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The Big Takeover Issue #93

Joseph Kyle

Born and raised in a Midwest cultural wasteland in the early 1970s, Joseph Kyle came of age in the pathetic 1980s, his life being permanently changed in 1985 when he first saw Yellow Submarine on a rainy Sunday afternoon. He quickly learned that joining the speech team meant trips to big cities, using the state-provided per diems not for food, but for trips to the local record shops, purchasing wonderful magazines such as Reflex, Forced Exposure, Alternative Press, and, wa-ho, The Big Takeover. Jump to the 1990s and and our hero is now booking shows, working in record stores, putting together ‘zines, and being a lover of all things musical. In the 21st Century, our kid has written for Pitchfork Media, Under the Volcano, and Punk Planet, as well as heading up Mundane Sounds and Press Play, Record. After a brief retirement, he returned to documenting his love of music for the esteemed Dagger. It is an honor and a pleasure to serve you, dear BTO reader.

Mr. Kyle can be reached at:

Amusement Parks On Fire: Eyes Back On The Road

7 November 2017

Nottingham-based dream-rockers Amusement Parks on Fire have returned after an unexpected seven-year hiatus, and we were able to sit down with visionary Michael Feerick to tell us where he’s been, what happened, and what’s coming next for this great, underrated band.

Joel Gion; Photo Credit: Alex Hurst

Song Premiere: "Tomorrow" by Joel Gion

30 December 2016

Joel Gion, the renowned “Tambourine Man” with the Brian Jonestown Massacre, drops an exclusive track (and Q&A interview) that’s not on his upcoming album.

Song premiere: “I Can’t Cry” by The Supersuckers

7 October 2015

Eddie Spaghetti is still Eddie Spaghetti, and even in the face of grim, harsh reality, he’s not lost his ability to write great songs

World Premiere Exclusive: "Ray Gun" by Lovedrug

9 July 2015

We are proud to offer you an exclusive first listen to “Ray Gun,” taken from Nashville-based Lovedrug’s forthcoming album, Notions, as well as a brief interview with Lovedrug frontman Michael Shepard.

The Pre New: Anything Could Happen 'Round Here...But It Doesn't

6 July 2015

We have a conversation with The Pre New’s mastermind, Jamie Fry, and discuss his illustrious past and how it relates to his newest project.

Sarah Cracknell: You Never Know What Treasures Are Lying Around

5 July 2015

On the heels of her lovely new solo record, Red Kite—only her second in seventeen years—we have a lovely chat with Saint Etienne frontwoman Sarah Cracknell.

Of Everything That Rhymes: The Wordless Sonnet of Benoit Pioulard

28 May 2015

We sit down to talk with dream-pop composer Thomas Meluch about his latest album, Sonnet, the process of channeling nature through electronic sound, and the experience related to coming of age during the brief “blog band” phenomenon.


Album Premiere: Pop Fiction by The Popguns

2 December 2014

An exclusive first listen to the first album in eighteen years from Brighton’s indie-pop stalwarts

Benoit Pioulard, "Lent"

Saturday Special: CD-Record premiere: Benoit Pioulard, "Lent"

22 November 2014

A record you can play in your CD player, and a CD you can play on your turntable? What?

The Dandelion War Photo by Mauricio Arias

Album Premiere: The Dandelion War

18 November 2014

A powerful 30-minute trip into a world that is not your home.

The Memphis Dawls

Song Premiere: "Liar" by The Memphis Dawls

6 November 2014

This scorching soul number conjures up the spirit of Jeff Buckley’s Memphis recordings. Enjoy!

Joel Gion

Exclusive video premiere: "Overthrow" by Joel Gion

15 April 2014

An exclusive first taste of the BJM tambourine man’s solo debut!

The Sharp Things photo by Alex Brown

The Sharp Things: Grand Ambition

11 December 2013

Bandleader Perry Serpa on the NYC ensemble’s four-album series and the special challenges of running a rock orchestra.

DTCV: Class Clown Goes To Hilarious Heaven

23 October 2013

We speak to the always-funny James Greer about his band DTCV’s stunning new album, Hilarious Heaven.

Overseas - Overseas (Self-Released)

19 August 2013

What do you get when you put Will Johnson, David Bazan, and brothers Matt and Bubba Kadane in a recording studio?

Math and Physics Club - "Long Drag" c/w "Across the Paper" (Matinee Recordings)

15 August 2013

Seattle-based indie-poppers tease the ears of listeners with a quick two-song blast of pop!

The Moondoggies - Adios I'm A Ghost (Hardly Art)

13 August 2013

Seattle-based band The Moondoggies return with one of the finest musical experiences of 2013.

Roger Eno/Plumbline - Endless City/Concrete (Hydrogen Dukebox)

18 July 2013

Roger Eno’s latest—and a second collaboration with the group Plumbline—is a fine (if not unsurprising) collection of ambient compositions and gentle melodies.

Eddie Spaghetti - The Value of Nothing (Bloodshot Records)

15 July 2013

Eddie Spaghetti offers up his first-ever solo album of all-original material, and though it’s a fun ride, underneath the sexy cover art, you’ll hear some of his deepest, most introspective—and best—songwriting to date.

Scout Niblett - It's Up to Emma (Drag City)

12 July 2013

Scout Niblett’s latest release is a journey into heartbreak, anger, jealousy, desire, and revenge—resulting in one of the darkest albums released this year.

Locust - You'll Be Safe Forever (Editions Mego)

8 July 2013

Electronica composer Mark van Hoen returns with the first new Locust album in twelve years, and it continues the exotic experimentalist group’s legacy.

A Brief Conversation With Parlour Flames

29 May 2013

We have a nice, brief chat with Vinny Peculiar and Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs about their debut album, their new project, and the specter of the past.

Eisley - Currents (Equal Vision Records)

27 May 2013

Texas-based sibling band Eisley return with their fourth album, one that shows a band that has matured greatly since their stunning third album, The Valley.

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound - Howl (Bloodshot Records)

24 May 2013

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound’s third album finds them eschewing most of the 60s-inspired retro soul of their previous album, in favor of a contemporary style that is much sexier and romantic. This is a very good thing.

Drivin' N Cryin' - Songs From The Psychedelic Time Clock (Almost Gone Records)

22 May 2013

Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ are on a roll with this, their third thematically-linked EP released in the last year. This time, they take on psych-rock, and do so with aplomb.

Sanguine Hum: The Progressive Progress of Collaboration

20 May 2013

We have a chat with Matt Baber and Joff Winks of British-based Sanguine Hum, wherein we discuss the band’s recording process, their latest album, and the continuum of their friendship and musical collaborations.


Big Takeover exclusive: "Red Eye" by The Moondoggies

15 May 2013

Big Takeover is proud to debut the first single from Seattle-based The Moondoggies‘ third album, Adios I’m A Ghost.

it hugs back

Exclusive U.S. premiere: Recommended Record by it hugs back

30 April 2013

Big Takeover is proud to present the exclusive first listen to the third album by British indie-rockers it hugs back! Click through for an interview with bandleader (and Wire guitarist) Matthew Simms.

The Chapin Sisters - A Date With The Everly Brothers

24 April 2013

The second duo to take on the mighty Everly Brothers catalog, the Chapin Sisters offer up new takes on old familiar hits.

Luke Winslow-King - The Coming Tide (Bloodshot Records)

22 April 2013

Luke Winslow-King’s third album is reissued by Bloodshot Records and serves as a great introduction to a talented young man.

David Grubbs - The Plain Where The Palace Stood (Drag City)

8 April 2013

Masterful experimental artist David Grubbs turns in a lovely little new album, a little poppy, a little instrumental, and a whole lotta enjoyable.

The Orange Peels: The Sunny Dark Side of the Sun Moon

8 April 2013

Sunny indie-pop composer Allen Clapp’s latest album with his band The Orange Peels will shock longtime fans. We talk with Clapp about this darker direction and about taking risks with an established sound.

Video Premiere: Parlour Flames, "Manchester Rain"

5 April 2013

Big Takeover is proud to present the debut video from Parlour Flames, the new project of former Oasis guitarist Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs. Enjoy!

Ellen Allien - LISm (BPitch Control)

5 April 2013

Veteran electronica composer Ellen Allien offers up her soundtrack from a commissioned ballet, reworked into a single 45-minute track, resulting in an interesting listening experience.

Big Country - The Journey (Cherry Red)

3 April 2013

One of the biggest surprises of 2013 is the sudden return of Big Country, with The Alarm’s Mike Peters taking the place of the late Stuart Adamson. Peters superbly fits and he reinvigorates the band, resulting in one of the best records in the Big Country discography.

Generationals - Heza (Polyvinyl Recording Co.)

1 April 2013

New Orleans-based duo Generationals return with their third album and finds the band soldiering on with their always enjoyable, catchy upbeat pop songwriting style.

Mudhoney - Vanishing Point (Sub Pop)

1 April 2013

For their ninth album, Mudhoney offers absolutely nothing new, and thank goodness for that!

Benoit Pioulard - Hymns (Kranky)

29 March 2013

Benoit Pioulard’s fourth album for Kranky finds mastermind Thomas Meluch carrying on in his psychedelic folk tradition, while blending in the styles of his more experimental releases of the last few years.

Joanna Gruesome - "Do You Really Wanna Know Why Yr Still In Love With Me" c/w "Lemonade Grrl" (HHBTM)

28 March 2013

This young Cardiff-based indiepop quintet’s music lives up to its clever name.

Brokeback - Brokeback and the Black Rock (Thrill Jockey)

27 March 2013

Douglas McCombs’ resurrects his solo Brokeback moniker after a decade-long hiatus, and the album is an enjoyable—but too brief—return to form.

Wax Idols - Discipline & Desire (Slumberland Records)

26 March 2013

After releasing the excellent No Future, Oakland-based Wax Idols’ second album eschews that album’s punk-rock sound in favor of some of the best post-punk inspired music you’re likely to hear this year.

Bam!Bam! - "Golden Haze 2" (HHBTM)

26 March 2013

Oakland duo Bam will remind you of very good things, whilst charming you with this four-song EP.

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper - Ripely Pine (Ba Da Bing)

6 March 2013

Though she’s released music for the past few years, Ripely Pine is the debut proper for Aly Spaltro, and it’s a stunner.

Integrity Is The Reason: The Story of Texas Is The Reason

4 March 2013

On the heels of a reissue of their sole album and a farewell series of shows, we talk with Norman Brannon, guitarist for the highly regarded band Texas Is The Reason, about their past and their present.

The Brilliant Corners - Heart On Your Sleeve: A Decade in Pop 1983-1993 (Cherry Red)

4 March 2013

The superb and prolific Bristol-based indiepop band The Brilliant Corners finally gets the comprehensive singles collection it has long deserved, and is an essential compilation for both longtime fans and newcomer.

Wayne Hancock - Ride (Bloodshot Records)

25 February 2013

Texas bar-rock legend Wayne Hancock releases another fine slab of his masterful blend of Texas swing, country, and roots rock.

Pearl Necklace - Soft Opening (Smalltown Supersound)

20 February 2013

Brooklyn-based Pearl Necklace’s debut is an enjoyable introduction to a young, talented duo.

Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - What the Brothers Sang (Drag City)

18 February 2013

Dawn McCarthy and Will Oldham team up for a tribute to the Everly Brothers, and in turn, they turn in one of the year’s best records.