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Song Premiere: "Room For The Others" by A Shoreline Dream

6 June 2017

A Shoreline Dream; Photo Credit: Ryan Policky

Once upon a time, Colorado outfit A Shoreline Dream’s output was labeled “melodipsych night music”. Their new single “Room For The Others” gives this term a run for its money, offering up a steamy brew of post-rock, shoegaze, and alternative rock.

This is the fourth single from the band’s upcoming record, each of the tracks being released in gradual succession. The LP will eventually be released as a vinyl-only physical release. Today The Big Takeover brings you the premiere of “Room For The Others”, which seems to have served as a comforting factor for the band this past winter. With the recent loss of close family and friends, A Shoreline Dream’s vocalist, guitarist, and producer Ryan Policky has instead taken those potential negatives and have turned them into a message of personal reflection.

While the previous two singles in particular were veering more into post-punk/goth territory, “Room For The Others” sees the band more in the shoegaze sphere that they are often associated with in the press. This deep and dark overtone is contrasted with a pulsing, energetic rhythm, and the refrain is incredibly catchy. As ever, the band’s vocals are haunting and the guitar lines are slick. Composed this past winter and finally put to record this spring, this song is about dealing with, and attempting to overcome, one of the biggest fears in life… change.

“fear the life that you recondition
In time it all will seem
miles away
the time you’ve seen
in me makes no difference
a change will make them
all fade again

you’ll break your heart
and mend your soul
there’s no room for the others
they’ll take your heart
and not let go
there’s no room for the others

the time you’ve seen in me
makes no difference

you’ll break your heart
and mend your soul
there’s no room for the others
they’ll take your heart
and not let go
there’s no room for the others”

“Given the nature of all the amazingly overwhelming things going on these days politically, socially, etc. this track became a personal reflection on it all. Both the good and the bad. The love and the sadness,” says Policky. “I found myself feeling emotions from all sides of the spectrum, and room for the others is just that… a spectrum of emotions. This song goes out to those who may have ever felt just a little bit of place… who just wanted to stand in line with the rest.”

A four-piece in their early years (this is their tenth anniversary), today A Shoreline Dream is Ryan Policky (vocalist/guitarist/producer) and Erik Jeffries (guitar). They are based in Barnum, the part of Denver made famous as the headquarters of P.T. Barnum’s legendary circus empire.

The band have made quite a buzz, starting out on a mortgage-funded home record label and ending up on samplers for Paste Magazine and Urban Outfitters. It’s a hard-earned victory for sure. They have worked with legends such as Ulrich Schnauss, Mark Kramer and the Engineers (for whom they remixed a song for progressive label gods K-Scope). A Shoreline Dream was an opener for Chapterhouse on their final appearance and have been featured live on legendary stations such as East Village Radio, KEXP, and 1190.

“Room For The Others” will be released on July 14th via Latenight Weeknight Records, but you can already pre-order the full album at Bandcamp

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