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Video Premiere: "The Blue Jean Bridge" by Brick Briscoe & The Damn Dudes

Brick Briscoe 2
6 July 2020

Brick Briscoe – Photo courtesy of Brick Briscoe

Petersburg, Indiana-based musician, and radio (“The Song Show” airs on NPR affiliate WNIN in Evansville, Indiana) and television ( Any Road is broadcast on WNIN 9.1 in the Evansville and streams via PBS) personality Brick Briscoe recorded his upcoming album, My Favorite Los Angeles Restaurant, in isolation at his home studio, The Spider Cave, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My Favorite Los Angeles Restaurant wiill be released on July 24th. The LP is a collection of songs inspired by ideas for films that Briscoe dreamed of making as a younger man living in more hopeful times. It was co-produced by Brick Briscoe and Brian Sherman and is Briscoe’s 11th album, following 2019’s acclaimed From Lucky Point to Père Lachaise, which we premiered HERE

Speaking of lucky, according to Briscoe, it was fortuitous to have all the equipment available when recording My Favorite Los Angeles Restaurant to film most of the songs while they were being recorded.

For the song and video for “The Blue Jean Bridge,” for example, he worked remotely with The Damn Dudes, AKA drummer Jono Ori and bassist Ed Cuervo from the band Skunkmello, who are also part of Briscoe’s East Coast touring band.

He had always wanted to record and/or film with Ori and Cuervo and it took a pandemic to make it happen.

Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of the enjoyable, DIY performance video for “The Blue Jean Bridge,” which features Briscoe in fine fettle, passionately exclaiming the lyrics in his basement set-up, along with Ori and Cuervo rocking out in their respective places. Pandemic be damned. There’s still fun to be had via music, albeit, each in our own space.

Purchase/Stream My Favorite Los Angeles Restaurant at Bandcamp