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Video Premiere: "Loneliest of Men" by Galanos

2 October 2017

Galanos; Photo Credit: Netochka Nezvanova

Kingston, NY-based “part punk, part surf” band Galanos have been making music since their debut in 2013 with the 7” release of “La Loca.” Since that time, they have released their first album, Vacation Cannons and have recently dropped their second full-length, Deceiver Receiver. All of these records are available through the band’s label, Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

Deceiver Receiver continues Galanos’ exploration of darkness, mixing anger, sadness, and love together in an attempt to consider and reflect on the human condition. The band members believe in the concept of direct confrontation with the darkness present in humanity as a means of catharsis. Singers Gregory Jaw and Netochka Nezvanova’s voices collide and twine with one another, linked together both in time and emotional energy.

Songs like “Mariana Trench” explore the horrors of the human struggle for survival, which is often brutish. “Feel Good” is a mediation on the mind of one who is pursuing another, captive to his own dark needs. The song “Flashbomb” reflects on the long-term effects of childhood abuse.

Originally a project guitar player and singer, Gregory Jaw came up with idea in his basement, and Galanos has evolved with the additions of Joe Pugsley on bass, John Steele on drums, and Netochka Nezvanova on vocals.

Gregory explains, “This whole thing was a way for me to work through a lot of trauma I was dealing with. The music and lyrics come from my experiences and I am so happy to have been joined by such a talented group of musicians who are truly invested in the material. It is rare to find people who understand who you are and what you are trying to do.”

The Big Takeover premieres the powder keg video for the gritty and noir track “Loneliest of Men.” The song pushes with an aggressive urgency, full of lurking menace in the rhythmic instrumentation and Jaw’s foreboding vocals which are leavened by Nezvanova’s lighter vocal tone. The video, which splicing together footage of explosions, crashes, and general destruction, is a perfect fit for the song.

The band details, “Loneliest of Men”, the first track off our new record Deceiver Receiver is a song about the collective human death instinct. It describes a place where the impulse to self-destruct is examined not as an artistic endeavor, but rather a nihilistic and selfish act. We aren’t artists because we suffer demons. We are selfish in our self-destructive tarantella that offers nothing but a snapshot of the collective arrogance of humanity. Depression and isolation are not necessarily the vaulted zones of the truly creative, but rather true illnesses which need address.”

Also take a look at the video for “Letters From Home”:

Their next show will be at The Anchor in Kingston on November 18th.

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