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Video Premiere: "Ghost Fauna" by Phantoms vs Fire

Phantoms vs Fire by Thiago  Desant
8 March 2019

Thiago Desant of Phantoms vs Fire – Photo Credit: Thiago Desant

Just before Christmas 2018, The Big Takeover premiered an album called Swim and said it’s “music so heavy on aesthetic and harmonious structuralism, focusing on melodies that tastefully bring together traditional musical instruments, synthesizers, and orchestral arrangements.” It was the third album by graphic artist and musician Thiago Desant who operates under the moniker Phantoms vs Fire.

Now, on his new album, WLDLFE, the ingredients remain the same, but the product is less gloomy and more ’80s-era in style., The songs even sparkling with a light effervescence.

The concept behind WLDLFE is serious, however; about the beauty of nature and the people destroying it. One of its standout tracks is the colorful “Ghost Fauna” that actually feels like walking through the haziness of a rain forest.

Desant comments upon his crazy intentions during the song-writing process: “It’ll probably sound silly, but I wanted it to sound like a rap composed by fauns and nymphs. I imagine it like Kanye West performing a witchcraft ritual in the middle of a forest. I wanted to use a groovy synth bass as a focal point and the reverby synths as extra “voices.”

The video itself, which The Big Takeover is pleased to exclusively premiere, is full of stunning nature footage that will remind viewers that this beautiful and essential-for-life environment is getting smaller and smaller each day due to the expansion and greed of humans.

WLDLFE is out now on Berlin-based label Blackjack Illuminist Records.

Listen to/Purchase WLDLFE at Bandcamp