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Album Premiere: Sorry About That by Slimfit

Slimfit - Photo Credit: Andrew Marczak
23 July 2018

Slimfit – Photo Credit: Andrew Marczak

Columbus, Ohio-based DIY punk-pop/garage rock band Slimfit is a fun-loving (take a look at their socials and you’ll understand!) family of friends whose new dynamic and enthusiastic album, Sorry About That, comes out July 25th.

Josh Davis (guitar, vocals), Regina Squeri (bass, vocals), and Daniel “Hell’s Kitchen” Seibert (drums, vocals) combine racingly paced, upbeat punk/indie rock sonics with clear to ragged punk/pop vocals, and a tumult of lyrics that spotlight the little, and big, things in life, which many times belie (and also many times fall in line with) the snarky song titles.

Maddy Ciampa, who plays in many bands (Keating, Steven King, WYD, Classical Baby), produced the album. Josh Davis, the founder of Slimfit, reveals, “I started writing this record when I was stuck in a one-bedroom apartment in Cincinnati where I knew no one. Writing songs was just a way to kill time. I then quit my “big boy” job, moved to Columbus without having another job lined up, and had a long-term relationship end all around the same time.”

Davis concludes, “I obviously had a lot to write about and I eventually realized that what I was creating felt cohesive enough to be a record. It has morphed and molded many different ways since then, but we did it and I’m very, very proud of this record. If you’re reading this, go pick up an instrument. You can learn how to play it and make a record. It’s easily the coolest thing that I do with my time. Keep on rockin’ in the free world!”



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