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NEWS: New Album from melodic punk band Tired Radio slated for a joint vinyl release in November

Tired Radio
5 October 2020

Tired Radio – Photo courtesy of Tired Radio

Brooklyn’s Tired Radio dropped its debut album Patterns, last month and it’s now slated for a joint vinyl release in November via Pyrrhic Victory Recordings and Engineer Records, as well as several other international labels backing songwriter Anthony Truzzolino’s gritty melodic-punk vision.

The album begins with an acoustic intro “Hurt Less,” which is anything but token, and then gears up for the next 7 tracks that navigate an emotional landscape of anxiety, depression, battle with alcoholism, and the sort of freeing nihilism that conquers it all.

While much of the record dwells in a sonic and mid-tempo pace, the hooks and storytelling make each track sting as Truzzolino cuts through thickened skin with his razor blade-sharp and cigarette-addled vocals.

“Making Plans” approaches mental health crises and abandonment with a game-face grandeur and complex lyrics: “Remember when you told me I was bringing you down / and you just really needed someone happy around? / Well that really hurt how you just left me to drown / but I pulled myself out anyway…/ I’m making plans to be OK”

“Send for a Hospital” uses potent hooks and a lyrical vulnerability one would expect from Blake Schwarzenbach on “Dear You” to detail an emotional spiral and a cry for help that is honest, but not contrived.

Patterns continues to round out Tired Radio’s sound with musical nods to Hot Water Music and Beach Slang with tracks like “This is Over” and the arcing and dipping delayed guitars of the album’s closer “Gouge.” “Stay Home” has fun playing with sonic dynamics, while “Five Day Bender” borders on the verge of straight up pop-punk, taking the listener on a ride in a box van through the Rocky Mountains and a liberating furlough from responsibility and reality.

Overall, Patterns is an impressive debut album from a band with an intriguing and potentially bright future.

You can pre-order the vinyl at Bandcamp

And check out the “Making Plans” video:

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