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Video Premiere: "Flight" by Lusterlit

23 October 2017

Lusterlit; Photo Credit: Lisa Barnstone

Susan Hwang and Charlie Nieland are the book-inspired musical duo Lusterlit. Their 2017 List of Equipment EP is filled with “ominous, noirish, literary chamber pop.” They are part of the Bushwick Book Club in Brooklyn, a rotating group of songwriters and performers of all kinds putting on regular shows featuring new music, art, and snacks inspired by a chosen work of literature. Susan founded it in 2009 and Charlie’s been a participant since 2013.

They have been playing and recording together for several years and released a couple of albums that Charlie produced in the fall, Hopeful Monsters and Everything Is Sateen: Five Songs Inspired by Vonnegut. They formed Lusterlit in the fall of 2016 to perform their songs about books while alternating lead vocals and harmonies and supporting each other on guitar, bass, synth, traditional Korean drum, accordion, and more. Lusterlit will be touring the West Coast in November from Seattle to LA playing book-related events and regular sets along the way.

Lusterlist debuts their new video, directed by Deb Magocsi, for the joyous song “Flight”. It’s inspired by The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem and is filled with images that conjure Brooklyn, NYC, the magic and the altitude of the story, not to mention Ms. Josephine Baker.

Tour Dates
11/09: Vancouver, BC
11/10: Seattle, WA at The Swedish Club
11/11: Portland, OR at The Devil’s Den
11/12: Seattle, WA at Parliament Tavern
11/15: Los Angeles, CA at Hyperion Avenue Tavern
11/17: Los Angeles, CA at Parkside Arts & Humanities Residential College

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