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LeeSun - Singing You This Song (Self-Released)

16 November 2018

A singer-songwriter from Leeds in the UK, LeeSun calls to mind the total individuality of one-of-a-kind artists like Tom Waits and Bjork. Her new album Singing You This Song has an apt title as the songs are all about expression—specifically not limiting one’s own individual sense of expression, and Singing You This Song ends up as the perfect example of what is possible when an artist is free from restraints. Working with a large cast of backing musicians, LeeSun has created something that’s more startlingly original than almost anything else being made today.

There’s a real positivity to the songs. Even a more somber track like “Everything Dies” has an ultimately uplifting message, and speaks to the ability to live one’s life as fully as possible regardless of how temporary life itself may be. But if it’s a positive album, Singing You This Song is positive in the sense that LeeSun advocates expressing one’s feelings regardless of what other’s may think, and this is best voiced in “It Is What Is Is.” It’s not annoyingly saccharine, but an optimism rooted in the often harsh reality life. Thus, _Singing You This Song” is an album this will definitely provide a sense of comfort and solace for many.