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Video Premiere: "Telethon" by Perpacity

Perpacity Janne Ervoe
19 June 2018

Perpacity – Photo Credit: Janne Ervoe

“Telethon”, a powerful track about the frustration of relationships, is the second single (after “Rule the Day”) to be taken from duo Perpacity’s forthcoming album, The Order of Now which is to be released in September, hard on the heels of the band’s recent live performance at the Synthetic City London Festival in London in March of this year.

Although Perpacity’s music is electronic at heart, it’s growing increasingly difficult to place their songs in any particular genre, as the band readily agrees.

Martin Nyrup: “We’re not on a nostalgia trip, trying to recreate the past. What we write depends on how we feel, and what’s going on in our lives in any given month. Quite a few of the new songs were written with the gig in mind, and that’s given the new album as a whole more energy and a different feel to the previous two. Experiences like that can’t help but influence your music, it makes you think much more about what you want people to take from it when they’re standing right in front of you.”

Martin, who handles the music and production on all of the band’s tracks, has been particularly busy over the last few years, writing with and producing for various artists. With their prolific output, you would be forgiven for thinking the pair live in each other’s pockets – but in fact they have rarely met since forming the band some 8 years ago, Ian Harling living in the UK and Nyrup in Denmark.

Ian Harling: “I think it helps a lot. We’re not under pressure because of studio costs, and we can spend as much time as we like knocking things backwards and forwards until we’re happy with them, but really it’s the freedom we have to take our songs wherever we personally want to take them. We have different musical tastes, and if we were working in the same room, we’d probably be constantly arguing. But, this way, somehow we end up with songs we both like, usually somewhere outside what we would each usually listen to.”

Both have over 20+ years of musical experience, ranging from writing music and live performance to studio work and music production.

“Telethon” will be released June 22nd.

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