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Song Premiere: "Savior" by Pete Wilde

Pete WIlde - Joel Bear Studios
7 September 2018

Pete Wilde – Photo Credit: Joel Bear Studios

LA-based alternative rock artist Pete Wilde will be releasing his second single “Savior” on Caption Records / Sony on September 7th and The Big Takeover is hosting its premiere right here. It follows up first single “Lucy” and proves that Pete Wilde is here to stay and bringing the heat back to rock ‘n’ roll.

Dashingly flamboyant and with seemingly endless energy, Wilde’s musical persona beckons to a time when rock music was risqué and drenched in blackness. The California guitarist, singer, and songwriter is a rock star in the truest sense of the term: from his strut to his charmingly devilish grin. His performance is a runaway train of electric, seductive energy that becomes simply intoxicating.

Wilde dives into the meaning behind his new tune, commenting, ““Savior” is about the shedding away of archaic religious “superstition” and patriarchal values, and finding “God” in the divine feminine energy. Being baptized, in the biblical sense, is synonymous with being born again. This the lyric: “Lead me to your waters and baptize me” is the confession of a man turning away from his past patriarchal/misogynistic ways and accepting his New “Savior”: intersectional feminism. “Savior” is the story of a man taking accountability for his misdeeds and turning a new leaf. Recognizing divinity in the creator and bearer of life: Woman.”

And check out a a live filmed session of first single “Lucy” below:



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