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Video Premiere: “Edge of Something” by Jessie Kilguss

Jessie Kilguss
26 February 2019

Jessie Kilguss – Photo Credit: Shervin Lainnez

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Jessie Kilguss has released several widely heralded self-released albums, including her latest, The Fastness which arrived last year during the American summer season. Her mood-affecting melodies reflect an artist who consistently proves herself remarkably adept at expressing a wide array of interests and emotions that stir the senses through both her vocals and in her verse.

The Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of the video for “Edge of Something”, a track off The Fastness. “Edge of Something” has a surreal quality of its own that Kilguss attributes to Joe Rogers’ input as producer of the LP, as well as those of the musicians who joined Kilguss in recording it. “I like the expansiveness of this song,” she explains. “It used to be much poppier and I didn’t really like it as much before. Now it feels more like big open skies to me.”

Kilguss ability to express herself has always been a major part of her MO, one evident in her earlier albums — Nocturnal Drifter (2009), The Sky Road (2012), and breakthrough LP Devastate Me (2014). The Fastness continues this tradition for the multi-platform artist whose many career highlights include a special performance at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival and about whom American Songwriter once wrote, “Jessie Kilguss is here to devastate you…”, heralding her “finely-wrought, deep” and “well-crafted song[s].”

The travelogue video for “Edge of Something” focuses on the beauty of the natural world, from slowly swimming sea turtles and placid lake surfaces to translucent water drops on blades of grass – while also showing what life is like for the traveling musician who must make the long trek to gigs on U.S. roadways.The electric spark of fireworks at times overlays the footage of Kilguss and her band playing in a bar, and like the sea turtle roaming its ocean home, the band head out once more to the next show…

Kilguess details the meaning behind her “Edge of Something”‘s lyrics, revealing, “This song is ultimately about letting go of trying to control where life takes you. When I wrote it, I was into looking at Nordic Runes – an ancient method of divining the future. Each rune has a symbol on it that corresponds with this text in a book I have. The text is shrouded in mystery and usually tells you that you have to let go of old shit and embrace change. I haven’t looked at the runes in a couple years cause I feel like they all say that. It got to a point where I was like “yeah, yeah, I know. Let go!” before I even looked at the rune. Anyway, I do think there is something to that. Life is fleeting. All the more reason to try to go with the flow and allow change to bring about new adventures.”

“And sometimes there are these moments in life when the past feels very present – not just my personal past but sometimes the history of a place- it feels like you can reach out and touch it. That’s part of this song too – trying to make sense of the overlapping of past and present. And as for the future, it’s anyone’s guess.”