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Song premiere: "Bare to Lie" by SPC ECO

Rose Berlin of SPC ECO
8 August 2016

“This track is about freedom and the power you feel after finally doing something you have wanted to do for a long time,” said Rose Berlin, vocalist for this father-daughter collaboration with Dean Garcia, formerly of Curve. “It’s about looking back and going why didn’t I do this years ago and talking to the people involved and asking how and why they didn’t do anything about it either?”

“I worked for quite a while on this piece,” said Garcia, who produced, recorded, and played all instruments on the London-based duo’s new LP, Anomalies. “There’s a lot of depth and attention to detail, the down tempo has an insistent quality that pushes you without being uptempo about it, it’s like being playfully pushed or shunted by a close friend as you walk down the street.”

“I love the chorus in this track,” Berlin said. “It just feels really epic and I loved singing it. I’m normally quite soft and quiet so it was nice to play around with dynamics.”

“The string element that is sunk within the track on the chorus took ages to get, but it’s one of the best adds for me on the record, really odd and complex without being a show off about it,” said Garcia. “The way it sits with Rose’s voice is magical. This track is a sci-fi epic with a large dose of unhinged sonic dust.”

“I’ve always loved the way Thom Yorke can go from really frail and soft to a guttural scream,” said Berlin. “His voice is so full of emotion and I was having a go at channelling Mr Yorke In this one. I think I have a way to go yet but I enjoyed it.”

Anomalies comes out August 19 in a limited vinyl pressing from Saint Marie Records.