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Song Premiere: "Lost At Sea" by Steve Kilbey & Gareth Koch

Steve Kilbey and Gareth Koch - Photo Credit: Tony Mott
5 July 2019

Steve Kilbey and Gareth Koch – Photo Credit: Tony Mott

“I’m just a guy holding the pen” is the poignant opening line of the recent Steve Kilbey & Gareth Koch collaboration “Lost at Sea”. The single releases on July 5th via MGM and The Big Takeover is thrilled to host its U.S. premiere.

The song lyrics statement seems innocent enough at first glance, yet it elegantly addresses the mystery of creativity. How does art come into being, and is the creator just a filter or medium for the creative process?

The sentiment is even more interesting given the background of the two protagonists. Steve Kilbey, perhaps best known as the frontman of veteran rock band The Church, has a lifetime of esoteric lyrics to his credit. Kilbey’s themes pose questions and riddle-like answers. Perhaps this is why his lyrics continue to engage us.

Gareth Koch on the other hand, a Viennese-trained guitarist and composer, has explored the nature of creativity head-on in his PhD thesis. Perhaps between the pair, Kilbey & Koch might have some answers…

These considerations aside, this collaboration has yielded a truly beautiful and timeless ballad. There is a wistful and haunting lilt to “Lost at Sea”, as it floats seamlessly through a narrative of stolen hearts, voyages into solitude, and roaming in no-man’s land. And to compliment these lyrics is beguiling and dreamy instrumentation, weaving and wafting, ghostly and waif-like, present yet elusive.

This is possibly why this collaboration works so well. Kilbey & Koch are both masters of the esoteric form. As they step sideways from their respective genres, this coming together highlights a close and intriguing aesthetic connection.

If for some reason the embed above doesn’t play, you can go directly to the song at Spotify