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The Big Takeover Issue #90

Dave Franklin

Dave has pretty much worn all the creative hats there are to wear. Musician, promoter, (small) record label boss, festival co-organiser, journalist, reviewer, publicist and everything in between. He now divides his time between writing about music and any number of other subjects from travel to games to social issues. He runs his own new music website and contributes to a number of UK based printed music magazines and a few smaller websites. He has spent the last ten years writing music columns for his regional newspaper though has recently given this up to spend more time with his record collection.

Weimar - Soho Rain (German Shepherd Records)

23 June 2022

Manchester art-rock quartet Weimar is set to release their debut album Dancing On a Volcano on CD via German Shepherd Records and digitally via the band’s own imprint Marlene’s Hat Records, 12 tracks exploring an eclectic range of styles and moods.

Ernest Moon - Unkind (self-released)

23 June 2022

Liverpool-based indie rock outfit Ernest Moon will be releasing their new album ‘Skipping to Maloo’ on June 15, offering us a preview of the lead single ‘Unkind’ in the meantime.

Another Short Conversation with Afton Wolfe

20 June 2022

It’s been more than a year since I last sat down to chat with the eloquent and fascination Afton Wolfe and so it was high time to catch up with him, his music and what he has been up to in the intervening 12 months or so.

Kaapstaad - Aula (Filter Label)

7 June 2022

Not long after releasing his chill and immersive debut single “Night”, Sweden*-based *Australian artist Kaapstaad has released “Aula”, the latest offering in his quest to bring distinct lo-fi chamber beats from the Baltic and beyond.

A Short Conversation with Sam Robbins

4 June 2022

With a new album about to drop and a cool single, “Reverence” giving a taste of its sound, I sat down with Sam Robbins to find out all about him, his music and where it all goes next.

Parabola West - Stars Will Light The Way (self-released)

3 June 2022

New Zealand*-based *American folktronic artist Parabola West has released Stars Will Light the Way, a 13-track LP with cinematic sound offerings ranging from atmospheric pop to Northern European folk-influenced compositions, all recorded at the healing frequency of 432Hz.

London Plane - Come Out of the Dark (Declared Goods)

2 June 2022

NYC-based post-punk / alternative rock collective London Plane present their new single “Come Out of the Dark”, a glimpse of brightness amidst the invasion of darkness, both internal and external, imminent and eventual. This new taster of their long-awaited Bright Black album, an 11-track offering is set to release on June 17 via Declared Goods.

Revolution Above Disorder - Annihilator (Jacknife Sound)

1 June 2022

Revolution Above Disorder is the solo moniker of Vancouver*-based *Dubliner Stephen Nicholas White (The Orange Kyte, House of Dolls, Magic Shoppe), whose music is a melting pot of shoegaze, psychedelic rock and electronic-tinged post-punk. Droned-out while also melodic and sincere, White’s songs are augmented by synths, drum machines and heavily treated instrumentation with hypnotic reverb-soaked vocals.

Bad Mary - The Floor Is Lava (self-released)

31 May 2022

Back for more fun, frolics and fantastic music, Bad Mary return to fashion a bonafide rock and roll anthem out of a harmless kids game, like only they could.

Reuben's Daughters - Mami Wata (Microcultures Records)

28 May 2022

With a string of well received singles already doing the rounds, a UK tour to support the new album and anything up to a six-piece band bringing it to life, Reuben’s Daughter’s Mami Wata is finally out and getting a cool vinyl run to. Time to tune in to the new sound of pop.

Monotronic - In Between (self-released)

27 May 2022

Following the release of their debut album in 2019 and a series of singles and videos that started in the summer of 2020 with “Kids of Summer” and “Buy Yourself A Dream, Monotronic have secured a place in the “one to watch” category and every release has further solidified Ramsey Elkholy’s reputation as a writer and artist with some serious creative chops.

The Caughtery - Fragile (self-released)

26 May 2022

Cinematic rock duo The Caughtery (a duo of long-time Austin music veterans Lisa Tingle and David Gayler) has released their debut single ‘Fragile’, a stunning preview of their debut eponymous EP.

Circuit 3 - Future Radio (Analogue Trash)

26 May 2022

Dublin electronic artist Circuit3 has signed with Manchester’s AnalogueTrash label for the new album Technology For The Youth ahead of which comes the upbeat lead single ‘Future Radio’, along with two B-side tracks, including a remix by Ricardo Autobahn (AKA John Matthews), best known as one half of Spray.

A Short Conversation With Jim Styring and Peter Holsapple About Recent It's Karma It's Cool Activities

25 May 2022

A lot has been happening in the It’s Karma It’s Cool camp of late. Gigs at The iconic Cavern Club, new tunes about to be launched upon the unsuspecting public and they even got to work with Peter Holsapple whose musical resume includes the likes of The dBs R.E.M., Hootie & The Blowfish, to name but three. It seemed the perfect time to sit down with Jim and Peter and find out a bit more about what’s been happening.

Sam Robbins - Reverence (self-released)

23 May 2022

Ahead of his new album Bigger ThanIn Between, Sam Robbins releases a stylishly simple take on early rock and roll meets modern indie-folk in the guise of “Reverence”. A sonic treatise to recognising the simple pleasures of life.

Afton Wolfe - Late Nite Radio (Grandiflora Records)

22 May 2022

Afton Wolfe is Mississippi. Born in McComb, and growing up in Meridian, Hattiesburg, and Greenville, Mississippi, the roots of American music are in his DNA. Mississippi is the birthplace of at least three American art forms: country music, blues music, and rock and roll, all of which run through his songs. He is back with a new single “Late Nite Radio,” and is sounding better than ever.

Bluedive - Kario Mart (self-released)

2 May 2022

Continuing their quest to re-imagine and re-brand classic pop-punk for a new generation, Bluedive drop the latest single “Kario Mart” which perfectly keeps the musical momentum flowing.

Rodney Cromwell - Opus Three (Happy Robots)

29 April 2022

Opus Three, the second single taken from the recently-released _Memory Box’_album by London’s Rodney Cromwell gets an enhanced version with a new 5-track maxi-single, released on April 20 via Happy Robots Records.

Othered - Othered Vol 1 (self-released)

28 April 2022

Oakland*-based duo *Othered present their hard-hitting debut album Othered Vol, 1 on limited edition vinyl and digitally, following up the single “Journey To The Edge”, a heavy rock / metal anthem replete with signs of our times.

Friendmaker - Weird (House of Strange Vinyl)

27 April 2022

Irish indie alt-rock band Friendmaker presents “Weird”, the second single from their forthcoming debut album. Musically, this deliberately repetitive ear worm subtly changes on each refrain, reflecting the abstractions of dreamlike repetition. With audio samples of psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s dream theory bookending the piece, this is three minutes of rhythmic indie rock with hooky melodies and pounding choruses.

Paris Music Corp. - Paris Music Corp. (Self Released)

26 April 2022

Texan electronic and ambient composer Paris Music Corp. a.k.a. John Andrew Paris a full-length self-titled album. With 14 tracks on offer, this is his first record in half a decade, the previous release being the Rewind LP in 2017.

Kaapstaad - Night (Filter Label)

25 April 2022

Kaapstaad presents a chill and immersive debut single, titled “Night”, bringing distinct lo-fi chamber beats from the Baltic and beyond, influenced by such notable artists as Neils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds, Ludovico Enaudi, BVG, Agnes Obel and Grouper.

Sons of Silver - Ordinary Sex Appeal (self-released)

24 April 2022

Following on from the critically well recieved Doomsday Noises, LA quartet, Sons of Silver are back with a new blistering five song EP Ordinary Sex Appeal. Remember when rock and roll rulled the roost? Sons of Silver certaily does!

Telefis - Archbishop Beardmouth at The ChemOlympics (Dimple Discs)

22 April 2022

The final salvo from the recently released and much applauded Telefís album a hAon is the “Archbishop Beardmouth At The ChemOlympics” EP, which finds band members Garret ‘Jacknife’ Lee (U2, REM, Modest Mouse, The Wombats) and Cathal Coughlan (Microdisney, Fatima Mansions) collaborating with revered electro-pop pioneer Thomas Leer, in addition to creating different versions of four key album tracks.

London Plane - Francesco/Watch That Madman Go (Declared Goods)

21 April 2022

NYC post-punk collective have released two electrifying singles to pave the way for their latest album Bright Black.

Parabola West - Hannah (self-released)

20 April 2022

Parabola West is back with new music with the album Stars Will Light the Way to be released on April 29. Ahead of this, she shares the lead track “Hannah”, an ethereal tale of the thin veil between the physical and spiritual worlds, heightened by the use of the medieval hurdy-gurdy and the haunting Swedish folk instrument Nyckelharpa. ·

Ava Vox - Immortalised (self-released album)

14 April 2022

Dublin alt-rock/postpunk artist Ava Vox presents her debut album ‘Immortalised’, a collection of eight powerful and lush tracks. The pseudonym of Elaine Hannon, formerly of 1980s gothic rock / post-punk band The Seventh Veil, this is the first long-player since launching this project in 2020.

Panjoma - Sun and Moon EP (GRID Discs)

14 April 2022

Austin-based electronic outfit Panjoma present their new Sun and Moon EP marking the band’s return to the music scene, back after eight years with what they feel is their best work ever.

Richard Evans - Sentinel (Cold Star Media)

13 April 2022

Manchester*-based electronic artist *Richard Evans presents his debut album Sentinel via Cold Star Media, an eight-track collection that tells the story of humanity at a tipping point and a world trapped in a climate crisis.

Rodney Cromwell - Memory Box (Happy Robots Records)

12 April 2022

London-based indietronica artist Rodney Cromwell has released his Memory Box album via Happy Robots Records. Rodney Cromwell (the nom de plume Adam Cresswell) was a founding member of indie-folktronica band Saloon (who had four entries in John Peel’s Festive 50 & recorded three Peel Sessions) and also one half of acclaimed electronic duo Arthur & Martha

Beauty In Chaos - Behind The Veil (33.3 Music Collective)

12 April 2022

LA-based label 33.3 Music Collective has announced the release of Behind The Veil, the highly-anticipated new album from Beauty In Chaos. Recorded, mixed, and produced by Grammy-nominated producer Michael Rozon, This all-female featured collection brings back three BIC alumni – Tish Ciravolo, Cinthya Hussey, and Betsy Martin – as well as new family members Whitney Tai, Elena Alice Fossi, and Pinky Turzo.

Paris Music Corp - Almost Lost (self-released)

11 April 2022

Texan electronic and ambient composer Paris Music Corp. a.k.a. John Andrew Paris presents “Almost Lost”, the second flowing single from his self-titled album, following up the lead track “Light Speed”. With 14 tracks on offer, this is his first record in half a decade, the previous release being the Rewind LP in 2017.

Weimar - The Girls of L.A. (German Shepherd Records)

8 April 2022

Manchester*-based indie rockers *Weimar present their new single “The Girls of LA” for release via German Shepherd Records the first taste of their debut album “Dancing On A Volcano”.

The Keplerians - Spaceship Earth (Blim Records 360)

7 April 2022

High-vibing EDM / dance pop outfit The Keplerians *have released their new Spaceship Earth EP via *Portuguese label Blim Records. A futuristic ride into cosmic dance territory, this high-energy three-track offering is supercharged with punch, positivity and a sense of adventure.

The Othered - Journey To The Edge (self released)

6 April 2022

Othered present their hard-hitting debut single “Journey To The Edge”, a heavy rock / metal anthem replete with signs of our times. On April 15, the duo will be releasing their full eponymous album on limited edition vinyl and digitally. They are a collaborative recording project by Henry Austin Lannan and Emily Palen (a.k.a. KnightressM1). Based in the San Francisco Bay area, this powerhouse project also weaves doom, metal and psychedelic prog—rock throughout their music

Telefis - a hAon (Dimple Discs)

5 April 2022

Electronic mavericks and ex-pat Irish iconoclasts Telefís have released their debut album a hAon (Number One), a highly unique collection of 13 tracks, via Dimple Discs.

A Short Conversation with Emilio Palame of Knights of Swing

31 March 2022

With Knights of Swing just released via Vimeo it was the perfect time to sit down with actor, co-director and musical arranger, Emilio Palame to learn more about this fantastic film and equally exciting soundtrack, his own career and what the film has to say to a modern audience.

A Short Conversation with Chris Mitchard of Charlton Lane

30 March 2022

With a new album from Charlton Lane dropping very soon, it seemed the right time to sit down with the man at the musical helm and find out all-out this project, the Mendip Soul Stew and all the other wonderful things that he has got up to over the years.

Julia Gaeta - Weight of You (self-released)

29 March 2022

Paris*-based *American artist Julia Gaeta presents her debut single “Weight of You”, an adrenaline-packed song inspired by the juxtaposition of dark reverie and grit that is Paris, tastefully combining sweeping hooks and industrial textures with ethereal sensuality and sultry grit.

Knights of Swing - The Soundtrack

25 March 2022

A great film is one thing. A cool soundtrack is another. Put the two together and you have a fantastic combination. Knights of Swing, watch it now and revel in its story and fall in love with its music.

Keeley - Brave Warrior (Dimple Discs)

23 March 2022

Following the overwhelmingly positive global reception to Keeley’s debut “Brave Warrior” EP, London-based Dimple Discs is releasing the 4-song set on 10” vinyl via Shellshock Distribution on February 25. Limited to 500 copies, the EP features artwork by award-winning designer Bruce Brand at Arthole (The Darkness, White Stripes).

Vonamor - Vonamor (Time To Kill Records)

22 March 2022

Vonamor is made up of sisters Giulia Bottaro, Francesca Bottaro and Luca Guidobaldi, with Francesco Bassoli and Martino Cappelli joining in for live performances. This project started in 2016. Initially focused on communicating images and composing scores for short films, they morphed into the trio we know today with their style, literary echoes, imperious art-pop and enigmatic aesthetics.

Roman Angelos - Music For Underwater Supermarkets (Happy Robots Records)

21 March 2022

London-based label Happy Robots Records has released the sophomore album ‘Music For Underwater Supermarkets’ by Brooklyn*-based electronic artist *Roman Angelos. This ten-track collection paints a sonic dreamscape where the mundane act of grocery shopping meets the future.

Alone Again - Ava Vox (self-released)

16 March 2022

As the release date of her debut album Immortalised creeps closer, Dublin alt-rock / postpunk artist Ava Vox presents the single ‘Alone Again’, featuring bassist James Blennerhassett, who has worked with Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones, Marianne Faithful and Van Morrison, as well as drummer Robbie Casserly (Elvis Costello, Mark Knopfler, The Commitments, Riverdance). This haunting hymn is the second taste of the long-player, out March 25.

Panjoma - Sun and Moon (GRID Discs)

14 March 2022

Austin-based electronic outfit Panjoma presents the single ‘Sun and Moon’, ahead of their new EP of the same name, which marks the band’s return to the music scene after a eight-year break and they return with what they feel is their best work ever.

Charlton Lane - Mendip Soul Stew Vol 1 (KM Records)

12 March 2022

With his new album, Mendip Soul Stew, Vol 1 set to drop shortly, Charlton Lane offered me a taste of his mercurial music to pick through and evaluate. All I can say is that you, the listening public are in for a bit of a treat.

Richard Evans - Made of Stars (Cold Star Media)

9 March 2022

Manchester-based electronic artist Richard Evans presents his debut album ‘Sentinel’ via Cold Star Media, an eight-track collection that tells the story of humanity at a tipping point and a world trapped in a climate crisis.

The BRKN - Not The Same

8 March 2022

As they hit the road with The Dangerous Summer to tour The US, and with UK and European dates scheduled for later in the year, The BRKN have dropped the perfect single to whet your musical appetite. Whether you are new to the band or have been following them for a while now, “Not The Same” sums up their song-crafting prowess and energy brilliantly. Soak up the musical vibes and then book your tickets to the live shows…immediately.

Jenn Vix ft. Ali Score - You Are A Star (Umbrella Music Co.)

7 March 2022

Iconic alternative pop artist Jenn Vix is back with a new retrowave single “You Are A Star”, a collaborative track featuring Ali Score, original drummer of legendary Grammy-winning new wave – synthpop band A Flock Of Seagulls.

A Short Conversation with Wood Willow

7 March 2022

With the new album Southern Intentions and lead single “So Much Runnin’” about to drop, I sat down with Becca Herrod and Joel Parks of Wood Willow to find out how the band came to be, what the new album offers and where it all goes next.