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Video Premiere: "Disassociation Blues" by the Pedaljets

3 February 2020

the Pedaljets – Photo Credit: Michael Forester

Kansas City-based rock & roll powerhouse the Pedaljets have spent decades flying just under the radar. From their inception in 1984, their raucous brand of scuzzy, yet melodic jangle-pop and jagged post-punk placed them in league with some of the most beloved rockers, from The Replacements and Hüsker Dü to Meat Puppets and The Flaming Lips, all of whom the Pedaljets have performed alongside on stages across the United States.

The Pedaljets’ forthcoming album, Twist The Lens, is only the second new release from them since their reformation in the late 2000s, arriving six years after their most recent LP, What’s In Between.

While What’s In Between served as a reintroduction to the band’s Midwestern college rock, new album Twist The Lens finds the band pushing themselves further than ever before, abandoning the constrictions of genre and focusing on expanding their sound.

At its core, the melodic, proto-grunge sound that characterized the Pedaljets’ earlier releases still reigns supreme, but with a deeper exploration of melody, harmony, and pop-rock influence, as well as a new-found writing ethos that allowed the members to push themselves into unfamiliar sonic territory.

Twist The Lens arrives on February 14th via Electric Moth Records and contains some of the Pedaljets’ most masterful songwriting to date, reinforcing their status as one of the Midwest’s greatest musical exports.

The Big Takeover is psyched to host the premiere of the eye-catching and fun video for new single “Disassociation Blues.” The song explores the intricacies of romantic communication, with emotive vocals drifting and pushing atop a bass-driven, post-punk guitar line and punchy drum beats.

The track continues to build during its three and a half minute run time, adding scintillating layers of guitars to create a soundscape that sounds like a collision of R.E.M. and Joy Division.

The video itself, which was directed by Luke McKinney, follows the song’s narrative about missed romantic connections, but that’s not all. It also adds a super-fun and eye-catching facet to the storyline and becomes a fantastic ode to the timelessness of rock & roll.

In the clip a young man is anticipating his date with someone who’s texting him on his phone. As he’s getting ready in his apartment, trying on clothes and busting out various dance moves, the footage flickers quickly with split-second images of the band members doing the same movements as the kid.

So in just a few seconds the viewer is treated to a whole slew of t-shirt graphics of various rock bands, a bunch of questionable wardrobe choices, and some retro-cool dance moves, not only by the youth, but from the band members too.

And let’s not forget the beer(s), the guitar, the exhilaration of going to the bar to meet his date, only to wait and then find out via message the meet-up is off. The guy throws the flowers to the floor in frustration, and the next thing seen is the band performing onstage at the bar…

Maybe the only really committed relationship is to rock & roll!