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Song Premiere: "Inherent Vice" by Midnight Divide

Midnight Divide - Firehouse
19 September 2019

Midnight Divide – Photo Credit: We Are The Firehouse

Inherent vice is the tendency in physical objects to deteriorate because of the fundamental instability of the components of which they are made.

While Los Angeles-based Midnight Divide are no strangers to crafting raucous alternative rock head-bangers, their newest single “Inherent Vice”, which comes off forthcoming EP Weapons Grade Amnesia, sees the band dipping a toe or two into more nuanced waters.

Indeed, “Inherent Vice” is an “almost” ballad, textured with tight guitar work, cinematic synths, and soaring vocals, and layered with a lyrical plea that’s as direct as it gets: “I am flawed. Take me as I am.”

Singer/songwriter and frontman Austen Moret delves into the meaning of the track, revealing, “I guess I’d have to say “Inherent Vice” is a about hope. Hope that the things that make me who I am (good or bad), won’t be my undoing. That I’ll find a way to keep them from destroying the things I love, and in turn, from destroying myself.”

Midnight Divide is comprised of Austen Moret (vocals/guitar/keys), Jace McPartland (bass), Dan Beltran (lead guitar), and Bryan King (drums).They have released two EPs to date, with their third due out this October.

Their music has been featured on Showtime’s critically acclaimed Shameless as well as TNT’s Animal Kingdom. The band is produced and mixed by Moret at his Hollywood recording studio, Silverside Recording.

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