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The Big Takeover Issue #90

Big Takeover Exclusives

Song Premiere: "Control" by CrashMonkeys

17 August 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Control” by CrashMonkeys.

Elijah Johnston

Elijah Johnston: Sweet indie pop with thought-provoking lyrics

17 August 2022

Elijah Johnston is a singer/songwriter from Athens, GA who’s known for his collaborative and solo work and his energetic live shows.

Song Premiere: "Vials" by Diver Through

16 August 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Vials” by Diver Through.

Video Premiere: "You Must Destroy What Will Destroy You" by Saint Small

15 August 2022

A mantra for living and overcoming obstacles with Saint Small’s “You Must Destroy What Will Destroy You” from their new THANK YOU FRIENDS EP.

Song Premiere: "Runaway" by Jen Ayers

13 August 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Runaway” by Seattle based songwriter Jen Ayers.

Album Premiere: "Ulysses Trash" by Dez Dare

12 August 2022

A fuzz beast clawing out of a pit of noise, riffs and existential joy.

Motorcycle Display Team

Motorcycle Display Team: Revving up with a politically charged anthem

11 August 2022

The UK indie/alt-rock band unload a fervently confrontational single with accompanying video from their upcoming full length.

Album Premiere: "Youth Vaping" by The Empty Pockets

9 August 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Youth Vaping” by Chicago-based indie outfit The Empty Pockets.

Song Premiere: "Oh Yeah" by The Living Pins

8 August 2022

Austin band The Living Pins (featuring Carrie Clark of shoegaze heroes Sixteen Deluxe) premiere the buzzing grooves of the hook-heavy, should-be summer hit “Oh Yeah” via Big Takeover. It’s like teleporting to your teenage summer dance party.

Bailey Flores

Bailey Flores: A colorful artist with a stylistically varied palette

5 August 2022

Bailey Flores has an exciting music career ahead of her and she’ll be dropping a new EP in the fall.

Video Premiere: "Acid Reflux" by Simon Grab

5 August 2022

A hallucinatory collage of plundered archival footage and dialogue mirroring the defective rhythms of Simon Grab as remixed by Mike Hamerski.

Video Premiere: "Stars Will Die Tonight” by Kramer

4 August 2022

In the ten compositions that comprise Kramer’s new LP, mournful at times yet mysteriously life-affirming and generous in their scope, Kramer sees films where there are none, and composes his accompanying ambient soundtracks in a state of interrupted grace.

Video Premiere: "Gliding" by Maple Mars

3 August 2022

LA’s Maple Mars return the video for “Gliding”, the lead single from their first album in over a decade.

Song Premiere: “Chances” by Ari Lindo

2 August 2022

Chicago musician Ari Lindo might be best known for his soulful guitar playing in Late Nite Laundry, The Devonns, or Lester Rey, but he’s showing a different side of his musical talents with his solo folk music.


Smomid: Experimental audio and video transmissions

1 August 2022

L.A.-based, jazz-influenced Nick Demopolous recently dropped his latest avant-garde album.

Song Premiere: "Zancudo" by The Valery Trails

1 August 2022

Through keenly observed detail, swirling instrumentals, and a spirited melody, The Valery Trails’ new single “Zancudo” captures the mood of the sleepy little Costa Rican beach community and its people.

Video Premiere: "Tyrannosaurus Shake" by Dez Dare

28 July 2022

Tyrannosaurus Shake is the 3rd single from the forthcoming and sophomore album Ulysses Trash by Dez Dare. Featuring chase scenes, disembodied hands and a looming fear that will envelope you whole!

Album Premiere: "See Those Colours Fly" by Breathless

28 July 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “See Those Colours Fly” by Breathless.

Album Premiere: "State of the Secretary" by State of the Secretary

27 July 2022

The new full-length from Raleigh’s State of The Secretary is an introspective and emotionally bold collection of songs.

Album Premiere: "Grits" by Grandpa Jack

26 July 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of Grandpa Jack’s new album Grits, available everywhere July 29.

Video Premiere: "Blood Moon” by Susie Suh

25 July 2022

Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere for the video for “Blood Moon” by Susie Suh.

Rae Chriss

Rae Chriss: Free to be herself and pursue her life's purpose

25 July 2022

The North Carolina indie rocker with poetic and perceptive lyrics recently dropped a single and will release her debut album this fall.

Song Premiere: "Hoof It" by The Schizophonics

21 July 2022

San Diego punk-soul trio The Schizophonics release the tempestuous title track to their upcoming album Hoof it, produced by Dean Reis (Plosivs, RFTC.) The MC5’s high-energy melodies meets Memphis soul underground’s rhythmic ruction.

Video Premiere: "Fired Up" by Syvers

20 July 2022

Syvers, a lofi-electronica duo from the midwest have a stunning new single and music video :Fired Up”.

Video Premiere: "New Brighton" by Torture and the Desert Spiders

19 July 2022

Welcome to the world of the Liverpool-based band, Torture and the Desert Spiders, a left-field project based around the songwriting of Anna Kunz.


Sisteria: Rock firepower unleashed by this Oklahoman act

18 July 2022

The band’s debut album, Dark Matter, is releasing on August 19th via Tulsa’s Horton Records and their latest single with mesmerizing video is out now.

Video Premiere: "Starve to Strength" by Idle Fire

18 July 2022

‘Being understood is something that I look for in everyday human interactions, ethically and emotionally. But it’s not something vital to my artistic expression.’ – River Gari A.K.A. Idle Fire

BT 90 cover

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16 July 2022

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Video Premiere: "Good Foot" by B. Hamilton

14 July 2022

Following the recent 2021 release of B. Hamilton’s fourth studio album, Nothing and Nowhere, the Oakland-based rock band are set to drop their new single and lyric video “Good Foot” on July 15th via Sofaburn Records. This is the first single from their forthcoming, as-yet-to-be-titled studio album.

Song Premiere: "Hate has a Heartbeat" by Grandpa Jack

14 July 2022

“One of the first songs we wrote for Grits, “Hate Has a Heartbeat,” is about the current state of the world and how we interact and communicate. To be honest, I can’t think of a better time to be releasing it.” – Matt C. White, Grandpa Jack drummer

Song Premiere: “Don’t mind you asking" by Jude Flannery

12 July 2022

Philadelphia musician Jude Flannery partnered with Matt Barrick (The Walkmen, Muzz), Quentin Stoltzfus (Mazarin, Light Heat), Robbie Bennett (The War on Drugs), and more on his forthcoming solo debut.

Album Premiere: "Some Other Way" by Hutchie

11 July 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of Hutchie’s new LP Some Other Way.

Tamar Berk

Tamar Berk: A singular songwriter/musician highlights a multitude of styles

9 July 2022

Tamar Berk is a literate songwriter with a haunting, atmospheric sound steeped in 1990s alt-rock, ’70s to ’80s power pop, and ’60s psychedelia.

Video Premiere: “333 Dreams” by Tiffany Goode

9 July 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of the video for “333 Dreams” – a surreal experience as the haunting melody slides over dream like sequences.

Video Premiere: "See You in Marfa" by Salim Nourallah

6 July 2022

Singer-songwriter/producer Salim Nourallah teamed up with Marty Willson-Piper (formerly of The Church), and the brand new single and title track from Nourallah’s forthcoming EP, See You in Marfa — provides the sunny, carefree music for a joyful new video.

Album Premiere: "Adaleena" by Svvarms

4 July 2022

Big Takeover is excited to premiere Adaleena, the fiery debut EP by bay area folk-rock band, Svvarms, which drops everywhere July 8. So, get ready for tasty hooks and groovy licks, which might just burn down your barn!

Song Premiere: "it was yr birthday" by GREAT

2 July 2022

“it was yr birthday” is the debut single from GREAT—aka NYC multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Chandler Fredrick.

Album Premiere: "Ghosts pass through, running from the body" by Light Creates Shadow

30 June 2022

Portland, OR post-metal trio Light Creates Shadow’s new full length is a powerful, emotive rebirth, produced by Matt Bayles. Hear the full album today!

Grandpa Jack

Grandpa Jack: Roughing it on new album Grits

29 June 2022

The Brooklyn-based stoner rock trio traveled to the remote upstate New York town of Saugerties to lay down the fuzzed-out tracks for their upcoming album.

Video Premiere: "Unstoppable Me" by Jeff Elbel + Ping (Marathon Records)

28 June 2022

“Unstoppable Me” is a sunny pop charmer from Chicago-area prog/roots-pop collective Jeff Elbel + Ping. The song’s boundless confidence sets up a twist in The Threefinger Opera LP’s storyline. The video is campy fun from the team at Mecoclub.

Song Premiere: "Experimental World" by Evan Taylor

27 June 2022

“Experimental World” is a new single from songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Evan Taylor being released on Taylor’s own Loantaka Records.

Video Premiere: "They Put Tears In Cigarettes" by Useless Users

25 June 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of Useless Users “They Put Tears In Cigarettes” from the debut LP “We Are All” due out on Emotional Response Records July 3.

Video Premiere: "Wild Eyes" by Nervous Eaters

24 June 2022

Pioneering Boston punk band Nervous Eaters, contemporaries of bands like the Ramones, The Police, Iggy Pop, The Pretenders, and a host of others, has released a new single, “Wild Eyes,” ahead of a new album due out this fall on Little Steven Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records.

Song Premiere: "good night" by partygirl

23 June 2022

PREMIERE: partygirl Explores Survivorship as Radical Political Identity in Debut Single “good night”

Video Premiere: "Matador Bell" by doubleVee

23 June 2022

Premier of “Matador Bell,” the second video from the upcoming Treat Her Strangely album, the latest album from doubleVee featuring former Starlight Mints frontman, Allan Vest.

Song Premiere: "Jordu" by City of Four

22 June 2022

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of new music from City of Four from the upcoming jazz compilation “Standard Issue” on Mint 400 Records / Raining Music.

EH of Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello: Rousing Music and Relevant Messages from Ukraine

21 June 2022

Acclaimed gypsy punk collective Gogol Bordello, led by charismatic Eugene Hütz, calls for solidarity with and aid for Ukraine in the face of barbaric invasion.

Song Premiere: "The Drugs Don't Work" (Verve cover) by The Art Of The Soul

21 June 2022

Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of “The Drugs Don’t Work” (Verve cover) by The Art Of The Soul.

Song Premiere: "Ouroboros" by Luminous Beings

17 June 2022

Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of the new “Anti-Hate” single “Ouroboros” from post-hardcore band Luminous Beings, from their upcoming album ‘Horrors’ due out June 24.

Song Premiere: “Just Say So” by Sunshine Riot

15 June 2022

The Boston alt-rock band reaches cruising altitude on the first single from this September’s Sparkle Baby 2000 EP.