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The Big Takeover Issue #87

Big Takeover Exclusives

Nineteen Thirteen

Album Premiere: MCMXIII EP by Nineteen Thirteen

27 February 2021

Hard/alt-rock outfit Nineteen Thirteen (members of Mouth of the Architect, Twelve Tribes, Neon Warship) mine history for harrowing narratives on life, war, and death.

The Gama Sennin

Song Premiere: "I Kill You" by The Gama Sennin

25 February 2021

New alt-rock band The Gama Sennin (members from Oingo Boingo, Daft Punk, QOTSA, Burning Brides, more) unleash a gritty and powerful debut tune.


Video Premiere: "Silent Trees" by Pentral

24 February 2021

Brazilian alternative heavy rock band Pentral unleash a foreboding and socio-politically relevant music video for a track off their upcoming LP.

Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell

NEWS: Fresh music coming from Dead Can Dance’s Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell

23 February 2021

The pair, who have worked together for Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, will release a new album in May, preceded by Maxell’s solo LP in March.

The Orange Peels

Video Premiere: "Give My Regards to Rufus" by The Orange Peels

23 February 2021

California-based indie pop outfit The Orange Peels reveal a poignant and sweeping symphonic pop number from their upcoming double LP.

A. Sinclair

Song Premiere: "Firecat And The Small Balloons" by A. Sinclair

22 February 2021

Singer-songwriter A. Sinclair drops an engaging jangle popper with enigmatic lyrics from his upcoming 3rd album via Mr. Pink Records.

Scott Robert Allen

Album Premiere: Scott Robert Allen by Scott Robert Allen

19 February 2021

Michigan-located musician Scott Robert Allen (Red Shirt Brigade, Thunderbirds Are Now!) returns with an experimental solo, yet collaborative LP.

Marlaena Moore

Video Premiere: "Carve" by Marlaena Moore

18 February 2021

Canadian singer-songwriter Marlaena Moore braves wintry climes in a cool (literally and figuratively) music video for an emotionally fraught track.

Tombstones In Their Eyes 4

Video Premiere: "Fear" by Tombstones In Their Eyes

17 February 2021

LA-based indie psych-/stoner rock outfit Tombstones In Their Eyes unveil a new video for a track of their jam-packed compilation double LP.


NEWS: Singer-Songwriter Gatton Re-Imagines A Kacey Musgraves Track

17 February 2021

Pop singer-songwriter Gatton drop their twist on a song that was written as a message of hope during these dark times.

Nick Hudson

NEWS: The Academy of Sun’s Nick Hudson emerges with first solo LP in 5 years

16 February 2021

The new album follows up a record in 2016 and includes neo-classical torch songs and ballads scored for piano and two violins.

Alpha Cat

Album Premiere: Pearl Harbor 2020 by Alpha Cat

16 February 2021

Renowned singer/songwriter Elizabeth McCullough (founder of outfit Alpha Cat) reissues a formative LP that now contains two more tracks.

Kimon Kirk

Album Premiere: Altitude by Kimon Kirk

15 February 2021

Boston-based session musician-turned-solo artist, singer-songwriter Kimon Kirk releases a gently melodic to briskly dynamic debut LP.


Album Premiere: Illusions of Control by Fawning

12 February 2021

New dreampop noir outfit Fawning (Cheyenne Avant of Night School, and Devin Nunes) unveil a gauzily atmospheric and entrancing debut LP.


Album Premiere: Poison Stream by MOAT

11 February 2021

Marty Willson-Piper (The Church, Noctorum) and Niko Röhlcke (Weeping Willows) unveil an intriguing and bittersweet folk-pop LP.

The City Gates 4

Video Premiere: "Maddening Ride" by The City Gates

10 February 2021

Canadian post-punk/shoegaze band The City Gates unlock a hypnotic music video for an atmospheric track from their second LP.

NEWS: Ronna Reason Debuts New Video Featuring Annabella Lwin from Bow Wow Wow

10 February 2021

The debut single from Ronna Reason is a fun homage to early ’80s electro/punk mashups with contributions from Annabella Lwin (Bow Wow Wow) and DJ Z-Trip.


NEWS: Atmospheric dreampop/folk singer-songwriter Kramies working on new single

10 February 2021

Kramies is planning for a fall season release of his upcoming single and an EP that features a bevy of notable guest musicians.

Distant Voices

Video Premiere: "Lights of the City" by Distant Voices

9 February 2021

Based in London, Distant Voices is the solo project of Valdis Stekelis, who releases a fast-moving video for a high-energy track.

Léanie Kaleido

NEWS: Léanie Kaleido and Mark Gardener channel wonderment on "All The Things I’m Made Of"

9 February 2021

Singer-songwriter Léanie Kaleido gets a production assist from Mark Gardener (Ride) at his OX4 Sound Studio for her forthcoming album

All Hallowed

Video Premiere: "Kill" by All Hallowed

9 February 2021

Ohioan post-punk/dance-punk outfit All Hallowed (with an assist from Aaron Gillespie of Underoath and The Almost on drums) delivers a potent debut.

William Harries Graham

Video Premiere: "Aaron" by William Harries Graham

8 February 2021

Singer-songwriter William Harries Graham unveils a hazily captivating music video for an equally hypnotic track from his recent EP.

San Salvo

Album Premiere: Rarities EP by San Salvo

5 February 2021

Old-school-style instrumental band San Salvo drop a ’70s-groovin’, ’60s-psychedelic soundtrack EP that was recorded in Brooklyn.


Song Premiere: "Always On My Mind" by LAU

5 February 2021

UK-based retrowave/synthwave artist LAU unveils an infectiously effervescent, yet emotively bittersweet single from her upcoming LP.

Adult Books

Video Premiere: "Florence" by Adult Books

4 February 2021

LA-based indie pop/rock outfit Adult Books (led by Nick Winfrey) drops an delightful video for an engaging track of their upcoming LP.

Modesty Blaise

Video Premiere: "Girls Just Wanna Dance" by Modesty Blaise

2 February 2021

Long-running British orchestral/Baroque pop band Modesty Blaise returns with an engaging taster from upcoming full length.

Para Lia

NEWS: From Eastern Germany to Bliss - "My Muse" single Previews Para Lia’s Second LP

2 February 2021

German indie rock/post-punk band Para Lia unleash a driving and fiery single from their upcoming 2nd album that recalls Dinosaur Jr/Sonic Youth.


Song Premiere: "Schmwarf" by Camera

2 February 2021

Acclaimed veteran Krautrock outfit Camera (Michael Drummer is sole founding member) returns with a gritty track from their upcoming LP.

Mike Viola

Video Premiere: "We May Never Be This Young Again" by Mike Viola

1 February 2021

Renowned producer/musician/singer Mike Viola (the Candy Butchers) unveils a poignant narrative video for a reflective song off his recent LP.

No Year

Album Premiere: So Long By No Year

29 January 2021

Portland, OR-based psychedelic-inspired post-hardcore band No Year re-release their heavy, intense, and restless first album.

Shannon Ferguson

Video Premiere: "Selkies" by Shannon Ferguson

28 January 2021

Musician, producer, and composer Shannon Ferguson (Longwave) surfaces with an atmospheric instrumental/video from his upcoming LP.

Arsenic Tea Party

Video Premiere: "12 Gauge Exit Strategy" by Arsenic Tea Party

26 January 2021

Flint, Michigan-originating punk rock ‘n’ roll/metal mavericks Arsenic Tea Party deliver nihilistic cheer on their upcoming EP.

Garrison Hawk

NEWS: Jamaica-NYC artist and Tricky collaborator Garrison Hawk wows on The Adrenaline LP

26 January 2021

Dancehall and reggae artist Garrison Hawk (known as Hawkman) is back with a new album packed with good vibes and meaning.

Too Much Joy

Video Premiere: "Blinding Light Of Love" by Too Much Joy

26 January 2021

Renowned power pop/indie rock band Too Much Joy bounce back with a searing and relevant song/video from their upcoming LP (their first in 25 years!).

The Watters

Video Premiere: "Déjà Vu" by The Watters

25 January 2021

Austin, Texas-based Americana band The Watters drop an engaging music video for a sincere and soulful track from their new LP.


Album Premiere: Royal Dagger Ballet by TRZTN

22 January 2021

New York/Paris musician/composer Tristan Bechet releases an innovative electronic LP with a host of luminaries (Karen O, Paul Banks, Jonathan Bree, more).

Allison Lorenzen

Song Premiere: "VALE" (feat. Midwife) by Allison Lorenzen

21 January 2021

Allison Lorenzen of School Dance unveils her haunting solo outing, with shoegaze-guitar looming provided by Madeline Johnston of Midwife.

Kaz Mirblouk

Video Premiere: "Title Sequence" by Kaz Mirblouk

20 January 2021

LA-based Kaz Mirblouk launches a mesmerizing shoegaze-inspired song with accompanying performance video in conjunction with his LP release.

Madisyn Whajne

Video Premiere: "Killing Desire" by Madisyn Whajne

19 January 2021

Madisyn Whajne, a member of Whitefish River First Nation in Ontario, unveils an indie pop song with punk heart and accompanying video.

Moonshine Booze

Album Premiere: Pandemonio'by Moonshine Booze

19 January 2021

European alternative rock band Moonshine Booze drop their latest animated and tuneful LP that brings together the rock and blues genres.

Parker Longbough

Song Premiere: "The Youngster" by Parker Longbough

19 January 2021

Indie rock/pop project Parker Longbough (AKA Matthew Witthoeft) unveils a tuneful lament about 3 real-life rappers whose lives were cut short.


Video Premiere: "Mirror" by Nonviolenze

18 January 2021

Houston, Texas-based Shri Baratan, founder of the music/art/poetry corporation Nonviolenze, drops a relevant and insightful performance music video.

Frankie Sunswept

Album Premiere: Turning by Frankie Sunswept

15 January 2021

NYC (by way of Los Angeles) psych-folk/pop/rock artist Frankie Sunswept (Crushed Out, The Sunwrays) unveils his vibrant to reflective solo LP.

Dover Lights

Album Premiere: Dover Lights by Dover Lights

14 January 2021

Arkansas-based dark alternative music outfit Dover Lights unveil their atmospheric, resonant, and varied self-titled album.

Miss Massive Snowflake

Video Premiere: "Oh Shoot" by Miss Massive Snowflake

14 January 2021

Montana-based indie rock/pop band Miss Massive Snowflake (led by Shane de Leon) unspool an amusing video about band/fan interaction.

the black watch - fromthing somethat

NEWS: Jack Rabid’s Best of 2020 (380 Nods): Top 180 LPs (New Recordings), Top 100 Retrospective/Reissue Releases, and Top 100 Stand Alone Singles & EPs

13 January 2021

My best bets on another great year for music, old and new, and the most surprising such year ever. Hope this little list inspires you to find, or give a second look to, a few cool releases you might miss otherwise that you end up truly loving, especially in a year where so many musicians overcame unprecedented challenges to get us this music. And my sincere gratitude to the musicians and labels that overcame that and gave us this 2020 music when we needed it the most! Ta!

Cathal Coughlan

Video Premiere: "Song of Co-Aklan" by Cathal Coughlan

12 January 2021

Acclaimed Irish singer/songwriter Cathal Coughlan (MIcrodisney, The Fatima Mansions) returns with a socially pointed new track and video from his upcoming LP.

Arrows To Fire

Video Premiere: "A Million Miles Away" by Arrows To Fire

12 January 2021

Austin, TX-based alternative rock band Arrows To Fire unleash a performance music video for an upbeat and tuneful track.

Devil Love

Song Premiere: "Gold Currency" by Devil Love

11 January 2021

Boston-based (with Oregon-roots) indie rock/pop band Devil Love, led by Peter Buzzelle, drop a reflective, yet vibrant cut from their upcoming LP.

Jeremy Bastard

Album Premiere: Everyone is History, There is No Memory by Jeremy Bastard

8 January 2021

NYC’s Autodrone member Jeremy Bastard presents vivid audio tableaux featuring numerous guest vocalists on his striking new album.