuary, an old church converted into a music performance space.

Video Premiere: "I Feel High" by Magic Shoppe

14 January 2022

Magic Shoppe songs often feature warm and fuzzy tonality that can wash out into textured soundscapes — or crash into a mind-melting maelstrom.
 Big Takeover is pleased to host the video for the brand-new track, which just hit streaming services today.

Album Premiere: Onsloow LP by Onsloow

13 January 2022

The Norwegian indie-rockers draw a far-reaching fanbase that includes aging parents longing for the sweet nostalgia of their glory days, as well as young hipsters who have embraced the ’90s-era aesthetics and charm of melodic guitars and catchy sing-alongs.

Video Premiere: "Chant" by NOW Ensemble

12 January 2022

Big Takeover is psyched to premiere the video for “Chant,” a piece created by interdisciplinary artist and designer Deborah Johnson for NOW Ensemble, a project that makes chamber music for the 21st century.

Descendents - 9th & Walnut

Jack Rabid’s Best of 2021 (290 Nods): Top 150 LPs (New Recordings), Top 70 Retrospective/Reissue Releases, and Top 70 Stand Alone Singles & EPs

11 January 2022

My best bets on another great year for music, old and new, and a most such year once again. Hope this little list inspires you to find, or give a second look to, a few cool releases you might miss otherwise that you end up truly loving—especially in the second straight year where so many musicians overcame unprecedented challenges to get us this music. And my gratitude to the musicians and labels that overcame that and gave us this 2021 music when we had so much less of the live variety! Ta!

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Houses and Hotels

Song Premiere: "Driver" by Houses and Hotels

17 December 2021

Akron, Ohio-based indie rock/pop band deliver a dynamic and catch anthem about mixed signals, and took part in a Q&A interview.

Eric W.

Album Premiere: Idle Minds by Eric Wurzelbacher

17 December 2021

Old-school/new-school hybrid jazz musician Eric Wurzelbacher and his band display their top chops on an engaging LP; with heartfelt and insightful Q&A interview.

The High Water Marks 2

Song Premiere: "Reason Vs. Truth" by The High Water Marks

16 December 2021

Hilarie Sidney (co-founder of Elephant 6; member of The Apples In Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Olivia Tremor Control) and company release an upbeat and tuneful track from their upcoming LP as The High Water Marks.

Black Rose Burning

Album Premiere: The Wheel by Black Rose Burning

14 December 2021

Hybrid outfit Black Rose Burning (post-punk, Gothic rock/pop, New Wave), led by George Grant, unveil their compelling new album that was mastered by Jason Corbett (ACTORS).

Beauty In Chaos, Ava, VONAMOR, Elena Fossi

NEWS: Ava Vox, VONAMOR, Beauty In Chaos, and Elena Alice Fossi end 2021 with a bang

14 December 2021

A bunch of cool and intriguing artists/bands cap off the year with new music, including premieres from Irish post-punker Ava Vox and darkwave outfit VONAMOR.

Josh Caterer (Smoking Popes)

Video Premiere: "At Last" (live) by Josh Caterer

14 December 2021

Josh Caterer, frontman of acclaimed band Smoking Popes, releases his spin on an Etta James classic in the live setting of SPACE in Chicago.

Anton Barbeau - Manbird - video still

Video Premiere: “Underneath The Mushroom Tree” by Anton Barbeau

13 December 2021

Renowned musician Anton Barbeau unveils an atmospheric and hypnotic music video for an enchanting track from his latest album.


Album Premiere: Greener Grasses by Bashford

10 December 2021

Madison, Wisconsin-located grunge band Bashford channel Nirvana’s angst and catharsis with punk-fueled aggression on their potent fifth record.

TV Queens

TV Queens: Tune into New Wave, synth-pop, and electro-soul

9 December 2021

Dayton, Ohio-located pop/soul outfit TV Queens have release an enticing, ’80s-vibed single that melds spacey synth-pop and soulful vocals.

Underlined Passages

Video Premiere: "Lng Trm Xpsure" by Underlined Passages

9 December 2021

Baltimore-located rock duo Underlined Passages unveil a bodacious ’80s-themed performance video for a dreamy track off their upcoming LP.


Song Premiere: "A Cold War City" by AMMO

7 December 2021

AMMO’s aesthetic can be described as otherworldly ethereal shoegaze, driven by the pulse of primordial percussive rhythms that provide a backdrop for haunting vocals and lush, atmospheric guitar lines.


NEWS: Jacknife Lee and Cathal Coughlan release TELEFIS single "Falun Gong Dancer"

7 December 2021

It is also not every day that two iconoclastic artists team up with a world-class music video director, so today we explore the outcome of that audio/visual relationship.

The Civilians feat. Steve Nieve

Video Premiere: "Harder than the Truth" by The Civilians (Featuring Steve Nieve)

7 December 2021

Seattle-located rock ‘n’ roll band The Civilians collaborate with Elvis Costello’s longtime keyboardist Steve Nieve on a heartfelt track and performance video.


Song Premiere: "Highfingers" by DigDog

6 December 2021

Rock band DigDog meld prog- and classic rock on an engaging album that speaks to determination and positivity in a time of turmoil.

St. Marlboro

Album Premiere: Photo Album by St. Marlboro

3 December 2021

Chicago-located Americana-inspired rock ‘n’ roll band St. Marlboro release their heartfelt and engaging second album via Dropped Beauty Recordings.

Kramer 2

Video Premiere: "Falling Skies" by Kramer

2 December 2021

Legendary producer (Galaxie 500, Low, Ween) and artist (Bongwater) Kramer returns with his first solo album in two decades via his label Shimmy-Disc.

Split Moon

Video Premiere: “Drifting Through” by Split Moon

1 December 2021

L.A. shoegaze/space rock band Split Moon releases the video for their new single “Drifting Through” this Friday.

Simon Bromide

Video Premiere: "The Skehans Song" by Simon Bromide

30 November 2021

London-based singer-songwriter Simon Bromide (AKA Simon Berridge) joins up with the Easycome Choir on a relaxed and flowing tune/music video.

Modesty Blaise 3

NEWS: Modesty Blaise brings synthpop yuletide on "I’ll Be Home For Xmas"

30 November 2021

UK indie retro-pop outfit Modesty Blaise bring the good cheer on a buoyant performance music video for a holiday-themed track.

Johnny Manchild

Johnny Manchild And The Poor Bastards: They Deserve a Room, Even If They Didn’t Ask for One

30 November 2021

The multi-genre ensemble helmed by Johnny Manchild have recently released a compilation album of long-awaited demos and new compositions.

the black watch 2

Video Premiere: "Now & Then" by the black watch

30 November 2021

Veteran retro indie pop/rock band the black watch, led by John Andrew Fredrick, unveils a beguiling, nature-steeped music video for a reflective track.

The Bye Bye Blackbirds 3

Video Premiere: "We Got Lost" by The Bye Bye Blackbirds

29 November 2021

Oakland, CA-based retro-pop/rock outfit The Bye Bye Blackbirds channel vintage British vibes on a mellow to vibrant new tune and nostalgic music video.

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Tiny Fighter 2

Video Premiere: "Rewind" by Tiny Fighter

24 November 2021

Swedish-Australian collective Tiny Fighter are back with the first taster of their upcoming album via Bay Terrace Records.

Collect Call

Video Premiere: "Chase The Light" by Collect Call

23 November 2021

Brighton, UK-located indietronic / dreampop project Collect Call (AKA multi-instrumentalist/producer Joseph Thorpe) unveils a surreal music video.

Fir Cone Children 3

Song Premiere: "Paint The Streets" by Fir Cone Children

23 November 2021

German indie rock/dreampop project Fir Cone Children (Alexander Donat of Vlimmer) unveils a dreamily melancholic tune from his upcoming LP.

Vakili Band

Video Premiere: "Dreamy Dreamer" by Vakili Band

22 November 2021

New Jersey-based rock ‘n’ roll outfit Vakili Band, led by Lily Vakili, delivers a heartfelt and hopeful rally cry for everyone who dreams of a better world.

Wrene 2

Album Premiere: Dark Matter EP by Wrené

19 November 2021

Toronto-located avant-garde artist Wrené unveils her mysterious and ethereal, noir and noisy EP that delves into mental health issues.

Painted Friends

NEWS: Two-piece indie rock band Painted Friends unveil surreal music video

19 November 2021

A lucid, proactive nostalgia radiates from Painted Friends’ music and accompanying visuals for a new single about immortal jellyfish.

Pageant Boys

Pageant Boys: Capturing the Revolt against the Status Quo

19 November 2021

Alexander Sheppard mixes clever melodies with dark soundscapes to create truly original pieces of American art on his new album.