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Eva Schubert - Hot Damn Romance EP (Self-Released)

26 October 2019

Eva Schubert is a singer-songwriter based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and she just recently released her new EP, Hot Damn Romance, a self-described “love letter to old school jazz.” The EP is a novel concept, because Schubert uses vintage jazz as a rebellion against the electronic instruments and artificiality of modern day pop. But don’t be mistaken into thinking this is an album full of screeching, atonal free jazz. No, this is a fun and light smoky collection of songs written in the mold of standards sung by the likes of Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald, and Schubert manages to inject the songs with a dose of modern humor to update the format ever so slightly.

The production is warm and inviting, and on songs like “Flyin’ High” you can hear a real chemistry and sense of play between the instruments and Schubert’s inspired singing. There are obvious precedents for her voice, but her tone and style is all her own. Schubert clearly prefers the fiery slow-burning numbers like “Sweet Man” and the sizzling title-track “Hot Damn Romance,” but the lead single “Brawler” is a perfect example of her ability to pack a song with bite and a bit of an edge as well. Hot Damn Romance is a wonderful addition for any fans of classic jazz who say they don’t make them like they used to, because Eva Schubert has clearly proven them wrong.