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The Big Takeover Issue #86

Big Takeover Exclusives


Video Premiere: "Thursday Is The New Sunday" by LATITUDE

17 September 2020

San Francisco-based power pop band LATITUDE unveil an engaging video for a mellow track off their upcoming LP via Emotional Response.

Secret Sight

Video Premiere: "By The End" by Secret Sight

17 September 2020

Italian indie rock band Secret Sight releases an inventive video for an invigorating track from their latest LP via Seahorse Recordings.

PJ O'Connor

Video Premiere: "Indecisive Moon" by P.J. O'Connor

16 September 2020

New York native and singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist P.J. O’Connor bows an NYC-themed video for a heartfelt track off his upcoming LP.

Short-Haired Domestic

NEWS: Tim Friese-Greene's Short-Haired Domestic offer German kaleidoscope with new single

15 September 2020

UK-based indie music (and married) duo Tim Friese-Greene and Lee Friese-Greene are set to release their debut LP as Short-Haired Domestic.

The Wake

Song Premiere: "Hammer Hall" by The Wake

15 September 2020

Ohioan veteran post-punk/Gothic rock band The Wake enlivens the senses with a vibrant track from their upcoming album.

Holy Youth

Song Premiere: "Off The Radar" by Holy Youth

15 September 2020

Alabama-based indie rock band Holy Youth drop a catchy, dynamic, and vibrant track from their upcoming self-produced album.

My Dear Mycroft

Song Premiere: "The Ghost That Slows You Down" by My Dear Mycroft

14 September 2020

Brooklyn-based rock noir band My Dear Mycroft unveil a hauntingly ominous and emotive lead single from their upcoming debut LP.

Silent Era

Album Premiere: Rotate the Mirror by Silent Era

11 September 2020

Bay Area hardcore (post-)punk/metal hybrid band Silent Era unleash a compelling, socio-politically relevant new album via Nervous Intent Records.

Eddie Japan

Video Premiere: "Summer Hair" by Eddie Japan

10 September 2020

Boston-based retro-mod rock ‘n’ roll band Eddie Japan unveil a heartfelt performance video for a sweeping, yet bittersweet single.


Video Premiere: "Florist" by Ilithios

9 September 2020

Brooklyn-based indie pop/electronic artist Manny Nomikos (Gracie Mansion, Pow! Wow!, and Coyote Eyes), as Ilithios unveils a wistful video.

The Silverbeets

Video Premiere: "We Mattered (Once Upon a Time)" by The Silverbeets

8 September 2020

Tasmanian indie pop/rock band The Silverbeets a socio-politically relevant lyric video for a staccato track off their upcoming LP.

Renny Conti

Video Premiere: "Make Believe" by Renny Conti

8 September 2020

NYC-based singer-songwriter Renny Conti offers up a city-focused video for a wistfully aching indie rock single from his upcoming 2nd LP.


Song Premiere: "Gone By Noon" by MOAT

8 September 2020

English-Swedish duo MOAT, AKA Marty Willson-Piper (The Church) and Niko Röhlcke, unveil a dreamily ruminative track from their upcoming LP.

La Cerca

Video Premiere: "Free of Expectation" by La Cerca

7 September 2020

Tucson, AZ-based ambient/psych(e)-rock band La Cerca unveil a calmly radiating instrumental video/song from their upcoming 5th LP.


Album Premiere: Who's Left and Who's Leaving by LipStitch

5 September 2020

Pacific Northwest rock band LipStitch unleash a passionately heartfelt, rousingly vibrant, and lyrically astute album about change and connection.

Cherry Ames

Video Premiere: "Angel 5" by Cherry Ames

4 September 2020

Washington, DC-based noise rock/shoegaze band Cherry Ames immerse themselves in ’90s underground indie rock on a woozily propulsive new tune.

Modern Time Machines

Video Premiere: "Keepsake" by Modern Time Machines

3 September 2020

LA-based shoegaze band Modern Time Machines go back to the past (and stay in the present) on their nostalgic and intriguing new video.


Song Premiere: "Hand Tremor" by Iress

2 September 2020

SoCal-based heavy, yet melodic atmospheric rock band Iress unveil a slow-burning lament ahead of the release of their compelling new LP.

Stephen Clair 2

Song Premiere: "Is This Thing On" by Stephen Clair

2 September 2020

New York-residing musician Stephen Clair returns with a vibrant and tuneful pop-rock track from his upcoming new LP via Rock City Records.


Video Premiere: "Moving Tangle" by Outwave

1 September 2020

Italian alt-rockers Outwave release a vibrant performance video for a hard-hitting track from their debut LP out soon via Seahorse Recordings.

Gretchen's Wheel

Song Premiere: "Interloper" by Gretchen's Wheel

1 September 2020

Lindsay Murray of Gretchen’s Wheel releases a simmering single from her upcoming album that features members of Nada Surf and the Posies.

Tender Creature

Song Premiere: "The Quietest Car" by Tender Creature

31 August 2020

New York-based LGBTQ+ indie-folk/pop duo Tender Creature reveal their vulnerable side with their nostalgic, pensive, and poignant new single.

Andre Salvador

Album Premiere: André Salvador and the Von Kings by André Salvador and the Von Kings

28 August 2020

New York City streets and scenes inform the music on multi-instrumentalist Tim Cheplick and company’s new indie/psych-rock LP.

Social Gravy

Song Premiere: "Happening Now" by Social Gravy

27 August 2020

LA alt-rock/world music band Social Gravy offer up a tasty folk-pop single with mellow pace and soulful vocals from their upcoming EP.

Lulu Lewis 2

Song Premiere: "Hit Your Town" by Lulu Lewis

27 August 2020

New York-based New Wave/Goth-rock outfit Lulu Lewis returns with a prescient and relevant disco-inspired single off their upcoming LP.

Christopher the Conquered

Video Premiere: "Put It On Your Credit Card" by Christopher the Conquered

26 August 2020

Born entertainer Christopher Ford unleashes a a tongue-in-cheek video for a tuneful track from his upcoming album via Grand Phony Music.

The Persian Leaps 3

NEWS: Indie rock/power pop outfit The Persian Leaps will launch their new EP in September

25 August 2020

The St. Paul, Minnesota outfit and Big Takeover favorites release a whimsically infectious new single ahead of the EP roll-out.


NEWS: Post-metal enchantress KnightressM1 sizzles on "Lock & Key" single

25 August 2020

KnightressM1 is a rock / metal power trio based in Oakland and the brainchild of violinist, vocalist, pianist, and composer Emily Palen.

Brendan James

Song Premiere: "Day By Day" by Brendan James

25 August 2020

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Brendan James unveils a gently engaging and heartfelt single, created in quarantine, from his upcoming LP.

Tiny Bit of Giants Blood - video still

Video Premiere: "Girl Over Here" by Tiny Bit of Giant's Blood

24 August 2020

Chicago-based glam punk/rock band Tiny Bit of Giant’s Blood unleashed a cheeky and inventive video for a bold rocker from their latest LP.

Special Moves

Album Premiere: Little Help by Special Moves

21 August 2020

Olympia, WA lo-fi indie/college rock project Special Moves, founded/led by Joshua Hoey (Box Fan, Parasol, Blood Orphans), drops a new LP.

The Bats

NEWS: Legendary indie band The Bats fly again with new studio album

21 August 2020

The renowned New Zealander jangle-pop outfit will release their next album in November via equally acclaimed Flying Nun Records.

Armon Jay

Video Premiere: "Lighthouse" by Armon Jay

20 August 2020

Armon Jay (Dashboard Confessional) unveils an gently atmospheric video for the lyrically vulnerable opener from his upcoming third solo LP.

Matt Walker

Video Premiere: "Astronomica" by of1000faces

18 August 2020

Matt Walker, the musician behind of1000faces, unveils the atmospheric and expansive title track from his upcoming electronica-based album.

Anton Barbeau 2 - Photo Credit:Julia Boorinakis Harper

NEWS: New Anton Barbeau single "Manbird" charts a flight course all its own

18 August 2020

This is the title track from an upcoming double album to be released in September via Beehive Sound (US) and Gard du Nord (UK).

The Demon Rind

Video Premiere: "Got Me Believing" by The Demon Rind

18 August 2020

Seattle-based indie/psych/retro-rock band The Demon Rind unveil a poignant animated video for a jangle-pop track from their upcoming LP.


Song Premiere: "My Dearest One" by NRBQ

17 August 2020

Renowned veteran band NRBQ will release a collection of 16 rarities, including previously unissued songs, from Omnivore Recordings.


Album Premiere: Permanent Daylight by Rotoscope

14 August 2020

Virginia/D.C.-based veteran musician John Athayde (Juniper Lane, Honor By August, No Second Troy) releases a captivating and relevant LP.


NEWS: NYC-based indie rock band Gawn release their debut album

14 August 2020

The Brooklyn-residing outfit drop their scrappy and raw LP that channels their formative time playing the NYC club circuit.

Emily Barker

Video Premiere: "Where Have The Sparrows Gone?" by Emily Barker

13 August 2020

UK-based singer-songwriter Emily Barker releases a powerful and poignant cinematic-quality short film video for a track off her upcoming album.


Video Premiere: "I Love You Just The Same" by Krief

12 August 2020

Montreal-based singer-songwriter Patrick Krief (The Dears) unveils a psychedelic-tinted rock ballad/lament and video from his upcoming album.

Julian Shah-Tayler

Song Premiere: "Evolution" by Julian Shah-Tayler (AKA The Singularity) feat. MGT

11 August 2020

Acclaimed and diverse singer, writer, and producer Julian Shah-Tayler releases a nostalgia-infused synth-pop single featuring MGT.

ReMission International

NEWS: The Mission leads all-star cast in "Tower of Strength" remake for COVID frontline workers

11 August 2020

The Mission.frontman Wayne Hussey is spearheading a single remake of their hit “Tower of Strength” under the moniker ReMission International.

 Darrel William Herbert

Song Premiere: "If You Still Believe" by Darrel William Herbert

11 August 2020

Veteran musician Darrel William Herbert (the Toadies, Tomorrowpeople) returns with the engaging first single off his upcoming solo debut album.

Radiator King

Song Premiere: "Haunts Me Now" by Radiator King

10 August 2020

Brooklyn musician Adam Silvestri unleashes a punk-tinged folk ballad ahead of new album and livestreams from NYC’s The Bowery Electric tonight.

Backwards Charm

Album Premiere: Nevergreen by Backwards Charm

9 August 2020

Austria-based indie/dream-pop band Backwards Charm unveil their shoegaze-immersed, lyrically reflective and sonically effervescent LP via Somewherecold Records.

Harry the Nightgown

Album Premiere: Harry the Nightgown by Harry the Nightgown

7 August 2020

The combo of Spencer Hartling and Sami Perez (Cherry Glazerr, The She’s) forms engaging art-rock/odd-pop-leaning vignettes on their debut LP.


NEWS: New outfit PXPRS release bold and blazing rock 'n' roll debut single/lyric video

7 August 2020

PXPRS, led by Nikki Thomas (Client) and with Angelo Bruschini (Massive Attack) among others, unleash the number via Komplex Recordings.

Grant-Lee Phillips; Photo Credit: Denise Siegel-Phillips

Song Premiere: "Mourning Dove" by Grant-Lee Phillips

5 August 2020

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Grant-Lee Phillips delivers another reflective, insightful. and poignantly resonant single from his upcoming LP via Yep Roc.

Felixity 2

Song Premiere: "The Bad Guy (EMP Remix)" by Felixity

4 August 2020

London-based neo-soul artist Felixity unveils an atmospheric electro-symphonic trip-hop track from her remixes LP via Komplex Recordings.