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Leon Seti - Cobalt (Self-Released)

3 May 2019

Leon Seti is a alt synthpop artist from Italy who now resides in London, and he just put out his second full-length album entitled Cobalt. It’s a big step up in his maturity and development as an artist, and his sound reflects both the austere grandness of Peter Gabriel and the uncompromising artistry of Bj√∂rk. The production, although big in stature and intent, is stripped back to allow Seti’s stunning vocals to stand out front and center, and reflecting the color of the title, there’s an isolating coldness to the songs that only increases with claustrophobic intensity as the album progresses.

The album begins with stridently positive yet atmospheric songs like “South” and “Silver Lining,” before gradually growing darker and darker until it closes with a note of uncertainty with songs such as the vulnerable and nervous “Stripper.” The final song, “In The Darkness” is one of the most obvious potential dance hits here, but there’s an unsettling icy detachment which suggests that lurking behind the pop sensibility are darker intentions. Cobalt has been an immediate success in the electronic charts in his home of Italy, and it certainly is strong enough to possibly be Seti’s breakthrough in the States and internationally.