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Revolution Above Disorder - Annihilator (Jacknife Sound)

1 June 2022

I suppose the word dreamlike could be used to describe this latest release from Revolution Above Disorder, but only if your dreams are dark and uncomfortable, fractured and fraught, the sort of dreams that you get having eaten too much cheese before retiring to bed or perhaps coming down off ketamine!

Revolution Above Disorder has carved a path is making music that edges towards the edgy and uncomfortable, and “Annihilator” certainly continues along that path. It is dark and slightly delirious, built on electronic beats and swirling synth lines, acoustic guitars and half lost vocal salvos, a perfect balance between analog treatments being warped and bend out of shape and digital manipulations creating forward-thinking and futuristic soundscapes.

And if the original track is already unnerving and off-kilter, two additional remixes are also found here. Jagz Kooner who alongside Andrew Weatherall was a member of The Sabres of Paradise turns in a reworking that is both dreamy and raw-edged, subdued yet aggressive and fellow Dubliner Colm Rutledge AKA Noise Baby’s take on it is built around a rising crescendo of angst and artistry, nervous energy slowly tightening its grip, as a listener you can feel its hand around your jugular pressing ever harder.

Psychedelic and psychotic, adventurous and antagonistic…this is classic Revolution Above Disorder.

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