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Song Premiere: "A Different View" by Brim Liski

Brim Liski - Photo Credit: Ryan Policky
22 January 2019

Brim Liski – Photo Credit: Ryan Policky

While Denver is more known for some things than for its music (think Rocky Mountains, Mork and Mindy, and, ummm, legal pot), that certainly doesn’t mean that artists hailing from this region are not inconsequential. One band that we often feature from this city is A Shoreline Dream, a post-punk/shoegaze alternative hybrid with a lengthy history and just as impressive music.

Enter Brim Liski, for whom we have the privilege of announcing their new Duels EP. With 50% of the duo being Ryan Policky, who is also the brainchild behind A Shoreline Dream, it’s no wonder that we see some of this gazey element trickle into the electronic duo’s creations. Comprising the other half of this duo is experimental multi-versed digital artist Cacheflowe (aka Justin Gitlin).

Their newest offering is called Duels, a four-track EP that shall be released via Latenight Weeknight Records and The Orchard in March. But they are not leaving us too hungry, tossing us a juicy sonic bone to chew on in the meantime with today’s premiere of the EP’s lead track “A Different View”.

The last time we heard from these electronic gazers was in 2012 with their record The Repetitions. Prior to that, they debuted as recording artists upon releasing their self-titled Brim Liski album in 2009.

Brim Liski presents a blend of electro, goth, and future pop that is slightly gazey. This is a mixture of the diverse sounds both artists bring to the table, becoming something a bit different than the typical electroclash that is currently out there.

On “A Different View”, you can identify overlap with A Shoreline Dream due to Policky’s unmistakable voice, but we can also say that Brim Liski’s work carries the spirit and borrows elements of other artists, such as Echo and The Bunnymen and The Mission. We would be in safe territory to say that this also sounds like a brilliant hybrid of 4AD artists Clan of Xymox, Robin Guthrie-influenced Dif Juz, and Pop Will Eat Itself. If the full EP fulfills the very high benchmark set by this first track, the 7-year wait between albums will have been worth it.

“Like the EP as a whole, ‘A Different View’, is about the challenge of acceptance to new unexplored territories in our lives. Making big changes. Accepting things aren’t working and to move on. I personally had many issues blocking me from being who I wanted and needed to be,” says Ryan Policky.

“I had been falling victim to acceptance to things I should be pushing away, and once those things were fully pushed out of the picture, things became that much more clearer. Just like the discoveries of new galaxies, formations on other planets, and other unknowns, the focus is becoming more apparent as technology and time moves on.”

Brim Liski may have formed in 2008, but they sound more closely resembles a band from 2024. Their music about as cosmic and dreamy as Saturn’s Hexagon, which also features on the cover art of their new EP. Their music is inspired by epic sounds you might imagine occurring in the cosmos. This is dark, limitless night music perfect for driving down an endless moon-drenched highway.

“I had been working with Justin at an ad agency – working on games for a bunch of entertainment projects for Sony and the like. I found out his passion for music production and we instantly hit it off. He had been working on material and setting up PR for his project, Cacheflowe, and I was working super hard on getting A Shoreline Dream up and going,” says Policky.

“We exchanged ideas and eventually started working on remixes, eventually leading to Brim Liski, which was a side project for both of us, but an important one. One of my dearest girlfriends Michelle Brim had just passed away, and I was torn apart. Brim Liski, named in her memory, became that passion project to get those emotions out, and I was lucky enough to have Justin’s talent help bring it to life.”

With strong initial support from XLR8R and Filter Magazine, it was clear that Brim Liski’s videos feel more like a blurred-out dream being torn apart by technology. Their unique and dramatic live shows blend the art of dynamic installations and vivid colors.

Duels will be available via online stores and streaming platforms. Slated for release on March 22, it can already be pre-ordered via Bandcamp

All songs written by Ryan Policky and Justin Gitlin
Ryan Policky – Vocals, Lyrics, Guitar, Keys, Bass
Justin Gitlin – Programming, Percussion, Mix
Produced, recorded and mastered by Ryan Policky and Justin Gitlin
Copyright 2019 Latenight Weeknight Records

1. The Music Years
2. Duels
3. A Different View
4. Evolution

This EP teaser gives you a sound-peek at yet one other track from this EP:

Also feast your eyes on two other videos from earlier Brim Liski albums:

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