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Video Premiere: "A song in Latin about the importance of comfortable shoes" by Short-Haired Domestic

Short Hair Domestic
7 July 2020

Short-Haired Domestic – Photo Credit: Jake Friese-Greene

UK-based renowned celebrated producer Tim Friese-Greene and fellow music-maker (and wife) Lee Friese-Greene are back with the debut video from their new project Short-Haired Domestic and their debut single. This is the first of two tracks on their sweetly unexpected double A-side single ‘A song in Latin… A song in Hindi…’

Quite the awesome family affair, this clever and inventive new video was produced by Dylan Friese-Greene with brother Jake Friese-Greene as camera operator. The visuals are stunning – never a dull moment here with an unequivocally superb BBC 6-quality soundtrack.

Currently based in southern England, Tim Friese-Greene may be best known as producer and unofficial member of Talk Talk. Among the most innovative producers of his era, he is also rightfully recognized for his colossal work as producer of Catherine Wheel, Lush, Thomas Dolby, Sidi Bou Said, and Firefly Burning before shifting his primary focus to creating music as a solo artist. Since 1995, Friese-Greene has put out various releases under his own name and also as Heligoland

Short-Haired Domestic is a labor of love for the UK duo. This first single is the first preview of the duo’s eponymous album, to release this summer. Each track features vocals sung in a different language. At their heart are a breakbeat loop, sampled fragments, scratching, insistent funk and Latin rhythms, surprising appearances of acoustic guitar and just about every sound that’s possible to wring from a WASP synthesizer.

“A Song in Latin about the importance of comfortable shoes’ is a defiant, rallying call to chose your own path, keep you feet on the ground, sing your own song, hold your own. So it is just us, playing our song, defiantly, and walking up and down the garden in as many different pairs of comfortable shoes as we could rustle up between us from our wardrobe. Dylan used it as opportunity to play with the animating software on Premiere Pro. His animation gives it it’s day-glo edge, packed with plenty of lo-fi punk attitude. We really should have paid him more!,” says Lee Friese-Greene.

Lee Friese-Greene was a member of early ’90s London Riot Grrrl band Sidi Bou Said. 20-odd years was pre-occupied with parenting, teaching, doing up houses, and dabbling in music, including performance of back vocals for Tim’s projects. More recently, Lee is the songwriter, lead singer and guitar player for Devon-based band Pavlova.

“No supermarket trolleys were harmed in the making of this video. The video was informed by, defined by, framed by and limited by, going into Lockdown just at the point when we thought about making a video. We wondered if it would even be possible, but luckily we had our son Jake at home with us with his decent enough camera, and youngest son Dylan stuck in a student house London just about to finish his degree in Film Production, so we decided to give it a go,” says videographer Dylan Friese-Greene.

“With very limited resources, budget and people, we used only props we had to hand, apart from a smoke machine borrowed from a nearby mate, and a Supermarket trolley Tim ‘found’ in a nearby shop doorway. We shot it in a few takes one evening in the workshop at the back of our house.”

‘A song in Latin… A song in Hindi…’ is out now as a digital single via Bandcamp. Late summer brings vinyl and CD releases of the full album, which will also be downloadable via the regular digital sales platforms.

Songs written and performed by Tim Friese-Greene and Lee Friese-Greene
Recorded and mixed at The Hold, Totnes
Mastered by Caspar Sutton-Jones at Gearbox Records and
Steve Kitch at Audiomaster
Sleeve artwork by Left Bridge
Calcium Chloride CaCl 009

1. A song in Latin about the importance of comfortable shoes
2. A song in Hindi for insomniacs

Enjoy both tracks from the latest single, including ‘A song in Hindi for Insomniacs’, here:

Short-Haired Domestic