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The Big Takeover Issue #91
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This week's "Big Takeover on Breakthru Radio" show: new The Sonics premier, new Yuck, La Sera, Pains of Being Pure at Heart,and more!

28 April 2014

Once again, for those who greatly enjoy our Big Takeover Magazine print issues and this site (I hope that means you!), you might enjoy my weekly radio show too (new show every Monday), as I play a ton of stuff that is covered in our pages and here as well, both old and new:

This week’s show after an OK trill of 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein/Astrud Gilberto: The Valery Trails, Great Ytene, Soft Science, Yuck (new), La Sera (new), Daydream Machine, Jigsaw Scene, Guided By Voices, People’s Temple, The Sonics (new premier!), Pains of Being Pure at Heart (new), Gene, The Sensible Grey Cells, Irving Kaufman, The Moondogs (Irish 1979), The Last, 65s, We Are Hex, and Scud Mountain Boys. Why not give it a listen?

This week’s amusing song is a crackly-historic 1919 song “Take Your Girlie to the Movies (If You Can’t Make Love at Home)” by Irving Kaufman—that’s my favorite track this show.Pretty risque for it’s era, I’d say, though more applicable to his era of chaperones than ours, perhaps. Still one can relate. Gotta keep you guessing, too, every week, right? Though not just for that reason; I really like this stuff.

Also, how cool to premier a brand new Sonics song!!!! Thanks to our producer Bryan Swirskly for hooking that up for us

And , R.I.P. Big Takeover staffer Paul Tyler, our layout guy for the last many issues. A terrific guy and a true talent. We will surely miss him, as will so many more.

Also, as I remind in this space every week (‘cause I think it’s important to reiterate), iif you want to hear any of my previous shows, you can go to my page on the site, and all 304 previous shows (and our several “Rabid Sessions show” can be heard at your leisure there as well!) Many hours of fine music, since we never repeat the same song twice!

Enjoys, ladies and gentlemen!