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Patrick Ames - All I Do Is Bleed (Self-Released)

29 April 2019

Patrick Ames is a singer-songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area. Influenced by the likes of Tom Waits and Sting, Ames is returning to the music world after a career spent in book publishing. His new EP All I Do Is Bleed was released earlier this month, and it features four new songs which are truly inspired for the depth as well as the breadth that they show. Prior to recording the EP, Ames visited Buenos Aires, and the songs have a strong Latin feel but rather than an opportunistic novelty as is often the case, it’s a natural and respectful incorporation.

“I Want You” is a slow, brooding dirge that combines elements of R&B Downtempo with a Dylan like lyrical phrasing. “While You Were Making Babies” is the obvious single here, and it’s pure top 40 pop quality belies a moody melancholy sentiment lurking underneath the surface. “Queen Kae,” a tribute to the artist’s mother who was a choral member is emotionally resonant regardless of it’s lack of lyrics, and Ames manages to communicate so much depth of feeling with so little. “Te Amaba Locamente” is the most obviously Latin-inspired track here, and it’s a fitting, sensitive end to a brisk EP that leaves you begging for more.