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Fad Gadget - The Best Of Fad Gadget (Mute)

25 July 2019

There is no discounting the genius and influence of the late Frank Tovey. His work under the moniker of Fad Gadget is as influential in the scheme of post-punk music as Bauhaus or dare I say it Joy Division. Tovey was an innovator, leading the charge of electronic experimentation in the early eighties, he along with Soft Cell, Cabaret Voltaire, and Throbbing Gristle forged the sounds we hear today in indie along with alternative, unconventional music.

Which is why the upcoming reminder by Mute Records is so essential. On the 6 September, the 2001 release, The Best of Fad Gadget becomes available on vinyl, silver-wax at that, for the first time. This of course was the last Fad Gadget release before Tovey’s passing in 2002, and the track list was handpicked by himself. It’s release will mark the 40th Anniversary since the very first Fad Gadget release “‘Back to Nature” / “The Box” double A sided single. Of course this is a show of respect on the part of Mute as Fad Gadget was the first signing to the legendary label.

Although this release has been readily available since 2001, it does act as a taster of what is to come. Next year, as a part of the again 40th Anniversary since the release of the debut album Fireside Favourites, Mute are expected to release a comprehensive box set, and delving into the back catalogue music of Fad Gadget. So this ‘best of’ collection is wetting the whistle of what is to come as Mute continues the MUTE 4.0 (1978 > TOMORROW) project, whilst also celebrating the man Tovey was.

The music however contained over the four sides are as magnificent now as it was when first recorded, including “‘For Whom The Bells Toll’ with Alison Moyet and the classic “Love Parasite”. This release should be in everyone’s collection in one form or another, but silver-vinyl is far too tempting to pass up on.

Track List;
Side A
1. Back To Nature
2. The Box
3. Ricky’s Hand
4. Handshake

Side B
5. Fireside Favourite
6. Insecticide
7. Make Room
8. Lady Shave

Side C

9. Saturday Night Special
10. King Of The Flies
11. Life On The Line
12. 4M
13. For Whom The Bells Toll

Side D
14. Love Parasite
15. I Discover Love
16. Collapsing New People
17. One Man’s Meat
18. Luxury

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