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Song premiere: “I Can’t Cry” by The Supersuckers

7 October 2015

To say this hasn’t been Eddie Spaghetti’s year is an understatement. He was diagnosed with stage three throat cancer, which has brought his life to a screeching halt, putting The Supersuckers on hiatus while he recovers. The future looked grim, and though he’s not out of the woods just yet, things are starting to return to normal, which is why Holdin’ The Bag, the band’s forthcoming album, is such a surprise. Unsurprisingly, there’s an urgency and a sense of mortality to the record that’s new to the band’s style, and Holdin’ The Bag is easily the band’s most introspective work to date.

But Eddie Spaghetti is still Eddie Spaghetti, and even in the face of grim, harsh reality, he’s not lost his ability to write great songs. We are pleased to premiere “I Can’t Cry,” one of the highlights of Holdin’ The Bag, a duet with Lydia Loveless. But Eddie being Eddie, he approached this song with his naughty sense of humor. “The best thing about this song is the fact that Lydia Loveless has to sing the line “And your dick’s in the dirt”! The fact that I am able to get a line like that into an otherwise sensitive song is what makes me a master of the craft. Perhaps the best song I ever wrote,” Eddie Spaghetti tells us.

We won’t argue with him on that!

We hope you like the song, and we encourage you to pick up the album, and donate to the Eddie Spaghetti fundraiser. He’s good people, and he needs your help.

Holdin’ The Bag is out October 16 via Acetate Records.