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Song Premiere: "Wait On Another Day" by The Sighs

The Sighs; Photo Credit: Rob Marinussen
29 August 2017

The Sighs; Photo Credit: Rob Marinussen

The return of Western Massachusetts’ The Sighs is a welcome one! It’s been over two decades since they released two highly acclaimed records (1992’s What Goes On and 1996’s Different). They had a major label deal and toured the states with marquee (at the time) acts, like the Gin Blossoms and Dada. But life always has a way of taking over. All four members got pulled into different directions and that was the end of The Sighs. Maybe that’s what makes this reunion so much more special. It was totally unplanned.

The Big Takeover premiere’s the band’s latest single, “Wait On Another Day”, the title track from their new LP, out September 8th via OMAD Records. “Wait On Another Day” is an engaging power-pop number filled with melodic vocals and brisk instrumentation. Various rising and diving guitar lines and a punchy drum beat keep the pace lively, complementing the exclaimed vocals and contrasting against the song’s reflective lyrics.

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