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The Big Takeover Issue #86

Cody Conard

Jackson Price and the Blues Rockets - I Used to Have Fun (Self-Released)

25 March 2020

Jackson Price acknowledges his debts to his musical heroes, and focuses on simply playing the blues as best he knows how.

#Bloomerangs - Moments and Fragments (Instru Dash Mental)

22 March 2020

Moments and Fragments_ is easily one of the most ambitious and daring albums in the genre in ages, and it comes out on Instru Dash Mental March 27th.

Ptolemea - Maze (FinestNoiseReleases)

13 March 2020

There have been a number of bands in recent years who have begun playing with this style once again, but Ptolemea are among the few who dare to explore and stretch the genre to its breaking point.

Zilla With Her Eyes Shut - S/T (Accidental Records)

2 March 2020

Zilla With Her Eyes Shut is a brilliantly bold and provocative record that proves something can have commercial appeal without once sacrificing experimentation or artistic integrity.

Oriana Setz - Metamorfosis (Self-Released)

22 February 2020

With only seven songs, Setz manages to cover a lot of territory and themes with Metamorfosis, and she emerges as one of the most innovative new singer-songwriters precisely because of her commitment to originality and self-satisfaction.

Brainsqueezed - Scarred (Self-Released)

16 February 2020

The sound itself may not be exactly modern, but it should easily find a home with both 70s prog and 90s alt rock fans.

Storie Grubb - The Void Struggle (Self-Released)

31 January 2020

Storie Grubb is a wet dream waiting to be discovered by those who will spend hours searching through Bandcamp for secret DIY gems, and The Void Struggle proves itself to be the creation of an artist with a truly singular and original identity.

Resurrection Fern - Fern EP (Self-Released)

28 January 2020

Although smaller in stature than her debut, Fern is undoubtedly Resurrection Fern’s greatest statement yet as a musician.

Robertas Semeniukas - Backstage Stories (Self-Released)

9 January 2020

The album comes off like the work of one man who clearly knows his music history, and it’s a tribute to the bands that have inspired him the most, while putting his own unique spin on his influences.

Rob Alexander - Being Myself (Self-Released)

9 December 2019

Indebted to his heroes, Rob Alexander nevertheless continues to prove that he has his own distinct voice with Being Myself.

Eva Schubert - Hot Damn Romance EP (Self-Released)

26 October 2019

Hot Damn Romance is a wonderful addition for any fans of classic jazz who say they don’t make them like they used to, because Eva Schubert has clearly proven them wrong.

Scott Chasolen - Living in Limbo (Self-Released)

20 October 2019

Perhaps it’s insensitive to say, but the drama evident in Chasolen’s personal life has made Living in Limbo is most mature and profound work to date.

Drowning Effect - Drowning Effect (Vibraphone)

2 September 2019

Drowning Effect comes out as a stunningly strident and original debut in an already overcrowded genre.

Young Goats - Goat Life Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

25 August 2019

The production could use a little more polishing, but over all Goat Life Vol. 1 shows a duo that easily could ascend to the ranks of similar artists like Drake with more time.

Andy Michaels - Incendiary Heart (Self-Released)

14 August 2019

Incendiary Heart is a beautifully-produced work of love, and it’s an album that will cut straight to the listener’s heart as Andy Michaels is celarly singing from his own.

Eric George - Where I Start (Self-Released)

3 August 2019

George has done an amazing job breathing new life into these songs, especially the beautiful, dreamy “Heart Of The Matter.”

Tanya Gallagher - One Hand On My Heart (Self-Released)

26 July 2019

One Hand On My Heart is a heavy listen that demands full emotional investment on the part of the listener, but the honesty and depth in the music also make it one of the truest statements in the genre for quite some time.

Lucinda Belle - Think Big: Like Me (Self-Released)

5 July 2019

Easily Lucinda Belle’s finest work yet, Think Big: Like Me is an aural buffet of delectable, carefully-crafted treats.

Andy The Crocodile - Scars & Wounds EP (Self-Released)

3 June 2019

Scars & Wounds, which is out June 8th, is a tiny but wonderful glimpse at a burgeoning new songwriter who has everything it takes to find a completely original voice of his own.

Kevin West - Story Of My Life (Self-Released)

30 May 2019

Story Of My Life is out June 15, and although short, it might just be West’s finest and most mature statement as an artist yet.

Badari - Dream Journal (Self-Released)

24 May 2019

Dream Journal may not be a masterpiece, but it is the long overdue return of an artist who has the talent and vision necessary to someday soon produce one.

Nimo & The Light - Don't Feed The Pigeons (Self-Released)

24 May 2019

Nimo & The Light are clearly inspired by a disparate, wide-ranging group of influences, but it’s quite innovative how they take them all and combine them into something fresh and new.

Lord Sonny the Unifier - FINAL NOTICE! (Self-Released)

19 May 2019

FINAL NOTICE! isn’t revolutionary although it calls for revolution, but it’s a perfect listen for any fan of classic ’70s glam rock with a modern twist.

Dig Two Graves - Deathwish (Self-Released)

14 May 2019

As the epic seven-minute closer “So Below” proves, the band is full of the desire and innovation necessary to push the boundaries of their genre.

StrangeJuice - Raising Cannibals (Self-Released)

12 May 2019

Raising Cannibals is not unlike the work of *The Magnetic Fields*—inextricably attached to the music traditions of the past and yet could only possibly be the product of one singular artist.

Outerfield - Pleasant Grove Hotel (Self-Released)

11 May 2019

For an album that has risen from the ashes, Pleasant Grove Hotel doesn’t sound like it at all and Outerfield have crafted a coherent, strong collection of songs.

Annamay - F*ck You (Self-Released)

4 May 2019

F*ck You_ is both subtle and surprising in its charms, and it bears repeated listening to fully uncover the meanings behind Annamay’s evocative lyrics.

Leon Seti - Cobalt (Self-Released)

3 May 2019

Cobalt has been an immediate success in the electronic charts in his home of Italy, and it certainly is strong enough to possibly be Seti’s breakthrough in the States and internationally.

Versal - Versal (Self-Released)

30 April 2019

Versal is a highly accomplished and original statement from an artist who clearly puts his entire soul and personality into his work.

Patrick Ames - All I Do Is Bleed (Self-Released)

29 April 2019

Prior to recording the EP, Ames visited Buenos Aires, and the songs have a strong Latin feel but rather than an opportunistic novelty as is often the case, it’s a natural and respectful incorporation.

Sundogs - Legends In Their Own Minds (Self-Released)

28 April 2019

Legends In Their Own Minds might not be a complete reinvention of Sundogs’ influences, but they created something which could have easily existed in the stacks of vinyl somewhere alongside Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton.

Alya - Ten Years of Solitude (Self-Released)

27 April 2019

Ten Years of Solitude is a genre-bending, deeply personal one-of-a-kind statement from an artist with as much vision as individuality.

Joan Torres's All Is Fused - Revolution (Self-Released)

12 April 2019

Whether Revolution is a beginning of something new, an ending of the band’s old style, or a transition between the two, it certainly remains Torres’s most finely executed statement yet, and ends with the exciting open question of what will follow.

D.G. Adams - Nest of Vipers (Self-Released)

5 April 2019

Adams proves himself capable of numerous styles here, and Nest of Vipers just might be one of his best albums yet.

Bitter's Kiss - The Divorce Party Soundtrack (Self-Released)

4 April 2019

The Divorce Party is a bit of a hodge-podge of an album, but it also includes some of Bitter’s Kiss’ finest work yet.

Kevin Thomas Band - A New Heart (Self-Released)

15 March 2019

A New Heart doesn’t quite live up to the work of Thomas’ influences, but he certainly does a fantastic job following in their footsteps, creating a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Ivor Lane - Postplay (Self-Released)

13 March 2019

Postplay subverts the past, invents the future, and refuses to rest in the present, thus becoming something which stands to become a minor classic in its own right.

Post Death Soundtrack - It Will Come Out Of Nowhere (Self-Released)

8 March 2019

It Will Come Out of Nowhere is the inspired rejuvenation of a band whose vision and voice will always outlast any interpersonal changes.

Daggerplay - Subterranean Reality (Self-Released)

3 March 2019

Subterranean Reality isn’t groundbreaking, revolutionary punk, but nevertheless it’s punk at the highest caliber and of a quality that will even rival the band’s heroes.

The J. & F. Band - From The Roots To The Sky (Long Song Records)

7 February 2019

From The Roots To The Sky is a challenging listen to say the least, but the high level of skill from the performers and the hidden depths it conceals also make it one of the most rewarding.

Heather Gruber - Dance Into The Desert (Self-Released)

5 February 2019

Dance Into The Desert is a remarkable debut album which encloses a large amount of craft and attention to detail within a deceivingly modest pop format.

Chris Lastovicka - Fortune Has Turned Remixed (Ahari Press)

2 February 2019

Few manage to create something that at once feels removed or distant from the composer and yet still retains a high degree of raw emotional honesty.

Anne Steele - Made Out Of Stars (Self-Released)

1 February 2019

Made Out Of Stars occasionally feels like a collection of odds and ends but it’s impossible to complain because the quality of songwriting and execution is just so pitch perfect.

BRAVE - the calm | the storm (Self-Released)

30 January 2019

the calm | the storm is a conceptually perfect work from a band at their peak, and proves that no wait is ever too long if the results are this rewarding.

Mark Peters and The Dark Band - Sum Of All Parts (Audio Heart Records)

26 January 2019

Sum Of All Parts, with its four songs, should leave fans more than satiated until Mark Peters, with or without The Dark Band, enters the studio again.

Todd Warner Moore - Spark (Self-Released)

19 January 2019

Spark is brimming with as much heart and soul as technical skill, and it must easily rank as one of 2018’s most flawless folk albums.

Damon Mitchell - Elise (Self-Released)

18 January 2019

Elise is a very strong, confident effort from a musician who is still discovering his image, but it shows a remarkable amount of promise.

Adam Rose - Levitate the Base (Self-Released)

7 January 2019
If the title or album artwork are any indication, Rose is strongly influenced by the psychedelic prog rock of King Crimson and early-era Pink Floyd.

Gideon King & City Blog - Upscale Madhouse (Self-Released)

23 December 2018

Upscale Madhouse is a big step up for the band, and it includes some of the year’s best artistic developments in the genre.

Dead Friends 46 - Hardcore (Rank-n-File Records)

17 December 2018

There’s nothing revolutionary about Hardcore, but there’s something obviously admirable about the band trying to change their own community for the better through the power of music.