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Song Premiere: "Come Tonight" by A Million Machines

A Million Machines; photo credit Eddie Schimara
29 August 2017

A Million Machines; Photo Credit: Eddie Schimara

We are always up for a healthy dose of synth-pop and synthwave. Our interest was piqued about a West coast band called A Million Machines when learning that their music drew inspiration from Martin Gore in first order, as well as Depeche Mode in general, and Front 242, Wire, Kraftwerk, The Editors, Throbbing Gristle, and Killing Joke – All great name-checks.

Hailing from Los Angeles, band members MIG and Fate Fatal blend vintage synthesizers with modular futuristic sounds that are big on melody. On “Come Tonight”, infectious waves of cascading synths flow over Fatal’s vocals, which are as smooth as fresh chrome. He mixes some of the softer elements of David Gahan together with deeper moments from Mark Hockings of Mesh. The overall sound is polished, with the whole track blending together into the perfect soundscape to the synthetic future.

The video for “Come Tonight” is no less engaging, with modern blue strobes striking metal-clad warriors in the image of centurions, the imagery perhaps also symbolic of the band’s forward-looking sound based on vintage technology.

A Million Machines’s back story has interesting roots, having formed in 2014 when the two were waiting to audition for another band altogether. Being the music buffs they are, they dove into discussion about their passion for electronic music and immediately decided they would try to collaborate.

Both band members come with a significant pedigree. Fatal spent twenty years as vocalist for LA bands Kittens for Christian (Sony) and The Deep Eynde (Bomp! / Cargo Records). He personally performed with Siouxsie Sioux and The Creatures in Los Angeles and opened for The Damned and and other bands while with The Deep Eynde. He also has writing and recording experience that is noteworthy apart from that, having collaborated with William Faith (Faith and The Muse / Christian Death / Bellweather Syndicate) and producer Chad Blinman (Face to Face / Jarboe), and Gitane Demone (Christian Death).

MIG spent a decade with The New Room, who toured extensively and supported the likes of The Chameleons. Dean, The Starts, Fashionista, and Lunabelle. He is more influenced by post-punk, minimalism, and darkwave. Born in Madrid and raised in Miami, MIG dove into the world of synthesizers after falling in love with the idea of meshing post-punk with early industrial electronic music. Moving beyond the format of a full band, he enjoys having direct control over all the sonic aspects of the music-making process.

“I find writing/creating using synths and modular systems like a breath of fresh air,” says MIG. “It’s removing some of the more technical stale aspects of modern computers and reintroducing pure energy with the use of control voltage. It makes for writing and recording to be more of a live performance. Sometimes, strange mistakes happen to make it more memorable and far more rewarding.”

As the past year has shown us, the band is not into losing time. Already they are working on their next LP expected for release at this time next year, and will be heading across the Atlantic in November for a full slew of live shows, covering both western and eastern Europe.

A Million Machines debut self-titled album will be released on November 24, but is already available for pre-order via the band’s own Bandcamp

We also recommend checking out their earlier single, which will also appear on this debut album.

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