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The Big Takeover Issue #86
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Elza - Nothing's Wrong (Self-Released)

21 November 2018

Elza is an alt rock musician from Vancouver by way of Russia and Israel. Influenced by PJ Harvey and Bats for Lashes, her dark and intense sound is on fine display with her new album Nothing’s Wrong, which was recorded when she returned to Israel. The album is a follow up to her debut EP Glories, and was a project two years in the making. Its lush production, careful attention to detail, and the quality of the songwriting all attest to this length of time, but Elza nevertheless manages a feeling of spontaneity that gives her songs more emotional authenticity.

Dark and brooding with deeply melancholic and honest lyrics, the songs are atmospheric in approach and seem only tenuously linked to the trip hop grooves lurking underneath, as if the beats serve only to enhance the mood rather than merely keep time. Yet whether it be the jazzy and ethereal torch song “Stay With Me” or something slightly more menacing like “Hollow,” Elza’s prowess as a songwriter stands as the center of the album. Nothing’s Wrong is a statement of consummate execution and even bolder vision from a true original. It will be fascinating to see how it transfers to a live setting.