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Ernest Moon - Skipping To Maloo (self-released)

26 July 2022

We often associate literary prowess and dexterous word play with high culture, as if words and language are the exclusive playthings of honored poets and classic writers, as if such prowess only belongs in the most refined circles. But what about the man in the street, the average Joe, the everyman…and women? Where is their literary champion to document their lives? The answer is simpler than you might think. The answer is …right here.

Like bands such as The Streets and Echoglass before them, Ernest Moon takes the ability to be smart and sassy, witty and wise, eloquent and verbose, poetic and profound and gives it the common touch. There’s no overly pretentious prose, no higher echelon handiwork, just everyday stories, kitchen sink dramas and normal narratives yet done with style. Sort of a cross between Pam Ayers and Oscar Wilde! (Maybe not.)

Skipping To Maloo is a neat collection of songs that are the soundtrack to normality, and normality, as we all know is just as complex andconfusing as the mythical and the literary. But rather than relating great deads of daring-doo, instead of treatises musing on existential concepts, here we get day-to-day life, everyday existence, and the highs and lows of most people’s experiences. Love, life, longing, loss and paying the gas bill.

And by and large, it is a gentle album, one that makes its point through balladic bliss and poised pop, understatement and reserve. There are moments of upbeat grooves, such as “Big Wow” that plays us out, but for the large part, it is all about the less-is-more philosophy. “Taloolah Ray” is built on a slow, sultry groove, it sashays and slivers past rather than attempts to swagger, Some Tea is a hushed and funky workout and “Champion Stupid” heads off in some alt-folk directions.

They say that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. It is also true that you can turn more heads with gorgeous subtlety, smart lyricism and musical poise than you can with bravado and bombast. And Skipping To Maloo is all the proof you need.

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