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Big Takeover exclusive: "Red Eye" by The Moondoggies

15 May 2013

Big Takeover is proud to debut the first single from Seattle-based The Moondoggies‘ third album, Adios I’m A Ghost. It’s been three long years since the release of Tidelands, their critically-acclaimed breakthrough album. According to the band’s Kevin Murphy, the album’s delay was a result of a few challenges. “We had a member leave for a year, and we wrote a different record that we scrapped a lot of—not all of it, though.”

This single, “Red Eye,” is a rather uptempo rock number. “We’re a rock band,” declares Murphy. “I think it’s on the same sonic page as what we’ve done before.” Those looking for the drop-dead harmonies found on their previous records will not be disappointed, either. “The next track on the record, ‘Annie,’ is different then any song we’ve done. The album also has some great instrumental moments that I’m really excited for folks to hear.”


Adios I’m A Ghost will be released on August 13 via Hardly Art