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Album Premiere: Penguin Party by Sarah Schonert

8 December 2017

Sarah Schonert; Photo Credit: Brian Rowe

Sarah Schonert is a creative who writes, records, and produces original pieces out of her home studio in Peoria, Ilinois. Her third eclectic and involving album, Penguin Party arrives today via record label LyPhyS and The Big Takeover is excited to premiere it in full.

Schonert is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who combines classical piano with ambient washes, vocoded synths, electronic elements, and layered vocals, and she is not afraid to experiment with vintage instruments, as well as new technology. Her sound is ethereal, dreamy, haunting, and unexpected and she has written, performed, and produced seven records out of her home studio, including three instrumental EPs. Second LP, My Unwinding State, has garnered over a dozen reviews, interviews, and features, as well as an award.

Penguin Party features mostly keyboard and looper work with some Seaboard and Vocoder thrown in for good measure. Schonert reveals, “I hung up my guitars and accordion for this album so I could focus on writing and experimenting. I chose to stick to the keyboards and loopers to focus on creative a more energetic album that people would want to move to. It also gave me a chance to experiment with some new ideas, such as using Vocoder to make a drum track drive a bassline, looping live, and extravagant piano ornaments.”

Schonert concludes, “Penguin Party, while still exploratory in many respects, was my self-imposed challenge to create something fun while remaining expressive.”

Order Penguin Party at Bandcamp