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Big Takeover #81 Fall 2017
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Video Premiere: "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" (the Beatles cover) by Lemon Sky

Lemon Sky; Photo courtesy of Lemon Sky
26 April 2017

Lemon Sky; Photo Credit: Ed Bruker/Eric Cronstein

Lemon Sky is a Cincinnati-based psych-rock/prog-pop quintet that creates a heavy, yet highly-melodic brand of psychedelic garage rock that combines the classic rock pomp and stomp of Led Zeppelin with the paisley pop melodies and modern musicality of Queens of the Stone Age for a forward-thinking sound rooted in the past.

The band’s signature three-guitar attack consists of vocalist Aaron Madrigal, lead guitarist Ed Bruker, and noise machine Eric Cronstein while the foundation of the group is laid down by drummer Eric Keyes and bassist Phteven Korfhagen. This pairing of instrumentation allows Lemon Sky’s live show to recreate and expand upon their recorded material with visceral textures, tonal layers, and rhythmic intricacies. A Lemon Sky show is nothing if not full, heavy, and intense.

The band takes on the Beatles with a fuzzed-up, powerfully dynamic cover of the classic “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”, the psychedelically trippy video of which premieres here at The Big Takeover. Madrigal explains, “Lemon Sky chose “She’s So Heavy” as our first legit cover song about two years ago. Aside from being our bass player’s (Phteven) favorite Beatles song, it’s one that we felt fit well with our heavy, three-guitar assault; the song begs for super-thick fuzz, huge drums, and soaring leads, overtop the smooth, constantly-moving bass riff of the original recording. On Abbey Road, “She’s So Heavy” is a super-dark end to side A that is contrasted with “Here Come’s the Sun” to open side B… We thought we’d just focus on the darkness for a bit.”

Madrigal continues, “The song was recorded live at Somewhere Recording in Cleveland, Ohio by producer/engineer Michael Seifert along with another yet-to-be-released cover. We’ve been considering recording our next album live with Michael and this was more-or-less a trial run for future recording.”

About the video, Madrigal reveals, “We made the video with the intent of having a few different storylines, for lack of a better word. The silhouettes are of the band playing the song while their interiors consist of a couple different cartoons that oftentimes line up rhythmically or thematically with the music. You can watch the video a few times and see something new with each watch.”

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