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Video Premiere: "City Of Gold" by Spacette

17 November 2020

Spacette – Photo Credit: Anna Azarov

Spacette is an LA-based band whose music sounds as if Heroes -era Bowie did an album with Gary Numan and Debbie Harry, but seen through a modern lens. Thematically, the sonic and lyrical content inhabits worlds of classic dystopian sci-fi (think Bladerunner, Tron, 1984).

Spacette will be releasing their self-titled debut EP on December 11th.

Beginning in March of this year, Jordan Heimburger, having spent the previous several years as a touring and recording guitar sidekick (The Feed, John Henry, Kevin BowersNova), translated the experience of pandemic life into a collection of songs, drawing inspiration from dystopian sci-fi movies and books that seemed to be coming to life.

As songs took shape, Heimburger reached out to LA musicians Ann Louise Thaiss (solo artist, Honey Whiskey Trio), whose voice is on all of the songs on the EP, Heather Rivas on keyboards (solo artist), and Doug Organ on keyboards (Here Lies Man, Stunt Double, producer/engineer), to add parts and solo features.

Remote recording collaborations became a focus for Spacette’s process, and opened the door for guest contributions from drummers Kevin Bowers (The Feed, Kevin Bowers’ Nova), Tony Barbata (John Henry, Laren Loveless), John Pessoni (The Urge), and saxophonist Ben Reece (The Feed, Ben Reece Unity Quartet), with additional vocals from Bryan Hoskins (John Henry).

Jason MacIntyre at Sawhorse Studios put the finishing touches on the mixes, just having finished projects with The Psychedelic Furs, Nick Lowe, and Ludo.

Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of the music video for the captivating “City Of Gold.” The band get their ’80s-era Bowie on with this coolly groovin’ track that slinks by on a sultry rhythmic pace, lightly picked to zippy guitar lines, dreamy synths glow, restless drum beat, and ticking cymbals accents.

Gleaming keyboard notes break out in the end half, lifting the track up in the whirling breeze. The vocals are pure Bowie-inspired, sung is a velvety-hushed sway of short phrases, overlapped by the soft chop of layered background vocals.

The video clip takes the viewer on a hazy trip through the palm tree- and billboard-lined LA freeway with the cityscape in sight on the skyline. The footage is filtered through a glazed and glowing color scheme in the sunset range of ultraviolet, neon peach, and incandescent yellow-white, heightening the surreal vibe of the imagery.

The band comment, ““City of Gold” is the first song we started on and it’s a sort of center of gravity for the sound of the EP. The hybrid disco beat meets Toto-ish shuffle was a fun discovery with Tony and Heather slaying the synth solo — actually two killer solos interwoven.”

“In no way was anyone’s phone taped or otherwise attached to a steering wheel to make the video.”