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Song Premiere: "HAHA Lol" by Fenster

30 August 2018

Fenster – Photo Credit: Simon Menges

Upcoming album The Room will be German-French-American band Fenster’s fourth album and their first release on Altin Village & Mine. Slated to arrive on September 14th, the LP marks the beginning of a new chapter for the band. After releasing three albums, a feature length film, and touring extensively throughout Europe and North America since 2012, The Room serves as an entry point into their sonic evolution.

The essential characteristic of the band is transformation – within and between genres, albums, and songs. Their sound is a window framing psychedelic, groovy, hypnogogic, playful pop. Fenster is Elias Hock (Germany), Jonathan Jarzyna (Germany), Lucas Ufo (Fance), and JJ Weihl (USA).

Their mission in creating this album was to compose and arrange every song together in a room. It is an experiment in collective creativity that pushed all of them to transcend their individuality and create something together which is greater than the sum of its parts. The songs were tracked live in a house where the band ate, slept, and played together.

The band’s use of juxtaposition is not just a way of channeling a vast library of musical genres and concepts, it is a means of expression. Combining tender pop melodies with kraut-beats, disco grooves, and psychedelia frees the band from any one sound and creates a genre all its own.

This playfulness is especially vibrant in the song “HAHA Lol”, which The Big Takeover premieres here. It deconstructs and fuses together disparate moments of funk-rock, tender and airy harmonies, percussion made of splashing water, voices from a radio, electric piano. warm saxophone, jumpy hand drums, arcade-like sounds, and liquidy guitar lines. It’s a lot to take in on paper, but Fenster made it work like one wild and vivid dream.