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Big Takeover #81 Fall 2017
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Song Premiere: "Spinning" by The Fuzzy Crystals

TheFuzzyCrystalsPhotoCreditANDREW MACPHERSON
25 April 2017

The Fuzzy Crystals; Photo Credit: Andrew MacPherson

The Fuzzy Crystals are a bunch of spaced-out freaks on a mission. An engaging league of transcendental minds, they are comprised of over 300 years of collective musical experience, hailing from all four corners of the United States (and Spain). Finding inspiration in the creative mecca of California, they met and formed the bubbling mosaic of psychedelic mayhem that graces their music.

The Fuzzies teamed up with master tape manipulator Gus Seyffert (Beck, The Black Keys, James Supercave) to create their second album, Crystal Magic, which will appear on May 26th. The LP was recorded live on Seyffert’s 3M M79 16-Track Reel-to-Reel during a three-week, crystal-fueled sonic marathon and mixed directly to two-track 1/2” tape; no digital processing of any kind was used until the mastering engineer transferred the final mixes to audio files.

Crystal Magic is truly the child of a fuzzy love; every note is as real as the voices and instruments used to create it. Channeling the kaleidoscopic spirits of LA’s hallucinatory history, The Fuzzy Crystals have spawned an album soaked with all of the sensual madness of an endless California summer.

The band is now releasing its second single, “Spinning”, which The Big Takeover premieres here. This time around the group pursued a more subdued pace, letting the hypnotizing rhythm and soaring harmonies transport listeners into another realm. The instrumentals to take on a life of their own, with each intricate riff placed to propel the composition inward and outward.

The band explains, “At some point last year, several of us were having recurring dreams about the underworld, the realm of the dead; “Spinning” brings those dream images to life. The song takes place in a land of mystery, wonder, and fear… It also has a playful aspect, suggesting that life and death together are a dance, a game, and an unsolvable riddle.”

“Spinning” lyrics:

Ghosts rising from the grave; be afraid
‘cause I’m afraid.

Running from the underworld. You silly girl,
silly girl.

If you ask how I feel, I’d say I’m
like a falling wheel.

Losing breath like a child.
‘Cause I’m a child.
A dying child.

Moon flower on a grave; be afraid
‘cause I’m afraid.

If you ask how I feel, I’d say I’m
like a falling wheel.



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