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Song Premiere: "Unspoken Rule" by Robert Francis

24 October 2017

Robert Francis; Photo Credit: Julia Brokaw

Hard to believe its already ten years since Robert Francis arrived with his debut One By One, which was recorded when he was still in his teens. The acclaimed Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter now returns with his seventh studio album, the socially-charged Indian Summer, on November 3rd though Aeronaut Records. Recorded in ten days in Silver Lake, Robert not only produced the 13-song album with Marc Gabor, but he played every instrument on it himself.

Complex narratives converge on Indian Summer, from examining relationships between blue-collar residents and refugees in the first majority-Muslim city in the United States, to following a Native American couple’s ill-fated journey off a reservation in northeast California, to commenting on corporations that wish to be humanized and the artists that willfully sell out to them.

Today The Big Takeover is proud to premiere the engaging and insightful “Unspoken Rule”, a song that Robert has a lot to say about: “One of the most difficult and important principals we practice is restraint. We choose to not behave like animals, most of the time. We create boundaries for ourselves and live within the confines of those boundaries. The limitations we prescribe ourselves allow us small victories. When I don’t eat the full dozen donuts I ordered or when I don’t drink beyond my physical and mental threshold, I’m satisfied with my decisions the next day. There are these rules, and then there are the other kinds of rules, the unspoken rules we follow. These are the rules you put in place because they protect you from what is truly bad for you. They exist in the deep well of your memory. You rarely speak of them. They were put in place a long time ago and determine your moral compass. Breaking them would be dangerous.“

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