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Video Premiere: "Last Time" by the Silent Boys

the Silent Boys
19 March 2020

the Silent Boys – Photo Credit: Adam T Lewis

Even some of the best relationships are met with moments of uncertainty. In the Silent Boys’ latest single, “Last Time,” set for release on March 20th, it’s unclear whether this “goodbye” song will lead to a final farewell or a moment of forgiveness. For couples who experience this back-and-forth ritual, the notion of “falling from you means falling for you” will no doubt resonate.

“The lyrics track generally to a couple who is struggling to reach a harmonious understanding,” says bassist Michael Click, “always dealing with something that is pulling them apart or bringing them together.”

The Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of the video for this heartfelt number. For those who haven’t tuned into the band until today, they are a veteran musical troupe who were once a constant part of the Richmond, Virginia alternative music scene, playing the local club circuit from the mid-‘80s until 1991.

Founder and leader Wallace Dietz (rhythm guitar) reformed the group in 1999 after the release of several Silent Boys songs on various indie record labels. Since then, he has continued to write infectious songs with a nod to the guitar pop greats of the ’80s (The Feelies, REM, The Smiths, The Go-Betweens for reference points).

Although the line-up has shifted over the years, the Silent Boys currently consist of Dietz, longtime lead guitarist John Suchocki, drummer John Morand, and Click.

Since reforming the band in 1999, Dietz has been the sole songwriter. This particular song, however, originated as a phone recording by guitarist Suchocki that was snubbed by Dietz and taken over by Click, who added new lyrics and instrumentation on his guitar in the style of the Silent Boys.

During production, Suchocki took the liberty of secretly crafting what has become the song’s featured double entendre, setting up the possibility for a positive conclusion to the protagonists’ toxic relationship dance.

In the music video for the catchy jangle pop track the band members perform in various locations, ranging from outdoors in an electrical tower field and under an overpass to indoors while bathed in colorful lights. Deitz muses at times by the side of the road as passing cars zoom by, a contrast of personal rumination versus the anonymous vehicles hurtling from one place to another without a moment to stop and think.

The Silent Boys have solidified their collaborative spirit over the years and continue on their way to a fruitful future. As for the future of the couple in “Last Time,” the Silent Boys leave that up to the listener…