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Album Premiere: Single Forever by Today Junior

Today Junior Hannah Blauner
6 April 2018

Today Junior; Photo Credit: Hannah Blauner

New album Single Forever is the next step forward in the life and times of Today Junior, the Boston self-described “Surf Punx” band. Harry O’Toole (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Mike O’Toole (Drums/Back Vocals), and Anthony Ambrose (Bass/Back Vocals) blend indie rock, surf rock, and punk into a dynamic, vibrant, melodic, and appealing sound found throughout the LP.

The band members explain, “We started working on these songs in 2015 after we released our album Ride The Surf. We are constantly inspired by all the artists we listen to and have had the opportunity of seeing and/or playing with, so all of our music comes from a lot of different places.”

“These 10 songs reflect not only an expansion in sound and new experiences for our band, but also the conceptual idea of being alone in the world. Standing up as an individual, or feeling alone while pushing forward in this world is tough and something everyone experiences in a lot of different ways.”

Today Junior concludes, “Being able to work in the Soul Shop with Elio DeLuca was an incredible experience for us. As a producer, he helped us expand the sound of our music. As a musician, he wrote and performed original parts for some of the songs on this album (“K.I.N.S.”/“Fake Intentions”/“Tramp”). He also showed us the amount of effort, time, and determination it takes to create something truly worthwhile.”



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