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Song Premiere: "Desfile" by Maff

Maff - photo credit Simon Gallardo
30 January 2018

Maff; Photo Credit: Simon Gallardo

It’s not very often that our ears wander as far south as Chile, but with statements like “Santiago’s answer to Weekend” and “a glorious aural assault” previously kicked around about the band Maff, how could this not raise one’s interest? Emerging on the indie music scene with their self-titled debut album Maff, they are coming out with new music.

Today, The Big Takeover has the pleasure of introducing you to the first single from their second album, titled Melaniña, which won’t be released until April. This first track “Desfile”, is out this coming Friday. Despite the fact that the band lives in South America, this happens to be their first Spanish-language single, as their debut album was sung entirely in English.

“Desfile” is about feeling trapped in your life and being in a place you do not deserve to be, surrounded with toxic people and feelings. Ricardo Gomez sings, “I hold on one more day…I’m in a waste parade” (translation).

Estoy cansado de esperar,
me alejo de la realidad.
Soporto un dia mas,
con desechos me toca desfilar.

Formed in 2012 in Santiago, Chile by Ricardo Gomez and Nicolas Colombres, Maff’s music blossomed from a love affair with guitar pedals. Their sound was greatly influenced by The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Pixies, Ride, Sonic Youth, and My Bloody Valentine. The current line-up is Ricardo Gomez (vocals, guitar), Nicolas Colombres (drums), Valentina Cardenas (bass), and Martin Colombres (guitar).

Joe Foster, who is perhaps best known as the founder of Creation Records, along with Alan McGee, but also a member of the Television Personalities, says, “Maff’s music shows the worldwide spread of this particular style of very non rock electric guitar music. A whole world exists in which these guys excel. Love em.”

Here listeners can find elements of Swervedriver tastefully mixed with Catherine Wheel, Ride and a nod to newer bands like Bloodhounds on My Trail, Cheatahs, Whirr, and Presents for Sally. The fact that the song is in Spanish makes it all the more appealing. It’s wonderful how such a sonic delight can emerge from a dark place. This is a band to watch for in 2018.

The new album was inspired by Gomez’ first child Augusta. ‘Melaniña’ is an acronym combining the word ‘melanin’ (a group of natural pigments found in most organisms), chosen since Augusta is slightly albino, with the word ‘niña’, Spanish for little girl. “She has been my source of inspiration. This is my gift to her,” says Ricardo Gomez.

Created by Nicolas Colombres, the album cover artwork features an image of Augusta, who witnessed the whole process of creating this EP (songwriting, recording, mixing). “During our break between albums, I learned to be a father and learned to play the guitar. I started to write music surrounded by new feelings in my life. It is always fascinating to keep learning new things, and I was fortunate to have these two moment’s crash together in the same period of my life. I locked myself in my home studio and started to write music.”, relates Gomez.

Foster also provided mastering support, with the bulk of the mastering performed at Black Bacon Sound by Tomas Stewart. This EP was recorded by Eugenio Larrain at Fat Master Studio (Santiago) and Chilean producer Victor Schlesinger at several locations, including Santiago, in a cabin on Mantagua Beach, and surrounded by the vineyards of the Casablanca Valley. Schlesinger also mixed the EP and produced it, together with Ricardo Gomez. These recordings also feature guest appearances by Alberto Parot of Weiza (drums) and Tomas Vidal of Condor Jet (synths, guitar).

Maff’s new single ‘Desfile’ will be released on February 2nd via online stores and streaming platforms, but the full Melaniña EP releases on April 2nd. Order it ahead of time via Bandcamp.

Maff is also teasing the new EP with a video for “Act 2”. This is the sequel to “Act 1” from the band’s debut album. The video was created by Pennsylvania’s Tim Busko, who also created the video for “Act 1”.



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