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Post Death Soundtrack - It Will Come Out Of Nowhere (Self-Released)

8 March 2019

Post Death Soundtrack is a doom metal group from Vancouver, and they have recently released their third album, It Will Come Out Of Nowhere. It marks something of a return to form for the group whose first album, Music as Weaponry, dates back to 2008. Starting out inspired by classic Industrial like Skinny Puppy and Ministry, Post Death Soundtrack eventually grew from a duo to a four-piece and became more influenced by ’60s psychedelia. The band is once again a duo, and while they have stripped their sound of some of their past extravagances, they have grown as well, adding elements of hip hop and even Indian raga.

There’s a sludgy, ominous quality to the songs, and it certainly sounds darker than anything the band has recorded in the past; but there’s high amount of creativity and inventiveness going on as well, from the unexpected use of mellotron on the lead single “Chosen Sons” to the highly Indian-influenced “Benediction.” The album’s standout track, however, is the thunderous epic closer, “Bridge Burner.” At ten minutes long, it never relents in its sinister, violent assault of pounding drums, screaming guitars, and throat-tearing vocals. It Will Come Out of Nowhere is the inspired rejuvenation of a band whose vision and voice will always outlast any interpersonal changes.