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Song Premiere: "A Little Closer" by My Favourite Things

My Favourite Things 2 - Photo credit Lisa Miletic
23 May 2017

My Favourite Things; Photo Credit: Lisa Miletic

We cover a lot of bands here in The Big Takeover and are always happy to learn about the ones hailing from NYC. Today we present you the new single from Brooklyn-based quartet My Favourite Things, lifted from their forthcoming album Fly I Will, Because I Can,

This LP is their third album and is slated for release on July 14, 2017. Earlier came 2009’s rarara (Afterhours / Japan), followed by Tomorrow’s Far Away in 2013, featuring contributions from Valerie Trebeljahr of Lali Puna, Damon Tutunjan from The Swirlies, Daru Oda (Norah Jones), Sean Meadows (June of 4, Lungfish), and Doug Scharin (Codeine, HIM, Rex).

“A Little Closer” falls beautifully along the shoegaze and dreampop continuum, which comes as no surprise considering that the band’s brainchild is Dorothea Tachler (formerly of Igloo, The Swirlies, Alles Wie Gross).

This title track is of a sound and caliber that sends shivers up the spine. This track embodies the same spirit as much of My Bloody Valentine’s earlier output, but with musical departures more dynamically resembling those of Chapterhouse and Broadcast. Dorothea’s vocal delivery is the icing on the cake. As for her timbre, at times sounding like early Luscious Jackson and Liz Phair, as well as Still Corners, here we see a unique dynamic where, at times, her vocals lean closer to MBV’s Bilinda Butcher, and at others, she sounds like the female version of Kevin Shields. This is absolutely stunning work!

Dorothea uses songwriting as a medium to deal with difficult situations that life has dealt her. She explains, “This album has made me grow as a songwriter, producer and recording engineer. From a different perspective, this record was like my journal in a difficult time, ridden with a lot of changes: a lot of my friends and family had moved away, my relationship ended, I lost my apartment and had to move, and I became sober, which lead to losing specific social contacts I had until then, who I had thought of as friends – it was all hard, but rewarding in the end to go through this process,”

She’s shared the lyrics for this first single with us:

“Sweet and low and round it goes
Here it comes again
The new year is here
Round and round it goes, lightning speed
Always shows the lines of our goals as in tomorrow
hold it tight, reset it right
nothing is gone
spindle up, spindle down
two Steps up, one back down
ocean waves wash me up
a little bit closer
Keep your eyes on the road
and we’ll take off for flight
Round it goes, lightning speed
Always shows the lines of our goals as in tomorrow
Wash me out
Move me further
On the shore I shall walk
Until tomorrow comes
Two Steps up, one back down
Ocean waves wash me up
A little bit closer”

When My Favourite Things performs live, transfixed audiences experience a sonic escape from their hectic urban environment to a delightful world of their own favorite things. The band appears in different formations, ranging from a solo act to a five-piece band, featuring prominent musicians from the buoyant New York scene: Yoshio “Tony” Kobayashi on drums, Yusuke Yamamoto on vibraphone and synthesizers, Michael Figgiani on bass, and various other talents.

Kicking back to Dorothea’s German roots, the band’s 2016 tour in Germany featured Notwist frontman Markus Acher on drums, along with other talented and experienced musicians from that country’s active band scene.

Dorothea reveals, “Music was my anchor and my lighthouse in stormy and dark nights, and putting my inner turmoil into words really helped me process it better. It was kind of my metamorphosis, being disintegrated like a chrysalis, and being shaped into something new.”

My Favourite Things’ new album will be release on July 14, 2017, but you can already pre-order the full album on Bandcamp Have a listen:

Please also check out the video for their gorgeous track “Tomorrow’s Far Away”:

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