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Ambulette - Too Bad About All Your Problems (Self-Released) 

11 January 2020

Ambulette are an aptly named outfit. For those who need rescuing from the monotonous sounds spilling across the airwaves, this collective offers a defibrillator of musical prowess. This quintet who has surfaced from Atlanta, Georgia recently unleashed a fully formed Ep, self-released and self-realized it is a dynamic piece of work. Surprisingly, offering as much depth and variety than most long-players from the established guard. That has always been the problem with debuts in the Ep format, too short to fully become engrossing, or to engage audiences with spectacular ideas. Luckily, the outfit has managed to throw caution to the wind and go all out. And the audience are certainly the better for it. 

In truth, Too Bad About All Your Problems shows plenty of signs of influence. From late seventies punk and post, to new wave and the hybrid noise of Ska. With at times a reminder of early Talking Heads and Television are pronounced within the mix. However, instead of mimicking those early bands, Ambulette take  building blocks from the songs they taught us, and put them back together in their own unique style. 

The Ep begins with the stuttering guitar crank of “Four Walls And A Roof”, all the aforementioned influences come to the fore. With the touch of harmonious vocal lines, and false fade towards the end, it is a dynamic piece of work. From there, “Told You Sold You” mixes more urgent descending riffs, with a more emotive vocal. It is undeniably addictive, foot tapping and even springs nostalgia from unexpected places. Though the subject of social media, and the brainwashing of society is a 21st century prevalent ideal. 

In a twist, the midpoint “All Men Are Wires” owes more to eighties hair metal than any post punk nuance. Still, Ambulette pull it off and make it work, fit in even within its surroundings. The chirpy “This Town” makes the best use of dual guitar lines bouncing off one another. With a choppy rhythm and singalong lyrics it is enjoyable to let detonate. Too Bad About All Your Problems finishes with perhaps the most interesting cut here, “Lights Out White Wash / Logic”. Here the band explores that UK Two-Tone sound of the late seventies, in some respects, similar to the techniques The Clash became known for. Though the dub clears way for a full on punk chorus. This is a yin and yang playing off one another. Again Ambulette have the talent to make it work, which itself points to an interesting band who lay the runway for a very interesting full length album. For now Too Bad About All Your Problems will wet the audiences lips of what is to come. 

1.Four Walls and a Roof 
2.Told You Sold You 
3.All Men Are Wires 
4.This Town 
5.Lights Out White Wash / Logic 

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