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Video Premiere: "Hard To Tell" by Courtney Farren

Courtney Farren photo credit Brett Sullivan
27 September 2017

Courtney Farren; Photo Credit: Brett Sullivan

Today The Big Takeover premieres the newest video from Courtney Farren, a California native who has come to settle in and has penetrated the heart of Brooklyn. “Hard to Tell” is the second track unveiled in a rather good tease for her forthcoming debut LP, titled Nothing Like It, which arrives October 6th.

“Out of all the songs on this record, “Hard to Tell” is my favorite for a few reasons. The main reason being that I so vividly remember the time and place I wrote it. I was in my friend’s apartment in Woodside, Queens, and it was around 4 in the morning. And the imagery in the song is so literally what I was feeling and doing. So maybe I didn’t actually put a tape of snoring on to wake up to (maybe I did), but the sentiment of all of the scenarios I describe in the song rang so true to how I was feeling that night,” explains Farren.

She continues, “The guitar part was much simpler as the lyrics developed, but as I worked on it, it became the more complicated picking that it is. I remember sitting at the computer for 5 hours straight recording takes of it to try to get it right, and still didn’t get it perfect. I really love this song, and it means a lot to me. I hope people are able to relate to the stark, literal nature of the lyrics, and know I’m telling the truth from start to finish.”

Reminiscent of such artists as Daughter, Birdy, Diane Cluck, Marissa Nadler, and Jewel, singer-songwriter Farren presents six tracks of guitar and piano songs, recorded earlier in spring of this year. If you happen to be a masochist, you might as well not play this at all because, well, it’s altogether delightful. If you are a sadist, however you will sense how fractured Farren is, yet she comes across surprisingly smooth and confident. What we have here is a highly accessible feast to be savored.

Farren’s emotionally driven and heartfelt songwriting and performances lend themselves to her current live set-up of guitar and vocals. While she is often very casual in the way she introduces her songs, when she sings, her words are fueled by honesty and a sense of urgency.

Born and primarily raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Farren has made New York City her current home base. Having moved 12 times in childhood to various northern California locations created restless settlement patterns, which followed her into adulthood, having lived in four very different cities in 2017 alone – San Francisco, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and now New York.

Now that she lives in The Big Apple, Farren regularly plays shows, makes videos, and is finding her place in the local music scene. Upon moving to New York, she teamed up with Brett Sullivan of American Anymen, a good friend who was able to quickly help organize/book shows and make videos to support her pursuit of a career as an artist.

Sullivan, who also produced a series of videos in support of Farren’s release, says,““Hard To Tell” is the first music video I have made on film. I have always used analog video in the old days and for the past four years, I’ve used a cell phone. This time we used an old Super 8 camera and shot it on film. I have not used film since I shot my only feature film on 16 mm in 1997, so I had some issues with exposure and framing. It is a funny experience shooting and then having to wait a week for the film to come back. in that time period you do up and down a 100 times, you think it came out great and then, “no I probably sucks, i have no idea what I’m doing.” but i like the way it looks and the pushing yourself if art itself.”

On October 4th, just ahead of the official release date of October 6th, Farren will be throwing an album release party at Secret Project Robot in New York City, along with American Anymen, Mischief Night, and Crazy & The Brains. It will be made available on the usual streaming and store platforms, but it already available for pre-order on her Bandcamp

We also wish much more Courtney Farren on you, so here’s a few more glimpses into her world.

Oct. 1 New York – Silvana NYC
Oct. 4 New York – Courtney Farren CD Release Party. Secret Project Robot with American Anymen, Mischief Night, Crazy & The Brains
Oct. 22 New York – Courtney Farren Zine Party – Sunnyvale. 1031 Grand St. (Sunday Matinee Show, $8) with American Anymen, Linda Draper, Reonda
Nov. 2 Boston, MA – Hennessy’s Hooley House
Nov. 10 New York – Shrine World Music Venue

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