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The Big Takeover Issue #86
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The Allegations - Non-Neutered 1% (GP Stripes)

18 June 2019

On New York based The Allegations latest release, Non-Neutered 1%, audiences will be astounded by the combination of styles detonating across the long-players eleven tracks. An extension of the boundaries Frank Zappa fearlessly broke down back in the day. The album swings between straightforward seventies-based rock, “Obviously, We Rock”, to flourishes of sun-drenched avant-garde “Eleven Dresses On A Sun-E Day”.

All the while, with a weirdness injected into the atmosphere that becomes likeable, even addictive at times. Present always, if only subtlety in moments, is a definite social commentary of our modern world. What may come across as novel in actually speaks with a deeper resonance, and The Allegations have no problem or fear about projecting the point they want to make.

“Bedside Manners/ Retired Neurosurgeon” is a soulful standout, thumping along with a barrage of sweet melodies, whereas “Punchdown? / Ain’t Too Keen to Remember You, Woman” is reminiscent of those funk-laden, heavy blues that Tom Waits or Captain Beefheart crafted once upon a time. Though The Allegations manage to send the staggering beast of a track into the stratosphere, even with its squealing harmonica and slide guitar. The unhinged cabaret of “Love Is a Howling Moon / Obviously (We Rock)” is a joyous listen, actually showcasing their musical scope more so. How this band can effortlessly change direction into unsuspected avenues of experimentation, is blatantly breathtaking.

“Bottom Feeder / Punchdown!” breaks into transcendent beats and electronic fueled noise, an angst ridden Falco wrapped in distortion. The beautiful, Americana soaked ballad (trust me, it is) “Hung Toddler” is very seventies- Rolling Stones styled affair, skillfully played with conviction, the album sounds like a different band from the opening “Dick Street” to this point. That is something of an accomplishment, a musical skin-shedding across the album, as Non-Neutered 1% morphs from one style into another.

Truthfully The Allegations of Frank, That Guy, Charlie Strikes and a plethora of others have actually created something worthwhile, even fresh sounding. This album deserves more than simply one listen. While there is no re-inventing of the wheel within its framework, the band instead take slices of multiple genres and create an enjoyable, listening experience.

1.Dick Street 03:02
2.Obviously, We Rock / Live @ Utility Hall, Detroit, “Takin’ F$##in’ Prisoners” Tour ’92 06:12
3.Eleven Dresses on a Sun-E Day / I Raised a Young (Black) Boy 04:08
4.Doormat Daddy / Doormat Daddy 04:50
5.Killith Fair (live) / Killeth Fair 05:37
6.Bedside Manners / Retired Neurosurgeon 04:57
7.Punchdown? / Ain’t Too Keen to Remember You, Woman 05:58
8.Love Is a Howling Moon / Obviously (We Rock) 03:22
9.Bottom Feeder / Punchdown! 02:42
10.Hung Toddler 06:00
11.Various Artists 05:57

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