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Video Premiere: "People To Take Care Of" (live) by Quentin Sauvé

Quentin Sauvé by Florian Renault
29 November 2018

Quentin Sauvé – Photo Credit: Florian Renault

Not thirty candles on his birthday cake and yet Quentin Sauvé seems like he’s lived multiple musical lives. After discovering punk and metal in his schoolboy days and officiating in a band before he even reached the teens, he followed suit with passionate activism and endless touring around the globe as part of several angry acts, firmly anchored in the DIY philosophy (As we Draw, The Brutal Deceiver, Birds in Row…).

In 2011 he decided to branch away from his past music projects and towards his blend of post-hardcore-infused acoustic folk under the various forms of his Throw me off the Bridge moniker. At first an intimate solo adventure, he was soon joined by bandmates and the increasingly rich and colorful arrangements they brought with them.

After more than 300 (house)shows and festival appearances, “Quentin Sauvé” is back to his solitaire roots through a pared-down voice and guitar dyad, carefully balancing elegiac chords and untethered, impassioned vocals. In pure folk fashion, Quentin’s songwriting will continue to divulge its melodic treasures with every play.

The Big Takeover is highly pleased to host the premiere of the live performance video of post-rock-leaning “People To Take Care Of”, featuring Sauvé’s light and lilting, emotively heartfelt vocals and his clean, spare, luminous guitar-playing. He also mixes in swooping keyboard notes at times, lifting up the song into the atmosphere.

Sauvé has this to say about “People To Take Care Of” and the live version video of his track:

““People To Take Care Of” is a song about my grandparents (you met them if you’ve seen the first single video for Dead End) and our family vacation home in the countryside where we used to spend a lot of time, holidays and all.”

“The thing is, I already wrote songs about folks I lost in the past, with my former project, and when I was composing this coming album, I once told myself that when I will eventually lose my grandparents; it’s just gonna be too hard for me to write about them. So I decided to do it before they’d die, for a change. That’s what inspired me, doing it in a positive way this time, and telling myself to pay them more visits while they’re still here; to take more care of them.”

“About the session itself, it was the first time I worked with Voyons VOIR. I got introduced to them by my friend Joris who actually took care of the sound’s recording and mix of it. I’m really glad they found this castle place ‘cause it looks like some part of that vacation house I talk about in the lyrics! Also, shooting it during an art show was a pretty nice experience, and a first for me as well.”

Quentin Sauvé upcoming album, Whatever It Takes, is scheduled for release on February 9th, 2019 via
Skeletal Lightning (US) / I Corrupt (Germany) / Ideal Crash (France) / Ugly & Proud (Bulgaria)

Pre-Order the LP via Skeletal Lightning

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