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The Big Takeover Issue #86

Kevin Burke

Kevin Burke has just begun at The Big Takeover. An Irishman who has lived his life in the company of music and sounds from around the world. He is currently a regular contributor and reviewer for Ireland’s HeadStuff online site where he dives into popular music culture along with art and movies. Kevin also contributes to Belgium’s Peek-A-Boo alternative-rock magazine, print and online versions contain his interviews and reviews. Along with past contributions to Metal-Temple online and Music News, his path has finally led here.

Jessie Wagner - Shoes Droppin (Wicked Cool Records)

10 August 2020

On October 9th, Jessie Wagner releases her debut album Shoes Droppin. An album that oozes of talent, and the hunger to succeed

Emma Swift - Blonde On The Tracks (Tiny Ghost Records)

7 August 2020

Released August 14, Blonde On The Tracks is an album that is raw with emotion, as Emma Swift investigates the music of Bob Dylan

Ready, Steady,..Bandcamp - Seventy Recommendations

7 August 2020

Bandcamp give artists 100% of the profits, Kevin Burke shares 70 recommendations worth checking out

The Waterboys - Good Luck, Seeker (Cooking Vinyl) 

6 August 2020

On the 21st of August, The Waterboys release a new album. Good Luck, Seeker is a release that the world needs right now.

The Vaselines/The Pooh Sticks - Dying For It ~ 2020 Remaster (Glass Records Modern)

5 August 2020

On August 29th, in the first wave of RSD 2020, comes something really special, a double ‘A’ side single featuring legendary bands The Vaselines and The Pooh Sticks

Lou Reed - New York Deluxe Edition (Rhino)

31 July 2020

Kevin Burke looks at what fans can expect from the upcoming deluxe issue of Lou Reed’s classic New York album.

Miss Mercy & The Curious Case Of The GTOs

30 July 2020

2020 is a year that has so far devastated the music world. A further loss comes in the form of the illustrious Miss Mercy.

The Rolling Stones - Goats Head Soup | Deluxe Vinyl Box (Interscope)

24 July 2020

On September 4th, The Rolling Stones unleash a much expanded deluxe issue of their ’73 classic Goats Head Soup

Fire Tiger - All The Time (Fire Tiger Music)

16 July 2020

Fire Tiger have just released their latest All The Time, an album of old school sounds mixed with modern attitudes

Live Aid & The 20 Minutes That Changed The World

13 July 2020

35 years ago, Live Aid happened. Kevin Burke remembers the standout performance.

Eliza Jaye - Middle Child (C.R.A.F.T Pop)

11 July 2020

The posthumous second album by Australian songbird Eliza Jaye, Middle Child, lands September 8th

Pale Blue Moon - The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out (Dark Eye Records)

10 July 2020

Pale Blue Moon are set to unleash their first long-player, The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out, a staggering mixture of old school rock and goth

SPYGENIUS - Man On The Sea (Big Stir Records)

7 July 2020

On July 10th, SPYGENIUS release Man On The Sea, a beautiful piece of work that blends together effortlessly, experimenting with sounds and nailing an idea spectacularly well

Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8 - Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8 (The Beautiful Music)

5 July 2020

Super 8 and Lisa Mychols have created an adventurous piece of work that is truly cinematic in scale. 

BMX Bandits - Razorblades & Honey ft Anton Newcombe (Hifi Sean Revisions) 

4 July 2020

Scottish legends the BMX Bandits release a hat trick single based on their 2017 cracker Razorblades & Honey

Toots and the Maytals - Got to Be Tough (Trojan Jamaica/BMG Records).

2 July 2020

After a decade, Toots and the Maytals return with a new single

Cesarians - Pig In The Mattress (Glass Records Modern)

1 July 2020

The London-based Cesarians return with a new single and news of their third long player Rachel Freida

Ambient Punk - Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music Explained

1 July 2020

As Metal Machine Music turns 45, Writer Kevin Burke tries to explain what it actually is

Kimberley Rew And Lee Cave-Berry - Sunshine Walkers (Self-Released)

1 July 2020

The legendary Kimberley Rew and Lee Cave-Berry release an essential ‘best of’ in Sunshine Walkers

Lockdown Listening Party - How Tim Burgess Saved Our Lives

30 June 2020

Through the pandemic, Tim Burgess is keeping us entertained and the positivity flowing.

Two Wheels Good - 35 Years Of A Classic

22 June 2020

Writer Kevin Burke looks back 35 years at the Prefab Sprout classic Steve McQueen/ Two Wheels Good

The Swagger - Loaded Gun (Self-Released)

22 June 2020

London based The Swagger follow-up last years “Chin Up Boy” with an excellent outing titled “Loaded Gun”.

Pale Blue Moon - It's Not Real (Dark Eye Records)

22 June 2020

On June 30, Pale Blue Moon release the second single from their upcoming The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out

Bandcamp - The Juneteenth Generosity

19 June 2020

Bandcamp launches a Juneteenth gift to fund the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Kevin Burke looks at this, and some of the artists to watch.

Duncan Reid and the Big Heads -Don't Blame Yourself (LBH Records)

25 May 2020

Duncan Reid and the Big Heads return with a new album Don’t Blame Yourself, it is a good time album that blends power pop and punk

Dylan's Outlaw Blues - Happy Birthday Bob

24 May 2020

As Bob Dylan turns 79, writer Kevin Burke takes a look back at some of his seminal sixties moments.

Beauty in Chaos - The Storm Before The Calm (33.3 Music Collective)

23 May 2020

The third album from Los Angeles based Beauty In Chaos is their finest outing, The Storm Before The Calm is the inevitable slice of brilliance fans have been waiting for.

Various Artists - The Sixth Wave & The Quarantine Sessions (Big Stir Records)

16 May 2020

Kevin Burke looks at two key releases from Big Stir Records, both of which donate funds to the Sweet Relief’s Musician Assistance Fund

It's Karma It's Cool - Woke Up In Hollywood (Kool Kat Music)

6 May 2020

On May 15th comes the debut long-player Woke Up In Hollywood by the UK’s It’s Karma It’s Cool. A stylish, and enjoyable piece of work.

Vlimmer - Pulmo (Blackjack Illuminist Records)

4 May 2020

German based Vlimmer release their latest Ep Pulmo. A recording of dark musings in a nightmare landscape

Brandi Ediss - Bees and Bees and Bees (Futureman Records)

3 May 2020

Brandi Ediss releases the unique Bees And Bees And Bees, a sultry, soulful, and jazz-inspired work of brilliance

SPYGENIUS - Spite b/w Heaven Is Blue (Big Stir Records)

23 April 2020

SPYGENIUS release the new single “Spite” on April 24, all proceeds will be donated to the Matthew Seligman Tribute Fund

The New Fools - Mershmellow (Everlasting Records)

21 April 2020

The New Fools sophomore release Mershmellow, offers nostalgia through a number of enjoyable stylistic changes.

Positive Vibrations | Remembering Matthew Seligman

18 April 2020

Writer Kevin Burke examines the actual threat facing the music industry from COVID-19, including the loss of the brilliant Matthew Seligman

Cherie Currie -Blvds of Splendor (Blackheart Records)

15 April 2020

On April 28th, Cherie Currie releases her solo album Blvds of Splendor on streaming platforms, including an updated rendition of “Queens Of Noise”

Iwan Gronow - Highest Symbol (Self-Released)

14 April 2020

Musician Iwan Gronow completes a hat trick of excellence with his latest single “Highest Symbol”

The Well Wishers - We Grow Up {Benefit Single} (Big Stir Records)

3 April 2020

The Well Wishers along with Big Stir Records stand up to the mark, and raise money for the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

the black watch - Brilliant Failures (A Turntable Friend)

2 April 2020

the black watch return with Brilliant Failures, an album which is anything but what the title suggests

Nepotism - Damaging An Already Damaged Industry

1 April 2020

Kevin Burke points out the damage dishonesty brings to an already damaged industry

Pearl Jam - Gigaton (Monkeywrench Records)

1 April 2020

Gigaton by Pearl Jam is a politically inspired, personally driven piece of mature, middle-aged grunge and it sways and erupts with a needed hopefulness

Professor And The Madman - Séance (Fullertone Records)

1 April 2020

Trans-Atlantic supergroup Professor And The Madman drop the title track “Séance” from their upcoming album, summoning up the old school sounds of our youth

Dolph Chaney - Rebuilding Permit (Big Stir Records)

28 March 2020

Due for release April 3rd, Dolph Chaney manages to captivate once again with the stylish Rebuilding Permit.

Running The Voodoo Down - Bitches Brew At Fifty

27 March 2020

This week, writer Kevin Burke discusses the importance of the Miles Davis classic Bitches Brew released 50 years ago this week

SUPER 8 - Head Sounds (Subjangle) 

27 March 2020

Today Super 8 release Head Sounds. The feel good vibes that society needs today to lift spirits from the virus abyss

Jonny Polonsky - Kingdom Of Sleep (Ghostworks Recordings)

27 March 2020

Jonny Polonsky’s latest Kingdom Of Sleep raises more questions than its thirty-two minutes can answer

Morrissey - I Am Not A Dog On A Chain (BMG)

24 March 2020

Morrissey has returned less than a year after the uneven Californian Son with a much more refined effort titled I Am Not A Dog On A Chain.

Chris Church - Backwards Compatible (Spyderpop Records)

24 March 2020

Backwards Compatible by Chris Church acts as a mixed tape of old-school sounds, forming a soundtrack to our youth.

Venus Fly Trap / Alex Novak - Mercurial 1978-2018 (Glass Records Modern)

22 March 2020

On May 8th, Glass Records Modern release the excellent Mercurial 1978-2018, a celebration of Alec Novak, The Venus Flytrap and his lesser known projects

The Lovely Eggs - I Am Moron (Egg Records)

19 March 2020

On April 3rd The Lovely Eggs release I Am Moron, an album which sums up the global mood perfectly